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  • Mass media

    The Mass Media News travel faster today than ever before. We see, hear and read more about world events than any other generation in history. Radio, newspapers, TV - nobody can live without them. But today also the Internet has become very important for business. The mass media play an immensely important part in modern society as a source of information and entertainment. In former times people generally found out what was happening in ...


  • Zeiten

    Time and tenses 1. Simple present Bei folgenden Inhalten des Satzes wird das Simple present verwendet: Ø gewohnheitsmäßig, nie oder oft! always, usually, never, every day/month...! Ø Fähigkeit, Beruf, Freizeit Ø Dauerzustände Ø über einen Text sprechen Ø Verben des "Sagens" (ask, answer, say...) GEGENWART Ø um Anweisungen oder Auskünfte zu erbitten Ø zukünft ...


  • Book report on george orwell

    The negative Utopia "1984\" was written and published in 1949. In that imaginary year 1984 the world is divided between three superstates with similar political systems that have been waring with each other for the last 20 years. Nevertheless these states form allies from time to time it is impossible to overthrow one of them due to their natural boundaries. Not only the world but also the population of the state this novel is set in is divided i ...


  • Jazz

    Jazz The main points of my presentation about Jazz are: - how Jazz - music developed * the different styles of Jazz * two great Jazz - musician Let's turn to the first point: How Jazz music developed Jazz appeared in the USA about 1900 the first time. It developed from the living together between the black (Afro - Americans) and the white people. The Afro - Americans were brought to the USA as slaves by European immigrants and were influenced by ...


  • Shakespeare's time - the globe theatre

    Essay: The Construction of the Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre, built by James Burbage in 1576, was a octagonal rotunda with an open arena, the so called "pit", which was surrounded by three levels that were roofed galleries. The stage projected into the pit so that the audience could listen and watch the play from the three sides that surrounded the stage. The cheapest place was the pit. It cost one penny to stand there, sometimes also i ...


  • Die schachnovelle

    Inhaltsangabe: Schachnovelle, Stefan Zweig Auf einem Passagierschiff, dass von New York nach Buenos Aires unterwegs ist, erfährt der Protagonist kurz vor Abfahrt von einem Freund, dass der berühmte Weltschachmeister Mirko Czentovic an Bord ist. Der Freund erzählt die Lebensgeschichte dieser sonderbaren Person. Der junge Czentovic, Sohn eines bei einem Schiffsunfall ums Leben gekommenen Donauschiffers, wächst bei einem Pfarrer auf. ...


  • Wales-

    1. General information about Wales geography - 20.764 km² - capital: Cardiff - hilly and mountainous à highest mountain ist the Snowdon (1085 m) - many national parks population - 2.9 million inhabitants - Cardiff: 315,000 - concentrated in the south-east history - never been unified kingdom à only collection of small pri ...


  • Essay about the internet

    Is the internet generally a good thing or a bad thing? There are arguments on both sides. However, in my opinion, the internet is basically an excellent thing for the world. The internet is more and more important. Of course, there are people who point out many bad things about the internet. For example, kids can find pornographic or horrible sites, if they are alone and search for things. If you are on pages which ar ...


  • America...a land full of idiots

    This is a time to be brutally honest. 'War of Iraqi Conquest' has begun long time ago. At that point, George W Bush crossed the Rubicon - the political river of no return. With this action he decided to be the "Bad-Guy" for a few people and "Godfather" for the others. But what about more than 3650 (who knows if its right) Dead civilians in Iraq, Women, old man and children, lying in the dirt and the debris of their own land. What was the r ...


  • A book report - martin ernst

    A BOOK REPORT by Martin Ernst On the beach, being one of Nevil Shute's latest novels, points out the failure of mankind by means of an atomic war. In the story it is clearly pointed out how far this failure shows its impact to the very personal actions of the people. In the late 1950's the USS atomic submarine Scorpion is patrolling between Kiska and ...


