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  • Piccadilly circus

    Circus Piccadilly - Piccadilly nimmt es Namens von einem 17. Stellring des Jahrhunderts frilly, der ein picadil genannt wird. Eine Damenschneiderin wuchs die Rich, die sie bilden und errichtete ein Haus in der Nähe. Für viele Jahre ist Circus Piccadilly - an der Verzweigung von fünf beschäftigten Straßen - ein berühmter Londongrenzstein gewesen. An seinem Herzen und durch bunte elektrische Anzeigen ist ein Bronzebrunnen von hinten ...


  • Die anfänge der usa

    Indianische Bevölkerung Amerikas Nordamerika war bei der Ankunft der Europäer (v.a. ab ca. 1600) durch indianische Nomadenstämme dünn besiedelt. Die Indianer hatten keine festen Wohnsitze, sondern reisten den frei daherziehenden Büffelherden nach. Ihrer Auffassung gehörten Erde, Wasser, Tiere und Pflanzen allen. Wenn sich zwei Stämme zu nahe kamen, konnte es zu Kämpfen kommen, denn Büffelherden, Wasserstellen etc. waren nich für beliebig viele Me ...


  • Vietnam war/ vietnam krieg (handout)

    The Vietnam War- America\'s longest war! (1961-1971) Timepoints: 1. 1945/46 Civil war between North and South-Vietnam 1.1 Capitulation of the South 1.2 Establishment of the Socialistic republic of Vietnam 2. 1959 the USA supported the South ( Weapons, money ...) 3. 2-4. 8.1964 Tongking Incident (Two vientnamese U-Boots attacked american troop) The war beetween America a ...


  • Why should condoms be passed out in school?(debating paper)

    Why should condomes be passed out in school? Schools are debating if condomes should be passed out in school. Condomes should be given to the student by the school so the number of pregnant teenagers gets smaller. It is hard for teenager Mom's to attemp school without having problems. They might have a lack of sleep and this might lead that they cannot concentrate in class. Some students would maybe want to protect while ...


  • Cultural diversity

    Enrich or endanger In my opinion the cultural diversity could be both of this. On the one hand you can say that it can be an endanger because the danger of segregation is always given. Immigrants like to live In their own ethnic group, surrounded by their own culture and their friends of the same ethnic, when they are new in a country. But segregation cannot be prevented, especially it cannot be forced. The immigrants must have th ...


  • California---

    Facts: area: 411049 sqare metres population: 32 millions inhabitant ( coloured people from China; Mexico) History: In the 16th and 17th century the spanish conquerors played an important role in the discovery and settlement of Spain´s colonies in the new world. In 1769 California became a colony after it had been discovered in 15 42. Two expedtions were sent from Spain, one by land and other by sea ...


  • George orwell--

    - à Eric Arthur Blair, englischer Schriftsteller und Essayist - geboren 25.06.1903 in Motihari (Indien) - Kind britischer Eltern, Vater: Kolonialbeamter - wuchs in Indien auf ...


  • Chicago history

    Chicago Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with a population of 2 million 800 thousand. (This was in 2002). It is located in the state of Illinois and directly at the shores of Lake Michigan. Its name comes from the Indian word for wild onions and means as much as \"stinky onion\", because of the strange smell of wild onions that used to be there. Chicago was founded in 1830 at the border of Fort Dearborn. Now Chicago has one ...


  • Slavery

    Slave trade by the British  coastal forts in Africa  captured Africans until the arrival  from African chiefs -> goods from Europe  1stoften: captured soldiers from tribal wars  >demand slaves-> men => specialized in catching young Africans  VIDEO 1 !! Slave ships & slave markets  an estimated 15 million Africans -> Am.1540-1850.  to maximize profits slave merchants -> as man ...


  • Fisherman's wharf

    Fisherman's Wharf is one of the world's most universally treasured cities is San Francisco; renowned for its natural beauty, cultural diversity and the variety of enjoyable experiences that are available within its 49 square miles of urban paradise. Fisherman's Wharf, the most visited attraction within San Francisco, provides a unique setting spotlighting the beauty of the Bay Area. From frolicking sea lions at Pier 39, to the panoramic views of ...


