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  • Mass media in great britain

    The Press, Radio and Television Today I want to tell you something about "Mass Media" in Great Britain. There are three types of Mass Media: Radio, Television and the Press . First I want to start with Radio and Television. In Britain there are two broadcasting authorities in charge of radio and TV, the BBC and the IBA. The BBC was founded in 1922 and is directed by a Board of Governors by the Government. The British established ...


  • Animal matters

    Index: Preface......................................2 Peter Singer ................................2 Henry Spira ...................................2 Animal Welfare (Historical)...............................2 How does the law protect animal welfare in Austria .................3 How does the law protect animal welfare in England......................3 Should we eat meat? ..............................4 Why racism and sexism are wrong .... ...


  • Anne tyler- biography

    . Background: Born in 1941 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as the daughter of an industrial chemist and a social worker. Tyler spent much of her youth in rural areas of North Carolina living among various Quaker communities before the family finally settled down in Raleigh. These years formed the background for her Southern literary flavour which can be seen in the settings of her fiction. Being asked about the writer or work that had the biggest i ...


  • Anthony burgess (1917-1993)

    There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim being really Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard though dry. The Korova Milkbar was a milk-plus mesto, and you may, O my brothers, have forgotten what these mestos were like, things changing so skorry these days and everybody very quick to forget, newspape ...


  • Archie weller: the day of the dog

    PLOT: The story takes place in Perth in Australia, where a young 19-year-old Aboriginal man, named Doug Dooligan comes out of prison after eighteen long and lonely months. He has been put behind bars because of a brawl. Now he is celebrating his freedom and getting drunk to forget those horrible nights on lumpy beds in the overcrowded cells. In prison there is no privacy, no peace, nowhere to dream by yourself, that is what he missed most of a ...


  • Are mobile phones dangerous-

    Introduction: Nearly every person in our country has a mobile phone and nearly everybody uses it. I think that eve-rybody does not know, how they work, furthermore which negative aspects itself has. I believe that the people do not know everything about such technical details and they were not enlighten. As much university scientists had a good look at this topic and thought in a critically way and they came to a conclusion: many mobile p ...


  • Arnold schwarzenegger

    Introduction When we think of sports, muscles and titles like Mr. Universe everybody all over the world thinks of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perhaps he is the most famous Austrian personality we have at the moment. Arnold wasn't just a Body-Builder, Arnold is also an actor, who played in films like Terminator or True Lies. I think Arnold is an excellent example for The American Dream. He had enough ambition to fulfil his wishes he had since his ea ...


  • Green fingers - arthur c. clarke

    The Main Persons * Vladimir Surov - the most famous Russian biologist, who understands English but doesn\'t know enough to conversate with the others; behaves very strange. * the teller of the story (his name isn\'t mentioned) - commander of the British space shuttle * Henderson - a British geophysicist * Commander Krasnin - the russian commander, very worried about ...


  • Arthur c. clarke - if i ever forget thee, oh earth...

    The main persons * Marvin - a ten year old boy * his father Outline of contents Being ten year old, Marvin is taken \"outside\" by his father for the fist time, since the entire mankind has to live subterranean after an atomic war. Though he has already seen the world on photographs and on TV, he is amazed by the stars, the landscape and the mountains, shining silver because of their radioactive pollution. \"Across a quarter of a ...


  • Arthur c. clarke - who's there?

    The main persons * Space Station Supervisor (name not mentioned) - an astronaut whose job is to sit all day long in the Observation Bubble of the station and to supervise the space. He tells the story. * Tommy - a male (???) cat kept in the spaceship as a pet Outline of Contents A twenty-year old U.S. Air Force stray satellite that was lost through an accident is found. As it is a menace to navigation, the Supervisor has to ...


  • Security check - arthur c. clarke

    The main person * Hans Muller - a peaceful craftsman with bavarian ancestors, living in NYC Outline of contents Hans\' workshop in Manhattan consists of the dilapitated backroom of a warehouse. Having become a fan of the TV science fiction series Cpt. Zipp, he is disappointed of the poor furniture and weapons in the programme and decides to do it himself. Everybody is fascinated with his work, done with a lot of love, and the series ...


