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  • Anna karenina: book i, part iv

    The events in Part IV--the last part in Book I--mark a turning point in the novel. After giving birth to Vronsky\'s daughter, Anna becomes gravely ill. Karenin forgives her on what he believes to be her deathbed. When she recovers, however, he realizes that Anna despises him, and consents to a divorce. Anna refuses the divorce because she doesn\'t want to give up her son, but goes to live abroad with Vronsky. Kitty and Levin b ...


  • Anna karenina: chapters i-xvi

    Anna and Karenin live together as though nothing were wrong. Of course, Anna continues to see Vronsky, and Karenin knows it. His one condition is that Vronsky never come to their house. One night, however, Anna begs Vronsky to come while Karenin is to be at a meeting. Karenin comes home unexpectedly, meets Vronsky on his doorstep, and bows to him politely. But beneath his polite exterior, he is boiling mad. Karenin tells Anna he ...


  • Anna karenina: chapters xvii-xxiii

    Smarting over Anna\'s betrayal, Karenin thinks about the Christian principle of forgiveness. But it\'s hard for him. Just as earlier in the novel Anna had advised Dolly to forgive Stiva, so now Dolly counsels Karenin to forgive Anna. Karenin receives a telegram from Anna telling him she is dying and asking him to come to her. He doesn\'t believe it--she has lied to him so many times--but he can\'t help but think that her death w ...


  • Leonard bernstein: west side story

    Tony Mardente, who played A-rab on the stage, was Action in the film. Of all the contributions of American culture to the arts, the Broadway musical is one of the most significant. Its predecessor, the European operetta (a play with spoken dialogue but abundant singing in operatic style), typically featured exotic settings, aristocratic characters, and wildly improbable plots. Although the musical\'s roots were in England, it quickly evolved in ...


  • Levi strauss

    Levi Strauss was born in Buttenheim, Bavaria in 1829 to Hirsch Strauss and his second wife. Two years after his father's death Levi and his siblings emigrated to New York. There, they were met by Jonas and Louis, their step-siblings, who had already made the journey and had started a dry goods business, called 'J. Strauss Brother & Co.'. Young Levi soon began to learn the trade himself. When news of the California Gold Rush made its way ...


  • Leviathan by paul auster

    The Author: Paul Auster was born in New Jersey in 1947. After attending Columbia University he lived in France for four years. Since 1947 he has published poems, essays, novels and translations. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Characters: Peter Aaron: A writer and friend of Benjamin Sachs. Peter narrates the story. He writes the story down because he fears that Benjamin's reputation could be destroyed. He defends his dead friend becaus ...


  • Lies of silence by brian moore

    The Story Michael Dillon is the Manager of a Hotel in Belfast. He isn't really content with his life, he doesn't really like his job and there are also some problems with his wife Moira. Therefore he has an affair with a younger woman called Andrea who works for the BBC. They often meet secretly. One day she tells him that she has plans to go to London because of a new job, and Michael decides to go with her. When he drives home from their m ...


  • Life in american colonies

    The 13 english colonies in America: Massachusetts (1629), New Hampshire (1629), Rhode Island (1636), Connecticut (1636) = New England New York (1664), New Jersey (1664), Delaware (1664), Pennsylvania (1681) = central colonies Virginia (1607), Maryland (1632), North Carolina (1663), South Carolina (1663), Georgia (1732) = southern colonies To found a colony in America you needed a charter from the king and a lot of money. Therefore, there ...


  • The life of abraham lincoln

    As the 16th President of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of, if not the most famous American President. He lead the country through a difficult time where the future of the Union was threatened and till today he is remembered as the one who saved the nation. He was born on the 12th of February 1809 as the son of a poor settlers family, in some American schoolbooks the fact is stressed, that his family di ...


  • Lincoln's first inaugural address march 4, 1861

    Fellow citizens of the United States: in compliance with a custom as old as the government itself, I appear before you to address you briefly and to take, in your presence, the oath prescribed by the Constitution of the United States, to be taken by the President \"before he enters on the execution of his office.\" I do not consider it necessary, at present, for me to discuss those matters of administration about which there is no special anxie ...


