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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Phil collins

    Philip David Charles Collins, his full name, was born on January 30th, 1951 in London. He visited a drama school. Since he was 12 years old he played drums. First he worked as an actor, but his real career began in 1971 when he paid attention to an advertisement in a newspaper. The young and quite unknown band Genesis with lead singer Peter Gabriel was looking for a drummer. The singer Gabriel - in former years drummer, too - was ...


  • A history of the nasa

    Chapter 1 - The origins of NASA The National Advisory Comitee for Aeronautics was founded in 1915. Although it were the American Wright brothers, who made the first controlled flight in an airplane, the United States soon lagged behind the Eurpoeans in aviation techniques. Because of World War I, the Europeans forced the development of new aircrafts. As a consequence, scientists within the United States demanded a national organization, ...


  • Loch ness- the lake monster

    If I ask you about a lake monster which lives in Scotland, on which monster would you think at first? Of course Loch Ness, who is one of the famous unknown species in the world. The legend says that the lake monster lives in the Loch Ness, a big lake in Scotland. His neck is 10 to 15 long and he got a snake like head (schlangenartigen Kopf). But there are no real proofs about Nessi´s existence. Some scientists believe that Nessi is ...


  • Seightseeing in london

    London is the captial of Great Britain. It´s sights are the subject of my short presentation. I want to start with Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. In this museum you can find wax copys of celebrities which look almost real like Michael Jackson, the Beatles and the royal family. The Museum is visited by thousands of people each day and sometimes it´s nearly impossible to receive a ticket. Another famous landmark is the London Eye. It ...


  • Solar system

    What is the solar system? It is our sun and everything that travels around it. Our solar system is elliptical in shape. That means it is shaped like an egg. The Sun is in the center of the solar system. Our solar system is always in motion. Nine known planets and their moons, along with comets, asteroids, and other space objects orbit the Sun. The Sun is the biggest object in our solar system. It contains more than 99% of the solar system\ ...


  • The sun

    The sun is the star at the center of the solar system. It formed about 5 billion years ago from a huge cloud of gas and dust. About 109 Earths would fit across the face of the sun! One large sunspot could hold several Earths. The sun\'s diameter is 864 thousand miles. Most of the mass in the solar system is in the sun (99%). The sun spins on its axis from left to right. It takes about 26 days for the sun to spin one time. The sun\'s outer atmos ...


  • Planets

    3.1 Mercury Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Its average distance from the sun is 36 million miles. Mercury is about 3,030 miles (4,878 km) across. That makes it the second-smallest planet in the solar system; only Pluto is smaller. In fact, Mercury is just a little bigger than Earth\'s moon. It\'s also covered with craters just like the moon. Mercury\'s year (the time it takes to orbit the sun one time) is 88 Earth days long, but ...


  • Venus

    Venus is the second planet from the sun. Its average distance from the sun is 67 million miles. Sometimes called Earth\'s sister planet, Venus is slightly smaller than Earth. It\'s also our closest neighbor at about 25 million miles away from Earth. Venus is hot enough to melt lead. Its surface temperature can get close to 900°F. This makes Venus the hottest place in the solar system after the sun. After the sun and moon, Venus is the brightest ...


  • Earth

    Earth is the third planet from the sun, which is about 93 million miles away. From space, Earth looks like the blue water world it is. About 70% of Earth\'s surface is covered with water, and 97% of all that water is in the salty oceans. Only 3% of Earth\'s water is freshwater, the water we drink. Earth\'s atmosphere is a mixture of gasses that become thinner as we move away from the planet toward space. Most of the atmosphere is nitrogen (78%) ...


  • Mars

    Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. Its orbit is roughly 142 million miles from the sun. The planet\'s reddish color is caused by rust (iron oxide) in the soil. Mars is the planet most like Earth. It takes 687 Earth days (about 2 Earth years) for Mars to go around the sun one time, and Mars spins on its axis at about the same speed as Earth does. It takes 24 hours and 37 minutes (about 1 Earth day) for Mars to rotate one time. Mars has th ...


