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  • Of mice and men-

    characters: lennie: main like a child like an animal forget things alot isn\'t as dumb as he seems curleys wife: goes to man to talk wants to be touched compared with color red george: smart dreams of independent life curley: little angry about big men crooks: loneliest person on farm always the victim => bitter doesn\'t believe in his future slim: kind of boss, most authority kind of friend of everybody intellligent, goo ...


  • The pearl--

    The Plot: The parable "The Pearl" deals with a drastic incident in the life of Kino, a poor Indian fisherman, and his wife. The story is set in the little village "La Paz", which is situated on the coast of the Gulf on California. A new day begins and Kino awakens next to his wife Juana in their simple hut which is made of brush. The couple sleeps on mats on the dirt floor and their little son Coyotito sleeps in a hanging box. Kino is happ ...


  • Agatha christie (1890-1976)

    Agatha Christie is known throughout the world as the Queen of crime. Her books have sold over a billion copies in the English language with another billion in 44 foreign languages. She is the most widely published author of all time in any language, out-sold only the Bible and Shakespeare. She is the author of 79 crime novels and a short collections, 19 plays, and 6 novels written under the name of Mary Westmacott. She was born Agatha Mil ...


  • Agatha christie's work

    'Poirot' Novels: The Mysterious Affair at Styles; The Murder on the Links; Poirot Investigates; The Murder of Roger Ackroyd; The Big Four; The Mystery of the Blue Train; Peril at End House; Lord Edgware Dies; Murder on the Orient Express; Three-Act Tragedy; Death in the Clouds; The A.B.C. Murders; Murder in Mesopotami; Cards on the Table; Murder in the Mews; Dumb Witness; Death on the Nile; Appointment with Death; Hercule Poirot's Christmas; ...


  • The five little pigs

    Main characters: Hercule Poirot Carla Lemarchant Philip Blake Meredith Blake Lady Dittisham = Elsa Greer Cecilia Williams Angela Warren A young woman, Carla Lemarchant, comes to England to ask Hercule Poirot to investigate a murder that took place sixteen years ago. Her father, Amyas Crale, had been poisoned, and her mother, Caroline Crale, was tried and convicted for the murder and died in prison. But she wrote a letter to Ca ...


  • Murder on the links

    Main characters: Hercule Poirot Captain Hastings Monsieur Hautet Mr. Bex Family Renauld Family Daubreuil Captain Hastings, Hercule's best friend, makes an unforgettable experience on the train, where he meets a wonderful woman, called Cinderella. Upon arrival Captain Hastings tells Poirot how impressed he was by the new acquaintance. As usual Hercule pays attention to his friend's narration. Poirot is worried as he views his d ...


  • Hercule poirot

    He is an extraordinary little man! Height, five feet four inches, egg-shaped head carried a little to one side, eyes that show green when he is excited, stiff military moustache, air of dignity immense! He is neat and dandified in appearance. For neatness of any kind he has an absolute passion. To see an ornament set crookedly, or a speck of dust, or a slight disarray in one's attire, is torture to the little man until he can ease his feelings ...


  • The body in the library

    Author's Foreword: There are certain clichés belonging to certain types of fiction. The 'bold bad baronet' for melodrama, the 'body in the library' for the detective story. For several years I treasured up the possibility of a suitable 'Variation on a well-known Theme'. I laid down for myself certain conditions. The library in question must be a highly orthodox and conventional library. The body, on the other hand, must be wildly improbable and ...


  • The moving finger

    Main characters: Jerry Burton Joanna Burton Emily Barton Megan Hunter Aimée Griffith Elsie Holland Richard Symmington The Calthrops Jane Marple After a flying accident, the pilot Jerry Burton from London is rather badly injured. That's why his doctor Markus Kent advises him to spend some time in the country in order to promote the healing process. Jerry and his younger sister Joanna, who wants to accompany and look after h ...


  • Jane marple

    Miss Marple first appeared in a series of six short stories in Britain's The Sketch magazine. She was a member of the Tuesday Club, a discussion group that met in the quiet Kentish village of St. Mary Mead to discuss unsolved crimes. Other members included the vicar; Miss Marple's nephew, a successful novelist; his fiancée Joyce, an artist; and others. However, it was Miss Marple who always arrived at the solutions to the crimes. These short s ...


