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  • The pelican brief by john grisham-

    Author John Grisham was born in Arkansas in 1955 and received his law degree from Ole Miss in 1981. He specialised in criminal defence in his law practice. John began writing in 1984 and published his first novel "A Time to Kill" in 1988. It was released as a major motion picture in the summer of 1996. All of Grisham's novels have been bestsellers and many will be made into motion pictures. "The Pelican Brief" is a political thriller, it was ...


  • Philadelphia by christopher davis

    PHILADELPHIA by Christopher Davis Subject Andrew Beckett is a young and successful lawyer who works for a famous law-office in Philadelphia. One day he is suddenly fired by the senior partners although he is doing his job perfectly. But Andrew knows that he was fired because of his disease. Andrew has AIDS. So he tries to fight against the unfair decision. Main characters Andrew Beckett He is a successful lawyer ...


  • Philadelphia a novel by christopher davis

    A novel by Christopher Davis based on a screenplay by Ron Nyswaner Adapted for the screen with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington The Author: "Ï Christopher Davies: He¡¦s the author of the novels ¡§Joseph and the Old Man¡¨, ¡§Valley of the Shadow¡¨ and the story collection ¡§The Boys in the Bars¡¨. "Ï Ron Nyswaner: He¡¦s the author of the screenplays ¡§Smithereens¡¨, ¡§Mrs. Soffel¡¨, ¡§The Prince of Pennsylvania¡¨ and the co-au ...


  • The philippines

    The Philippines were ceded by Spain to the US in 1898 following the Spanish-American War. They attained independence in 1946 after Japanese occupation in World War II. The 21-year rule of Ferdinand MARCOS ended in 1986, when a widespread popular rebellion forced him into exile. In 1992, the US closed its last military bases on the islands. The Philippines has had two electoral presidential transitions since the removal of M ...


  • Studyguide for voltaire's philosophical dictionary: (selections)

    The most commonly-taught book by Voltaire is his amusing satire onphilosophical optimism, Candide. It was even made into a delightfulmusical by Leonard Bernstein. However, it does not represent Voltaire at hismost influential. Philosophical optimism is pretty much dead and has to beexplained to students today so that they can grasp the point of his satire.Voltaire\'s thought ranged much more widely than this, however. In a verylong life of tire ...


  • Plastic money: credit cards, lloyds

    Plastic Money is a very global expression. It is a way of exchanging money in a non-cash-way. That means instead of giving cash to the shop keeper you pay with a card that deducts the amount you have to give. Another way of plastic money is for examlpe the telephone card, where a certain amount is saved on the card. After your call the price of the telephone call is going to be deducted from the card, and it will have less value than before. ...


  • Platetectonics (understanding this reason of an earthquake)

    Understanding plate motions Scientists now have a fairly good understanding of how the plates move and how such movements relate to earthquake activity. Most movement occurs along narrow zones between plates where the results of plate-tectonic forces are most plain. There are four types of plate boundaries: - Divergent boundaries -- where new crust is generated as the plates pull away from each other. - Convergent ...


  • Study guide for poetry of mystical love

    The notion of fusing sexuality with religious devotion strikes many readers as surprising, but it is in fact an ancient theme, common in a wide variety of mystical traditions. In all of them the union of human and divine is expressed through metaphors of lovemaking. Mirabai Source: From For Love of the Dark One: Songs of Mirabai, tr. Andrew Schelling (Boston: Shambhala, 1993), pp. 51, 89, 39, 48. The Hindu tradition contains many tradition ...


  • Geography - republic of poland

    Poland is one of the largest countries of Eastern Europe. The land area of 312,638 square kilometres making it the 9th largest country in Europe and the 66th in the world. Poland is bounded in the north by the Baltic Sea and Russia, east by Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine, south by the Czech Republic and Slovakia and west by Germany. STATISTICS AND INFORMATION English long form: People's Republic of Poland English short form: ...


  • Political parties in the united states of america

    There are two important political parties and this two parties share all the seats in congress. To be exact, the Republican party has the majority in the congress, but President Bill Clinton is a Democrat. So these two institutions are able to control each other. But the Democrats are stronger, 20 % of the Americans consider themselves as Republicans and 50% say that they would support the Democratic party. The rest can not be counted to one no ...