  • Arthur c. clarke - feathered friend

    The Main Characters * Sven Olsen - a wiry little fellow, one of the best construction men on the spaceship * Claribel - Sven\'s bird, a small female yellow canary who he has smuggled into the ship * the teller of the story, also on the spaceship Outline of contents It is the storyteller who finds Claribel, that Sven had smuggled on board when she is whistling a melody behind his ear. First, Sven doesn\'t confess that it was h ...


  • Arthur miller: death of a salesman

    The author: Arthur Miller was born in 1915 in Harlem, New York City as the son of a Jewish immigrant. After a lot of difficulties he was allowed to enter the University of Michigan, where his talent as a playwright emerged (even his undergraduate plays won important university awards). After his graduation in 1938 Miller wrote radio plays, screenplays, articles, stories and a novel until his first successful Broadway play ("All My Sons"). Afte ...


  • Arthur miller - his life and literary achievement - biography

    The playwright was born in Harlem, on 17 October 1915, and grew up during the American Depression, the economic crisis of the 1930s when many enterprises were bankrupted. The economic climate affected his own family when his father's clothing business experienced financial difficulties. Arthur Miller's father, an all but illiterate immigrant from Poland, employed nearly a thousand workers to make women's coats. Arthur Miller himself work ...


  • The crucible - arthur miller

    Introduction In 1953, when Arthur Miller\'s play \"The Crucible\" ran on Broadway at the Martin Beck, despite being a box office success and acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, it was always considered second best to his prior \"Death of a Salesman.\" As Brook Atkinson for the New York Times reported the day after the opening, \"[T]he theme does not develop with the simple eloquence of \'Death of a Salesman.\'\" Although the events o ...


  • Death of a salesman - arthur miller

    Introduction When it was first performed on Broadway, "Death of a Salesman" ran for over 742 performances, and was a striking success. It made Arthur Miller's reputation and some thought it set the standard for American drama in general. Some critics were even moved to call this the American "King Lear". Arthur Miller recalls that people were stunned after the first performance and then moved to lengthy, rapturous applause. Some people openl ...


  • A view from the bridge - arthur miller

    Introduction First performed as a one-act play in 1955, Arthur Miller's "A View from the Bridge" was later rewritten and restaged as a full-length, two-act play. In "Timebends", his autobiography, Miller speaks at length of his interest in the Brooklyn waterfront and of his relationship with Vincent James "Vinny" Longhi. Longhi and Longhi's friend, Mitch Berenson, sought out Miller to help them make known and keep alive the work of Pete Pant ...


  • All my sons - arthur miller

    Introduction Arthur Miller wrote several plays prior to "All My Sons", but only one of them, "The Man Who Had All the Luck", was produced in New York. Unfortunately, it closed after four performances. Years later, Miller was able to see how those previous attempts prepared him to write his breakthrough play. Winner of the New York Drama Critic's Circle Award for best play of 1947, "All My Sons" is the work that launched Arthur Miller's lon ...


  • Arthur miller´s death of a salesman

    Character Linda: She is Willy´s wife and the mother of Biff´s and Happy´s. Linda loves her husband very much and that´s why she cares more about Willy than about her two sons. Linda is very naive and rather optimistic. Although she tries to protect Willy from reality and its dangers, Willy supresses her. Linda runs the household and tries to get by on money. She doesn´t complain about anything and that´s why she cant´understand why Will ...


  • Arthur miller´s life

    Arthur Miller, one of the leading American playwrighters of the 20th century, was born in October of 1915 in New York City. His father was a ladies-wear manufacturer who was ruined during the economic collapse of the 1930s. As a young man, Miller was shown that beiing surrounded by poverty can mean insecurity of modern existence during the Great Depression. After having finished high, he worked in a warehouse, in order tp earn enough money ...



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