  • The seven dials mystery

    Main characters: Gerry Wade Loraine Wade Jimmy Thesiger Eileen Brent = Bundle Bill Eversleigh Ronald Devereux The Cootes Lord Caterham Superintendent Battle George Lomax A group of young people are enjoying a short stay at Lord Caterham's house. Oswald Coote is taking care of this house while, the Lord is away. Gerry Wade, a champion sleeper, is going on Oswald Coote's nerves. He sleeps much too long. Jimmy Thesiger, ...


  • Amnesty international--

    Amnesty International was started in 1961 with a newspaper article by British lawyer Peter Benenson. He called on people everywhere to work for thousands of men and woman in imprisonment. There was a enormous response. Today there are more than a million members in over 140 countries. Amnesty International members include: politicians, housewives, lawyers, farmers and students. In other words - people like you and me. It is a worldwide move ...


  • Artificial intelligence --

    (Personal Neural Network - in the \"brain\" itself BUT the principles conveyed herein also apply to our \"dimensional space\" technology as explained on our web page ending with the suffix ctsite.htm) Also you may wish to wander into The Human Brain. 5GL-LISA, A New Frontier of Science... * An \"intelligence boost\" 5GL-LISA is the name of a \'super smart\' cortical area in the human brain which has been taught to \"think\" using computat ...


  • Canada - --

    In many ways Canada is an impossible country. You can't talk about Canada without mentioning 2 different factors: the country's immense land mass and the climate. Living in a such sparsely populated country gives the Canadians a sense of space and freedom, but they are constantly struggling to define their identity. The winter in Canada is very long and also very cold, but how long and how cold depends from the area. In the North it's quite ...


  • Death of a salesman(by arthur miller)

    Society The play is set in twentieth century industrial society, complete with appartmenz blocks, financial difficulties and pressures to succeed. Money definies success: people are judged by the amount they acquire, and the amount of success is linked with the amount of money they have. Since the play is about city life there are frequent references to money and the worries which it brings. Willy feels he has to succeed, and the only way to ...


  • -amnesty international -

    1. What is Amnesty International? It's a world-wide movement which is independent of any government, political party, ideology, economic interest, or religious belief. It's activities focus strictly on prisoners: . It seeks the release of "prisoners of conscience". These are men and women imprisoned for their political beliefs, race, or religion and who are not guilty of any violence. . It demands fair and early trail for such prisoners. ...


  • New zealand --

    I. Location and Topography - located in the southern Pacific Ocean, southeast of Australia - North Island and South Island are divided by Cook Strait - there are approx. 220 mountains, the highest being Mount Cook (3754m) - active volcanos found on North Island, rugged shoreline and landscape with many torrents, cliffs and valleys II. Facts and Figures - 15 times more sheep than inhabitants (3.68 million) - capital is Wellington, biggest ...


  • Animal farm ---

    The Author of the book is George Orwell, whose real name is Eric Blair. He changed his old name into George because he sure about that George is a traditional English name and Orwell because that's the name of a small river near his primary school. George Orwell was born in 1903 and died 1950 because of a lung disease in London. In addition to that he grew up in poor family, father was a British civil servant. 1911George started education at pr ...


  • Vietnam war

    I. The important dates 1954/55: Declaration of Independence of Vietnam, as well as the splitting in North- and South-Vietnam 1959 : Civil War between N&S began 1964 : official interrupt of the USA 1973 : official armistice between the participates 1975 : capitulation of the South 1976 : establishment of the "socialistic republic of Vietnam" (SRV) II. Progress of war and casus belli 1959: - the ...


  • Enigma -by robert harris

    . ENIGMA is the name of a German decipherig machine, which is until nowadays worth to be a technical wonder. . At BLETCHLEY PARK was the English Cipher Bureau during World War II. Th book is about Thomas Jericho who worked as a cryptoanalyst during World War II at Bletchley Park. There he got into contact with a young and good-looking British undercover spy, Claire Pomilly. About in the middle of the story she suddenldy disappeared a ...



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