  • Market segmentation

    What is market segmentation? If you want to sell a product, first you have to segment the market. That means, you have to partition the market into portions which are different. If your company makes a good segmentation, you can better satisfy the needs of your potential customers. Why do you need market segmentation? The marketing concept needs the market segmentation for understanding customers and satisfying their needs. M ...


  • Customs and traditions in britain

    Customs and Traditions in Britain Some British customs and traditions are famous all over the world and a lot of them have very long histories. First I will tell you about British customs during the year. In January, there is a festival, called Up-Helly-Aa. In the ninth century, men from Norway came to the Shetlands. The Shetlands are islands near Scotland. These men were the Vikings. They came to Britain in ships and carried away animals, gold, ...


  • Bruce springsteen biography

    Bruce Springsteen was born Sep 23, 1949 in Freehold, NJ. Beginning in the mid-60\'s, Springsteen played in a series of varied local bands, from garage to blues rock. In the early 70\'s, he was playing solo as a folk singer-songwriter in Greenwich Village. Bruce Springsteen was signed as a solo act to Columbia Records in 1972, and released his first album in 1973, Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ. The album received some good critical notices, but d ...


  • Killing mr. griffin

    Killing Mr. Griffin Lois Duncan: She was born in April 28, 1934 in Philadelphia. She began her career writing articles for magazines. Later she became an instructor in the Department of Journalism, at University of New Mexico. Her first novel was written at the age of 20. Her preference is to write for young adults. Now she is living in New Mexico with her husband and her five children. Figures: Griffin: He is a strict English teacher he never pr ...


  • School at home

    For a few months in America was an unusual school project. In one school the pupils hadn't to go to school. They stayed at home and did their schoolwork at their computer. This was enough stuff for a big discussion all over America. But before you should make you your opinion about this, think about the advantages and disadvantages of it. Here are some of them. Firstly there should be said that pupils can concentrate better if they are alone ...


  • The american war of independence

    American War of Independence 1775-1783 - war between the 13 northernamerican colonies and _______________________ - the colonies wanted to have more libertys but the english king ________________________ did'nt dwell on it - the king sent some troops to northern america and because of this in Boston were more and more excesses - because of the 1st boycott 1770 the "____________________________" took place in the harbo ...


  • Übersetzung: the united states supreme court

    In most courts there is only one judge. In the Supreme Court there are nine judges. These nine judges are called \"justices\", and together they make decisions about the cases that appear before them. The Supreme Court meets from October till April. In May and June the justices hear no new cases, but meet to make decisions. While all courts in the country are responsible for interpreting the laws, the Supreme ...


  • Bob marley-

    Bob Marley Hello ladies and gentlemen. What I want to do today is to tell you something about Bob Marley. If there are any questions, please stop me at any time, and I will be happy to answer them. My presentation is divided in 3 parts. Firstly I want to give you a short introduction about Reggae. Secondly I´ll try to describe what Reggae and Rasta means. Finally I´ll be looking at the life of Bob Marley. 1. Introduction First of all I like to sa ...


  • Abortion(abtreibung): pro's & con's

    Contra abortion: 1. Abortion is a form of murder and demeans the value of human life. 2. Other birth control is readily available; thus, abortion shouldn\'t be a form of birth control. There are dozens of birth control methods that can keep you from becoming pregnant, including the 100 percent effective one: abstinence. Maybe if abortion wasn\'t available, people wouldn\'t be so careless in the first place. 3. The societal contributions of a pote ...


  • Typical american

    The Trail of Tears: In 1830 the Congress of the United States passed the \"Indian Removal Act.\" President Jackson quickly signed the bill into law. In one of tthe saddest episodes of our brief history, men, women, and children were taken from their land, herded into makeshift forts with minimal facilities and food, then forced to march a thousand miles(Some made part of the trip by boat in equally horrible conditions). About 4000 Cherokee died a ...



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