  • Little buddha

    AUTHOR: Gordon McGill (Based on a story by Bernardo Bertolucci) TYPE: novel OTHER INFORMATIONS: The book was first published by "Pan Books Limited" in 1994. This story is composed of two parts and nine chapters.The first part plays in Seattle - the second in Kathmandu in Tibet and in Bhutan (high in the Himalayas). The author wrote this stoy in prose. SUBJECT: The book tells about a ten-year-old little boy called Jesse and some Buddhis ...


  • Little lord faunterlory

    When Cedric Errol, a handsome young boy, is born in New York, nobody knows that he is an earl. His father died, when he was young, so he only knows his mother. She is a beautiful and kind woman. They live together in a small cottage with their chambermaid Mary. Cedric has some friends, Mr. Hobbs, who owns a small shop round the corner, Dick the shoeshine boy and the applewoman. Cedric loves to sit close to Mr. Hobbs and to talk. When Cedric is ...


  • Living in a city

    I like the country life. I really enjoy living in our small town, which still counts to a countrified area. I'm quite happy here. But if I'd pass my exams, I'll be forced to move to a city. There are more job prospects than in the country. There's just one disadvantage in it: The ever-increasing overpopulation in cities, develops a higher unemployment rate. But in many cases you must pull forward living in a city to living in the country, b ...


  • Living in the country b. schmid

    We've read that living in the city has advantages and disadvantages. About living in the country it is the same. Let's first talk about the advantages. The biggest plus for living in the country, is the space. In the country you have much more space to live. For example, most of the people in the country have their own garden. If you want to relax you can either sit in your garden or you can go for a walk. The towns in the country aren't as ...


  • Lois duncan - locked in time

    Characters: Nore her father her stepmother Lisette her stepbrother Gabe her stepsister Josie her friend Dave The story takes place in New Orleans. Nore visits her father and his new wife Lisette and her children. She feels very sad because her mother has died only one year before and she finds it very unfair that her father has married again. When she arrives at Shadow Grove, Lisette\'s house, she is shocked that there is only ...


  • History - roman to norman london

    Roman London London was found by the Trojan prince Brutus and run by heroic giants from the Celtic King Lud. In AD43 was the Roman invasion under Emperor Claudius. The first people who built a square mile, which is now known as the City of London, were the Romans. During the first of the centuries AD, they also built important bridges, roads and forts. The Roman historian Tacitus said that London was filled with traders and a celebrated center o ...


  • The middle ages -

    In the growing city of London, much of the politics of the Middle Ages(1200-1500) revolved around a three-way struggle for power between the king, the aristocracy, the Church and the Lord Mayor and city guilds. The Birth of the Parliament In the early Middle Ages the king and his court were travelling through the whole country. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Palace of Westminster became the seat of law and government. The Model ...


  • Tudors & stuarts -

    Henry VII & The Englisch Reformation Henry VII was succeeded in 1509 by Henry VIII. Henry´s first marriage to Catherine of Aragon failed to produce an heir so the king, in 1527, determined that this union should be annulled. As the Pope refused to co-operate, Henry VIII defied the Catholic Church. He founded the Church of England, in which he himself was the Supreme head. If anyone refused to go along with his plan, he ordered this person to b ...


  • Georgian london

    After the death of Queen Anne the throne passed to King George(1714-27). He was a great-grandson of James I. George had been born and brought up in Hannover, Germany. He never learned English, and was the first of four-reigning Georges in the Hannoverian line. Under his reign was Britain´s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole. He was also presented with 10 Downing Street as his residence. During the 18th century, London grew very fast, both ...


  • The victorian era-

    The British Empire spanned a fifth of the Globe and London was also a chief ports and the world´s largest manufacturing centre. On the one hand London was the city of fine shops, museums and theatres; on the other it was a city of poverty, disease and prostitution. During the reign of Queen Victoria thousands of acres were covered with housing, roads and railway lines. Today nearly every house in a random of 8 km of central London, is from the ...



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