  • Artikel über marilyn monroe

    Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was born on the first of June 1926 as Norma Jeane Mortensen in Los Angeles. Her mothers name was Glady Mortensen and her father was unknown, till the end of her life. Norma grew up at foster parents till her 7th Birthday. After her Mother fetched Norma back, she lived at her mother and her best friend Grace MC Knee in Hollywood. Unfortunately Glady suffer often from depression, that´s why she was taken to a p ...


  • The australian gold rush

    The beginning of the Australian Gold Rush was in 1851, when Edward Hargraves discovered the first gold nugget in a lake near Bathurst. The nugget he had found had weight of 4 kg and had a piece of quartz in it. Before his finding, Edward Hargraves had been looking for gold for two years, but without any success. Although the government wanted to avoid a Gold Rush like the californian one, because it was more and more gold found in places like M ...


  • Animal farm - an allegory

    Animal Farm - An Allegory 1. Characters and events that are interesting 1.1 The characters ! Old Major ! Mr. Jones ! Napoleon ! Snowball ! Boxer ! Mollie ! the nine dogs ! Squealer ! Benjamin ! the sheep 1.2 The events ! the pre-rebellion meeting ! the rebellion ! the principles of Animalism (seven commandments) ! leadership (Napoleon ↔ Snowball) ! Napoleon's nine dogs ! neighbour farms have fear and there are unrests ! Jones try to recaptu ...


  • The cold war

    COLD WAR The Cold War was the most important political issue of the early postwar period. It grew out of longstanding disagreements between the Soviet Union and the United States. In 1918 American troops participated in the Allied intervention in Russia on behalf of anti-Bolshevik forces. American diplomatic recognition of the Bolshevik regime did not come until 1933. Even then, suspicions persisted. During World War II, however, the two ...


  • Elections/us

    The US Presidential Election System Every four years the American public is called upon to elect the president. On the \"Tuesday following the first Monday of November in years divisible by four\" the people cast their ballots for the candidate of their choice. In general, American voters have the opportunity to participate in more elections than the citizens of most other democracies. Because of its federal system, in which both the ...


  • Eurocom

    MY TIME WITH BADMINTON Good morning everyone. I'd like to tell you something about my favourite hobby: Badminton. I will some rules and the playing of Badminton. Finally I will tell you something about my time in the SG-Schorndorf. Now lets move on to the different between professional Badminton and street Badminton. Professional Badminton isn´t the same as people play it on the street. The different is you play i ...


  • New york the city that never sleeps ...

    New York is a city of over seven millionen people, covering 780 sq km. The city gives it name to the state of New York, the capital of which is Albany (251 km) in the north. New York is also a good base from which you can visit the historic towns of Boston and Philadelphia, as well as the spectacular Niagara Falls. New York is located on the Eastern Seaboard of the US and lies 380 km south of Washington DC. New York is made up o ...


  • Musikvortrag auf englisch

    AC/DC - 1973: AC/DC is establish by the two brothers Angus and Malcolm Young - AC/DC = \" Alternating Current/ Direct Current \" = \" Wechselstrom/ Gleichstrom \" - 1975: The two first hits... \"High Voltage\" , \" T.N.T.\" - 1980: The Singer Bon Scott dies, the new Singer is Brian Johnson - 1980 - 1990: They write their gratest hits: \"Highway To Hell\", \"The Jack\", \"Hells Bells\", \"Thunderstruck\", \"Moneytalks ...


  • Kernkraftwerk mit druckwasserreaktor

    Summary: the tenses of the full verb 1)Present Tense Form Example Use of tense Present tense Simple: A: ask/asks P: am/is/are asked Tom goes to school on his bike. His mother sometimes takes him by car. My sister knows a lot about sailing. English an French are spoken in Canada. The book describes country life in Devon. - wenn etwas regelmäßig, oft, immer oder nie geschieht - wenn man Dauerzustände beschreibt - wenn man über Texte Filme oder Thea ...


  • Drugs and why people take them

    structure: 1. Legal and illegal drugs 1.1 legal drugs - examples with pictures 1.2 illegal drugs - examples with pictures 2. Why do people take drugs? (main point of the presentation) - examples with pictures 3. The effect of drugs 3.1 nerve without drugs - example with picture and explanation 3.2 nerve with dru ...



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