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  • The constitution of the united states--text and analysis america

    The text of the Constitution is printed below retaining the original spelling and capitalization. Comments by Harold W. Chase are preceded and followed by double asterisks. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish ...


  • The american school-system

    Education has always been an important matter in the USA . So there were already many foundations in the colonial era(i.e.Harvard College, which was established in 1636) . In the early 1800s most schools were expensive private schools,but just 60 years later . In 1860 the first free public elementary schools were founded The original aims of these public schools were not only . To provide a basic education, but also . To cause equ ...


  • Americanization of germany

    1. Introduction Everybody knows the typical subjects that we associate with America. Moreover, if we think of America we usually mean North America. The product they have spread all over the world is the issue of their way of thinking, their culture and simply their way of life. This certain way of life expresses itself in the subjects like the famous Coca Cola, the huge American cars, movies, fast food and chewing gum which are all consumer ...


  • Amerikanisches schulsystem

    AUTOR: After pre-school education (nursery school or kindergarten), a child enters elementary education at the age of 6 and finishes at the age of 12 or sometimes at the age of 14. Education in the United States of America is compulsory up to the age of 16, but almost 80 percent of students stay on and try to graduate from school with a high school diploma at the age of 18. The high school system is divided into two sections of three years ...


  • Amnesty international

    (logo: burning candle wrapped in a barbed wire) Amnesty is an independent, international organisation that seeks to inform public opinion about violations of human rights, especially the abridgements of freedom of speech and of religion. Moreover it seeks the release of "prisoners of conscience" who are not guilty of any violence and it demands fair trials for them. It opposes all kinds of inhuman treatment like the death penalty and torture a ...


  • John boyton priestley

    John Boyton Priestley was a British journalist, novelist, playwright and essayist. His output was prodigious and included a vast number of newspaper and magazine articles, essays, as well as novels, histories and travel books.. J.B. Priestley Priestley was born in Bradford in 1894 (september, 13.). His father, Jonathan Priestley, was a prosperous schoolmaster; his mother died shortly after his birth. He atte ...


  • An inspector calls

    3.1 Genesis and Intention of the play An Inspector calls by J.B. Priestley was written within a week of World War II towards the end in 1945, and published two years later. The play itself is set in an industrial city in 1912, when Britain still had its Empire and was a wealthy country. The time span between these dates exists to make us aware of what has happened. Priestley hoped that his play gives society the chance to look back and to ...


  • Disclosure and consiensce

    The inspector devotes his attention first to Arthur Birling. Birling doesn`t seem to know Eva Smith. But after seeing a photograph he remembers: "She was one of my employees and then I discharged her." Birling admits that she was a good worker, but she was among the ringleaders for a raise. Because he had to keep costs low and prices high, he refused their demands which made the workers go on strike for some time. The ringleaders got discha ...


  • Inspector goole

    Inspector Goole interrupts the harmony of the family circle and starts to interrogate each person. "One line of inquiry at a time. Otherwise we`ll be talking at once and won`t know where we are." After all these interrogations he disappears and it turns out that he`s not a real police inspector. Inspector Goole is a mysterious person. He doesn`t work for the police, but he knows everything about family Birling. What are his intentions and ...


  • Amnesty international-

    1. Foundation An English lawyer, Peter Benenson launched Amnesty International (AI), in May 1961 by the publication of a London newspaper article in \"The Observer\". In his newspaper article Mr. Benenson said: \"Open your newspaper any day of the week and you will find a report from somewhere in the world of someone being imprisoned, tortured or executed because his opinions or religion are unacceptable to his government.\" Peter Benen ...


  • An inspector calls-

    The Characters: Arthur Birling Mr. Birling is a self-confident, calculating and unscrupulous Buisnessman. The only thing he´s looking forward to are his further buisness relations with Croft and he´s proud of getting a Knighthood soon. sohe´s very ambitious. He doesn´t seem to be happy that his daughter is going to marry.In the book he´s described as easy-mannered man unlike his wife. In his buisness he´s selfish and unscrupulous. He is a ...


  • And then there were none

    Author: This touching Crime Story was written by Agatha Christie, also known as the queen of crime. She was born in Torquay, Devon in 1890 and became the probably best-selling novelist in history. Her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, introduced the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, who would appear in about 25 of Christie\'s later novels. The other principal detective, Ms. Jane Marple, an elder spinster, first appeared in Murder ...


  • Angels watehing over me

    The author: The popular novelist and freelance writer, Lurlene McDaniel, was born on April 5th, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has written over fourty novels about kids and teens who face life-threatening illnesses and who sometimes don\'t survive. It is quite easy to see why McDaniel is such a well-liked writer. She knows from experience what to write about and she writes about an issue that is rarely discussed with young people. ...


  • Animal farm- -

    Plot: The book is about a Farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farmowner with his family. For a while everything works great and everybody is happy. But on and on the pigs, who make the organization part on the farm, get more and more like humans. They even change \"the seven rules of Animalism\" one by one and in the end the other animals can\'t divide them from humans, which used to be their enemies and then are the frie ...


  • Animal farm - an allegory-

    1. Characters and events that are interesting 1.1 The characters  Old Major  Mr. Jones  Napoleon  Snowball  Boxer  Mollie  the nine dogs  Squealer  Benjamin  the sheep 1.2 The events  the pre-rebellion meeting  the rebellion  the principles of Animalism (seven commandments)  leadership (Napoleon  Snowball) = ...


  • Animal farm-- -

    PLOT: George Orwell write this book from November 1943 to February 1944, it is about a Farm where the animals make a revolution and chase away the farmowner with his family. For a while everything works great and everybody is happy. But on and on the pigs, who make the organization part on the farm, get more and more like humans. They even change \"the seven rules of Animalism\" one by one and in the end the other animals can\'t divide them fr ...


  • Animal farm - george orwell

    George Orwell was born i 903 and died in 1950. His books were always pointing at important political themes of real importance. Mr. Jones is the owner of the Manor farm and most of the time he is drunk. One day old Major has a dream. He dreams that the animals live like slaves on the farm and he wants to finish the slavery. So he speaks to the animals to make a rebellion. Some days later Major dies so the other animals want to make the rebe ...


  • Animal farm --

    George Orwell wrote this book. He was born on 23th January 1903 in India. He was an officer, worked as a teacher and later he wrote for The Observer. He was in the Spanish Civil War. Animal farm brought Orwell world-wide fame. He died on the 21th of January 1950 in London. The main characters in the book are Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, Old Major, a boar, Snowball, a pig, Napoleon, a boar and Squealer, a pig. Old Major dreamed during t ...


  • George orwell - animal farm

    George Orwell, who\'s real name was Eric Blair, was born in 1903 in Motihari, India and educated in England. 1922 he joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma but he returned to England five years later to become a writer. In 1933 he wrote his first book \"Down and Out in Paris and London\". At this time he became an opponent of imperialism (\"Burmese Days\", 1934) and supported the Socialist ideas. So he went to Spain in 1936 to fight against t ...


  • Animal farm von george orwell

    The author: George Orwell, who\'s real name was Eric Arthur Blair was born in 1903 in India, where his father worked for the Civil Service. The family moved to England in 1907 and in 1917 Orwell entered Eton, where he contributes regularly to the various college magazines. He left in 1921 and joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma the following year, in which he served until 1928. His first published article appeared in Le Monde in Octob ...



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