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  • Arthur miller´s "the last yankee"

    3.1 Introduction of the characters 3.1.1 Leroy Hamilton Leroy Hamilton is one of the four characters appearing in this play. He is eighty - four years old and he is a carpenter. He loves his job and also his work is beloved by others, as it is very high qualitative. He is married with Patricia Hamilton, who has been in an mental hospital for more than fifteen years now. Leroy is a Yankee, which means he is a deeply rooted American from the no ...


  • Definition of the american dream -

    Definig a phrase such as the American Dream is very hard, because it is a phrase describing an entire way of life. The American Dream contains three main arguments: it is a combination of the ideal of dignity, equality and the chance of personal fulfilment. Nowadays the equalty is sure to every citizen living in the United States of America, but this has not always been this way. In the time when many slaves were brought to the USA, they d ...


  • Arthur miller´s "death of a salesman"

    4.1 Introduction of the characters 4.1.1 Willy Loman The main character in the book is Willy Loman, a elderly salesman who is about sixty years old. He is a man who has hopes and illusions in his life, but he does not seem to be able to put them into reality. His hopes are to become welthy and rich because he is an comission worker with low income who can not afford to pay his bills. Willy has a wife, Linda, and two sons, Biff and Happy, w ...


  • The american dream and his changing face

    The fathers of the American Dream had a vision that one day all people living in the United States of America will be treated equal and all have the same rights. This Dream has now become reality. Slavery is abandoned, blacks do have the same rights and women do have the same social status men do have. So the American Dream with it´s ideal of equality, dignity and the chance of personal fulfilment is now real to every citizen livning in the Un ...


  • Artificial intelligence

    Today there are two main groups in the ai research. The ones are the logicists and the others are the connectionists. The logicists are the traditional ai scientists who try to create ai on computers based at the \"von Neumann model\". The connectionists try to build ai by watching and recreating the human brain. The logicists: The History: One of the first people who thought about artificial intelligence was Gottfried Lei ...


  • Atomic power

    Today we are talking about atomic power stations, nuclear weapons and the problems with it. Our first topic is The history of the nuclear fission In the year 1939 the german scientist Otto Hahn invented with the assistence of Fritz Strassmann the splitting of an uran atom. During the second World War the german scientists worked very hard to build an atomic power station. At the end of the war the germans were nearly able to build an ato ...


  • Historical introduction: england during jane austen's life

    The latter part of Jane Austen's life was spent during a period which is often described as "Regency". The term arose owing to the attacks of insanity from which George III suffered during his later years. In 1788, when the king was fifty, his mental derangement seemed so serious that it was thought necessary to appoint his eldest son (1762-1830), to act for him as Prince Regent in his place. The politicians disputed the right procedure; the W ...


  • Marriage and the alternatives: the status of women - jane austen

    \"Single women have a dreadful propensity for being poor, which is one very strong argument in favour of matrimony\" (Jane Austen, letter of March 13, 1816) In Jane Austen's time there was no way for a young woman to be independent. Professions, the universities, politics, etc. were not open to women. Few occupations were available, such as being a governess. But they were not highly respected, and did not generally pay well or have very good ...


  • Jane austen: biography

    3.1 Her childhood and early creative work Jane Austen was born December 16th, 1775 at Steventon, Hampshire, England. She was the seventh child out of eight of the Reverend George Austen and his wife Cassandra. Her brothers were named James (1765-1819) , Frank (1774-1865) and Charles (1779-1852),her sister, Cassandra Elizabeth (1773-1845). Especially Frank and Charles, by becoming Admirals in the British navy, influenced Jane\'s novels Mansf ...


  • Analysis of characters - austen, jane

    4.1 Miss Bates Hetty Bates is the daughter of Mrs Bates, with whom she lives since being a spinster. Her sister Jane Bates died, as well as her husband Lieutenant Fairfax, but they bequeath a daughter, Jane Fairfax. "Miss Bates is a character of great importance to Jane Austen's purpose in Emma. She is a great talker upon little matters, and (.) her talk reveals (.) matters basic to the plot" . Unknowingly she discovers the affection that Fr ...