  • Political system of the usa

    Three branches Legislative Executive Judicial makes laws carries out laws interprets laws Congress: 1. House of Representatives: 435 members 2 year term direct vote 2. Senate: 100 members 6 year term . President Vice President . Cabinet: secretaries . indirect vote . Supreme Court: 9 justices life term Two party system: Democrats Republicans want more government control more conservative, the grand old party, want privat ...


  • Politics in the united states of america

    Politic in the U.S.A. isn`t very easy. The best example were the choice last year. Where George W. Bush jr. wins the choices afer a long way. But what is the politics in the U.S.A.? Importent people Everbody know that the president from the U.S.A. is George W. Bush. The president from the U.S.A. is one of the powerful men of the world. His power is over the senat and the house of represent ...


  • Ponyboy curtis

    Characters Ponyboy Curtis - The novel\'s narrator and protagonist, a young greaser who loves reading, sunsets, and poetry. Ponyboy is raised by his brothers Darry and Sodapop following the deaths of their parents in a car accident, and belongs to the gang of greasers that also includes Two-Bit, Steve, Johnny, and Dally. Throughout the novel, Ponyboy contends internally with the same themes of class division, human commonality, violence, i ...


  • Porgy and bess

    An American jazz opera written by George Gershwin George Gershwin was born on September, 26 in 1898 in New York. He soon began to play the piano and became a professional piano player and composer in his late teens. His most famous compositions are "Rhapsody in Blue" and "Concerto in F". Gershwin hit on the idea of writing "Porgy and Bess" after reading the novel "Porgy" by DuBose Hewyard. In the summer of 1935 Gershwin, his brother Ira, DuB ...


  • Harry potter

    1. Introduction 2. Voices from the Press 3. Success of the book in numbers 4. Characters 5. The Author 6. Success??? 1. Intro Who knows Harry Potter??? 2. Voices from the Press The Financial Times "Rowling is an exciting new talent, and her book is an excellent reading-pleasure; without end fantastic and funny." The Magazin "The books of the 34 years old J. K. Rowling are written for 9-11 years old ...


  • Black power

    Black Power was the name for a political movement in the middle 1960's. African-Americans demanded for seperation from the white society that, in their opinion, oppressed the black people since centuries. So they asked their people to be proud of their race and their history. But the item Black Power was controversial because many people considered it anti-white and violent. In June 1966 there was a protest march through Mississippi lead by ...


  • Prejudices against americans

    There are a plenty of Myths here are four of them: 1.) All Americans are fat.Sure you see fat people if you travell to the U.S.A.Maybe even dressed in clothes inappropriate to their body shape.There is a equal number of \"x-ray women\" who believe they never can be too thin They slicing theiur bodies up with cosmetic surgery or making themselves ill with anorexia or bulimia. 2.)All Americans are loud.Maybe Americans have such loud vioces beca ...


  • Prepostitions:

    He was arrested.......... fleeing from the scene of the accident. They drive him I am going.........bed early, I don\'t feel ...............going out. Millions of pounds are spent........the advertising of alcoholic drinks. I met some nice holidays. I want to ..........them. What\'s your opinion................smoking? Do you often watch commercials...........TV? Parents are re ...


  • Cannabis --

    HISTORY The earliest record of cannabis use is from a compendium of medicines which was compiled for the Chinese emperor Shen Nung in about 2727 BC. Although it grows in many parts of the world and so has a long history of use in many cultures, especially in Asian and African where the plants grow in the warm climate. Since then the cannabis plants have been used for making ropes, clothes and medicine. Cannabis has been used medically world-w ...


  • Presentation - human rights

    A big topic which cares for worldwide discussions is the violation of human rights. Torture is more widespread in our modern age than at any time in our history. In many countries advanced technology is used to develop the methods of torture. Many people must suffer the cruel tortures and humiliations. The conflicts between black and white people are increasing. Many newspapers have written about human rights in the world and the topic has ga ...



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