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  • Eurokom moskau

    1.0 Geography 1.1 Geographical position Moscow is the capital of Russia with 10.4 mio. People and its 1 thousand squere km big. The river Moskwa crosses the city and its 80 km long. Moscow is abstract the political, economical and cultural center of Russia. 1.2 Climate Moscow is in the continental climate zone. In summer there are temperatures of about 17 degree C. and in winter there temperatu ...


  • Kenya in general - the geography

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Area: 582.646 sqkm Population: 31,345 Mio. Capital: Nairobi Goverment Type: Republic Neighbours: Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda Mountains: Mt. Kenya (Kirinyaga) (5.195 m), Mt. Elgon (4.231 m), Aberdares (3.999 m) Rivers: Tana (700 km), Athi-Galana-Sabaki ...


  • London5

    In London there are a lot of sights.One of the sights is the Tower of London. Its exist a story about the Tower of London. King Henry the 8. has got six wifes.But they were too boring for him.Then he cut of their heads.Its a violent story... A another sight is the London Dungeon.It shows you some of London\'s violent history. When you want to see a famous Theatre,you can go to the Globe Theatre.It\'s a copy of the William Shakespear ...


  • Übersicht der zeitformen

    The present progressive -die Verlaufsform des Präsens Ich helfe gerade. I am helping now. F. v. be+Verb+E. -ing The simple past -die einfache Vergangenheit Ich war nicht in Spanien. I was not in Spain. simple past "be"+. The present perfect -das Perfekt Ich habe eben Fußball gespielt. I have just played football. haben+Partizip2 have/has+past partic ...


  • Irish economy

    Irish economy State: Republic of Ireland Capitol: Dublin Surface: 70 273 km² Dublin 953 000 (1996) Cork 180 000 (1996) Limerick 79 000 (1996) Galway 57 000 (1996) Waterford 44 000 (1996) Population: 3.88 million (2002) Growth rate: 1.07 % (2002) Unemployment ratio: 4.4 % (2000) Population density: 55 people per km² Population distribution City: 59 % (2000) Country: 41 % (2000) Economic situation The small open national economy of Ireland has prof ...


  • The second world war

    U.S.A - The Second World War Hitler announced on September 1st, 1939 in front of the German Reichstag in Berlin that the German armed forces has marched in into Poland at 5.45 hours, that, since then, you shoot back. Hitler justified the attack with Polish encroachments on a German territory. No declaration of war had gone in front of him with the attack on Poland, the 2nd World War started. Attack on Pearl Harbour: The attack of the Japanese on ...


  • Antworten und fragen zu der lektüre braveheart

    ACTIVITIES Chapters 1-2 1) Scotland is a small country. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. It lies near England. Scotland is famous for his backpipes and that the men wear skirts. They spoke welsh, english or scottish. The weather there is often rough an rainy. 2) I think that is a sadness story. William Wallace is the tall man on the pictures with the long hair. 3)a) weapons / battle > Waffen / Krieg, Kamp ...


  • Beware princess elizabeth

    Carolyn Meyer\'s Biography: Carolyn Meyer was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, in 1935. In high school, she served as editor of her high school newspaper and yearbook, and spent her summers writing radio advertisements. In 1957 she graduated cum laude from Bucknell University with a degree in English. She got married, had children, and moved to suburban Connecticut. But Meyer kept writing, publishing her first story in a secr ...


  • Indianer

    Indianer ist eine weit verbreitete Bezeichnung für die indigene Bevölkerung Amerikas (v. a. Nordamerikas nördlich von Mexiko; für die indigene Bevölkerung Lateinamerikas wird auch die Bezeichnung Indios gebraucht). Der Name Indianer (ursprünglich spanisch: indios) geht auf den Irrtum der europäischen Seefahrer zurück, die meinten, in Ostasien gelandet zu sein, das damals allgemein als Indien bezeichnet wurde. Von den Europäern wurden die nordame ...


  • Tower bridge

    Tower Bridge: Wurde von 1886 - 1894 Erbaut. Sie Gehört zu den bekanntesten Wahrzeichen Londons. Die Tower Bridge überquert die Themse. Die Seitenteile können sich in 90 sec. Öffnen. In den Türmen ist eine Interessente Ausstellung über die Geschichte der beiden Türme. ...