  • Does emma woodhouse embody the typical 19th century woman in england?

    This question cannot be answered with a clear no. Actually the typical woman is embodied by Emma's sister Isabella: "(.); poor Isabella, passing her life with those she doted on, full of their merits, blind to their faults, and always innocently busy, might have been the model of right feminine happiness. As explained in 'Marriage and the Alternatives', right feminine happiness would be to achieve the state of matrimony. Living in a secured ...


  • Australia - dingo

    Australia - also called the land \"Down Under\". It has about 16 million inhabitants. By the way, Australia has more sheep than people. 88% of the population live in town or cities. One of the most important towns is Sydney. It counts 3.5 million inhabitants. This centre of finance, commerce and tourism has the largest harbour, but also the most beautiful beaches (e.g. Bondi Beach). Further more the well-known Olympic Games of 2000 will be t ...


  • Australia -sydney

    History: Australia is a country of contrasts. It is as big as the USA without Alaska, but has only 17,1 millions inhabitants. The first humans, who already came 40.000 years ago, were the aboriginal inhabitants from Asia. But its written history began only 200 years ago with the beginning of the colonisation of the continent through the Europeans in the seventeenth century. In 1606 a Dutch ship docked on the west coast and further Dutchs f ...


  • Australia --

    Geography: Australia has a area about 7,682.300 square kilometres, on this kilometres live about 15 Millions people. Australia is the sixth largest country of the world after Russia, Canada, China, the US and Brazil. It lies between the Indian Ocean on the north-west, west and south and the Pacific Ocean on the north and south. The coastline consisting of tranquil bays and wonderful beaches is about 40.000km long. Australia occupies one of ...


  • Australia a speech

    CORRECTED VERSION Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Land and climate 3 Australian environments and wildlife 3 History: from the Aborigines to the European settlement 4 The Australian people 4 Cities 5 Growing up in Australia 5 Education 5 Shopping and food 6 Sport and leisure 6 Religions, festivals, holidays 6 Culture and the arts 7 Farming and fishing 7 Manufacturing and mining 7 Transport 7 Government 8 Facing the ...


  • Short economic history of australia

    Economic history: Since european settlement in australia in 1788 many changes have been made. The land has been developed for settlement and farming. Dams for storing water have been built so that during the dry summers and long dry drought periods there is enough water for the population and some farms. As well , mineral resources such as coal, iron , and gold have been developed. All these are necessary for the growing population. At first ...


  • Convicts australia

    During the 18th and 19th centuries in Britain one of the common forms of punishment for breaking the law was transportation. Prisons wre so full in England and the British wanted to send bad people out of the country. Prisoners sent to another country by ship were called convicts. After the War of Independence , America did not let Britain send any more convicts. Prisons soon filled and something had to be done with the prisoners. This was one ...


  • Immigration australia

    The Kooris, the first australian people have lived in Australia for more than 40.000 years. Since 1788, Australians of european background have lived there also. They either migrated or are descended from people who migrated. By 1868 no more convicts from British prisons were sent to Asutralia and all migrants were free settlers. For many, many years most migrants came from britain , and this continued until after World War 2. in 1947 australia ...


  • The home of the aborigines

    Most people think that australia is a young country, but is that really true? Certainly, it was only 200 years ago that the British under Captain James Cook began their invasion (most people said that australia was discovered by Captain Cook, but how can you discover a country where people have lived for thousands of years? That's why many australians now prefer the word invasion). But what some people forget is that the Aborigines had already ...


  • Explorers of australia

    William Dampier was an english seaman who lived from 1652 to 1715. He was the first Englishman to land in Australia. It was because of bad luck and some bad decisions that he is not remembered as the man who claimed the country of England. In 1688, the "Cygnet", the ship he was sailing on, stopped at the north-west coastnear today's town of dampier. While the ship was being repaired, he found time to explore the country close to it. As he did ...



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