  • Jupiter

    Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun. Its orbit is about 483 million miles away from the sun. That\'s 5 times farther than Earth! Jupiter would fit 11 Earths across its face. It is the biggest planet in the solar system, and has a diameter of 88,846 miles. It takes Jupiter 12 Earth years to go around the sun one time. So on your twelfth birthday, Jupiter is in roughly the same place of the solar system as it was on the day you were bor ...


  • Saturn

    Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. It orbits the sun at a distance of 888 million miles (about 10 times as far from the sun as Earth). Saturn would fit 9 1/2 Earths across its face. It is the second-largest planet in the solar system and has a diameter of 74,898 miles. Saturn is also called the Ringed Planet. Although Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have ring systems, Saturn\'s is the largest. Saturn\'s rings are 169,800 miles across, b ...


  • Uranus

    The seventh planet from the sun, Uranus orbits at a distance of about 1,784 million miles (more than 19 times farther than Earth). Uranus is the planet tipped on its side. Uranus spins more like a barrel on its side than a top. This strange tilt may be the result of being hit by a fast comet that tipped Uranus on its side. Uranus spins on its axis one time every 17 hours and goes around the sun one time every 84 Earth years. About 4 Earths woul ...


  • Neptune

    Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun. It orbits at an average distance of 2,794 million miles (30 times farther than Earth). About 4 Earths would fit across the face of Neptune. Neptune is slightly smaller than Uranus and has a diameter of 30,775 miles. It takes 165 Earth years for Neptune to go around the sun one time, but only 16 Earth hours for it to spin on its axis once. The average temperature on Neptune is -370°F. The atmosphere of ...


  • Pluto

    Pluto is the ninth planet from the sun. It orbits at a distance of 3,647 million miles (nearly 40 times as far from the sun as Earth is). With a diameter of only 1,485 miles, Pluto is the smallest planet in the solar system. The temperature on Pluto is -390°F. It takes Pluto 248 Earth years to go around the sun one time, and 6 Earth days to spin on its axis one time. Scientists don\'t know if Pluto has an atmosphere or not. If it does, it may b ...


  • Usa - english facts

    USA Beginning: Florida - who hear this name is thinking of summer, sun and beach, palm, blue water and only relaxing. But bevor talking about the "Sunshine State" I would like to give you some general facts about the land Florida is situated in. About the United States of America. Geography - the us are one of the biggest country of the world - country is devided into 48 states; and then the ...


  • The leg of lamb by roald dahl - summary

    Mr Maloney, a police man, and his pregnant wife Mary lives a comfortable life in their cosy house, every evening celebrating their supper in an special way - first drinks, then meal. But one day it was different. Mr Maloney had his drinks as usual, but refused supper. Instead he told his wife, that he would leave her, not only this evening, but forever. At first Mrs Maloney did not believe it. She thought that if she went on with her normal ...


  • Sheffield - steel city

    The pictures show us that Sheffield lies in a flat valley which is good to get to other places, even the Romans built a road from Doncaster to Chester through this valley. Because of the river in this valley people did not want to live there, because in case of heavy rains, they were afraid of floods. So they did not decide to build a big city. In 1750 Benjamin Hunstman developed the first steelworks in Sheffield. The best steel was mad ...


  • Australien - australia

    1) Schools in Australia o Lessons have come by the radio network o E-mails make communication between students and teachers easier o Email is used to send, check and return lessons to students o Teachers regulary visit remote homes to help students and parents o School camps offer a chance for students to meet other and do activities such as art, drama and music 2) Polit ...


  • Wales---

    Geschichte: Kelten und Römer Die frühsten Einwohner von Wales waren die Kelten. Sie waren in mehreren "Wellen" aus Kontinentaleuropa eingewandert. Bis zur und während der römischen Besatzungszeit Britanniens war Wales kein eigenes Land, denn alle Einwohner sprachen die keltische Sprache und gehörten der selben ethischen Abstammung an. Die Römer besetzten ganz Wales. Dort bauten sie Straßen und Kastelle(Burgen ) bauten und Handel tri ...



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