  • Seaworld orlando

    My presentation is made up of 3 parts. First I give you some information about \"when the park opened up, After that I will talk about the team and Finally I will present you the shows and attrations. Seaworld was officially opened in 1986. At that time the parkway consisted of 65 hectares in total. However the park has expanded over the years and today measures 80 hectares. The Park is opened throughout the day and only the business hours vary f ...


  • Flax

    1.) History: Flax was probably the first textile fiber to be used. Historical records show that linen clothes were produced and used far back in antiquity. There is evidence that flax was used as a textile in 6000 B.C. in Egypt. These findings were in a good condition, proving the amazing durability of the fiber. The seed of the flax plant is valuable as the source of linseed oil, which is used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, l ...


  • Sacajawea

    Sacajawea is well-known as the Indian woman who led Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition to find the Pacific Ocean. The truth is a bit different from the movie and children\'s book versions, however. In fact, Sacajawea was not officially a member of the expedition party. Her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, was hired as an interpreter and took Sacajawea along. She was allowed to join the party as an unofficial member because the captains tho ...


  • Englisch grammatik

    Englische Grammatik - Reported Speech - Indirekte Rede Aussagesätze Wird ein Satz in die indirekte Rede gesetzt, gibt es zwei Unterscheidungen. 1. Wenn der Einleitungssatz in der Gegenwart steht, dann bleibt die Zeitform der direkten Rede auch in der indirekten Rede erhalten. Beispiel: Susan: \"I work in an office.\" Susan tells me that she works in an office. 2. Wenn der Einleitungssatz in der Vergangenheit ...


  • Kangaroos

    Aliases TAXONOMIC CLASSIFICATION Superfamily Macropodoidea big footed 62 species in Australia & Papua New Guinea size 1 kg - 90 kg Family Macroprodinae kangaroos and wallabies Genus Macropus kangaroos six largest species of the family RELATIONSHIPS AMONG KANGAROOS Genus Macropus Kangaroos share: 1. large size 2. grazers - specialised teeth for cropp ...


  • Miami erdkunde/englisch

    Miami Miami besteht aus 27 Gemeinden, die alle zusammen eine Fläche von 5462 km² einschließlich 142 km² Wasser haben. Miami alleine hat 400.000 Einwohner. Nimmt man alle Ortschaften um Miami hinzu, zählt man über 2 Mio. Einwohner. 83% der Einwohner sind Weiße, von denen 49% hispanischer Herkunft sind. Die restlichen 17% sind Schwarze. Die Wirtschaft Miamis wird folgendermaßen betrieben: 1. durch internationale Bank ...


  • Abraham lincoln

    * 12th February 1809 + 15th April 1865 He was the 16th President of the United States. 1861 - 1865 Quotation: "And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." Abraham's Childhood - Abraham's father Thomas Lincoln was a farmer and his mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln had little or no schooling and couldn't write. - Abrah ...


  • Dead poets society--

    Dead Poets Society Summary This book is about young students at the Welton Academy, a preparatory school in Vermont in 1959. The headmaster of the school, Mr. Gale Nolan welcomes the students and their parents. He told them about the principles of the academy, which were, tradition, honor, discipline and excellence. After Mr. Nolan's speech the students and their parents filed out of the chapel onto the campus grounds, where they said goodbye. At ...


  • Tears of the sun

    Now i want to tell you something about the film Tears of the Sun!This is one of my favourite films, because I like films with war but I don't like war in the real world. After the thriller training day produce the director Antoine Fuqua with the Revolution studios the film Tears of the sun. This is an fictions drama with extensive action with the background of the African civil war. The actors are Monica Belucci as Lena Kendricks, Col ...


  • Conrad - heart of darkness

    Conrad - Heart of darkness About the author: Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) Joseph Conrad is born on December 3rd in 1857 near Berditchev (today, that\'s Ukrainian territory) in Poland as Józef Teodor Konrad Nalêcz Korzeniowski. He is the son of a nobleman. His father is a writer and a translator of English and French literature. So Joseph gets into contact with literature very early. He grows up in Russia for his family is deported to Siberia in 1861 ...



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