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  • Essay of prejudice and stereotypes

    First of all you have to think about what stereotypes or prejudice against the Germans are there at all. Unfortunately many people are still thinking the Germans are Nazis, although this time has past. Next idea is that most people associate the Germans with "Lederhosen", "Sauerkraut", beer and veal sausage. In short, all Germans are Bavarians! Furthermore they have some personal traits: brutal, rude, egoistic, strict, disciplined, humourless. ...


  • Nick hornby,

    Dear Mr Hornby! Top Five things that I like about your book \"High Fidelity\": 1. I enjoyed the style of the novel. Rob Fleming was telling me the secrets of his life, opinions, etc., what for me is kind of original. And the novel gets along without much of plot, which could confuse the reader like in some other novels. 2. The fact that the comments and opinions and statements about life, love, relationships, etc. can be related to the reader him ...


  • Florida---

    Page 1 My topic is Florida! My presentation is made up of 3 parts. First I give you some information about Florida, After that I will talk about Daytona Beach and Finally I will present you Sea World in Orlando. Page 2 Inf ...


  • Environment - eggs

    How you can see, where an egg is from On average, the Germans eat 18 billion eggs a year. More than 80 per cent are from hens from chicken-batteries. Animal protectors have demanded a long time for finish this cruelty to animals, to forbid the chicken-batteries and to mark the eggs, so that you can see where they come from. Since the beginning of the year 2004, eggs must be marked. Every egg must have a code. The code looks like this: On the ...


  • Alexander der große

    Mein heutiges Referatsthema lautet: "Alexander der Große (356-323 v. Chr.) Anfangs möchte ich über den Weg zur Größe Alexanders berichten. Alexanders Weg begann zweifellos bei seinem Vater, Phillip II, der ihm die Ausgangsbasis für seine Eroberungen herstellte. Phillip II, wurde 359 v. Chr. von der makedonischen Heeresversammlung zum König gewählt. Er war bestrebt, das uneinige Königreich Makedonien wieder zu ...


  • A compare of the german and the american school systems

    The (German Grundschule) and the (elementary school) in the states are the same. In many cases, in the United States, the elementary school includes the Kindergarten. The American school system is in many ways different from the German. At the year of two you start your school carreer: You go to a \"Nursery School\" (Kleinkindergarten ). Then ,at the age of four, you goes to the kindergarden. and at the age of six you start with ...


  • Martin luther king jr-

    1.Personal data on Martin Luther King Jr. -was born on 29th of January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia -oldest son of Martin Luther King senior(Baptist minister) & Alberta Williams King(school teacher) -unusual characteristic: father and son actual were called Michael Luther King junior and senior, but both decided to change their name to Martin Luther King junior and senior -Martin Luther King jr was born in a very religious fam ...


  • Migration and refugees

    Definitions: Refugee - \"Any person, who because of persecution or life-threatening conditions, has had to leave behind his homeland and all that he or she ever was and ever hoped to be.\" Immigrant - \"A person who takes up residency in another country through established immigration procedures; foreign-born newcomers to the U.S. regardless of their legal status.\" Reasons why people leave their ho ...


  • Euthanasia

    The right to die vs. the right to life My lecture is about euthanasia in the Netherlands and the text I chose contains four questions about the request of euthanasia. But first I will give you a short introduction what euthanasia is, which different forms of euthanasia there are and what are the facts of euthanasia in the Netherlands. At first, What is euthanasia? Euthanasia is a painless and peaceful death. It's ...


  • Hilfe bzw grammatik-hilfe für englisch klasse 8 / if-clause, maine-

    Clause If Clause-Main Clause Simple Present (Grundform) + Futur (will be) Simple Past (2.Verbform) + Conditional (would be) Past Perfect (had + 3.Verbform) + Conditional of the Past (would have been) (Im If-Clause (if-Satz) nie will oder would!!!) Zeiten (in ihrer Reihenfolge) Simple Present - I am Present Perfect - I have been Simple Past - I was Past Perfect- I had been Futur ...


  • Australia wildlife

    Wildlife The kangaroo is an exciting animal, there are 60 kinds of kangaroos. The largest kangaroo red-giant-kangaroo. It is 1.65 metres long and it´s running reaches a speed nearly 90 km/h and it can jump a distance up to 3 metres. The red-giant-kangaroos can even reach the age of 20 years. Koala bears live in the outback of Australia. They weigh 8-11kg and they die after 15-20 years. Koalas love sleep, usually they sleeps 16-20 hours a day. The ...


  • Prohibition

    2.Course of the Prohibition 2.2. Volstead Act 2.3. President Harding 2.4. Development of the organized crime 2.4.1. Breeding ground Chicago 2.4.2. Al Capone 2.5. People´s attitude towards alcohol 7 . Bibliography _______________________________________________________________________ 2.2. In 1916 - when 23 out the 48 states were already dry as two- thirds of the politician elected for Congress were ASL- supporter but ...


  • Irish republican army (ira)

    Introduction The Irish Republican Army (IRA), is an Irish underground paramilitary organisation founded to promote Irish nationalism and fight British tyrannical rule in Ireland. It is also known as the Provisional IRA, PIRA, the Provos, Irish Volunteers and, in Irish, as Óglaigh na hÉireann. The IRA has never been used as the official name of the organisation - they still use the name Óglaigh na hÉireann as their official name ...


  • Eta

    HISTORY Euskadi Ta Askatuna (Eta), or Basque Homeland and Freedom, is founded by opponents of the leadership of General Franco to fight for Basque self-determination Eta`s first attack in San Sebastian Eta's first murder: Meliton Manzanas in San Sebastian Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco is killed by a car bomb Spain becomes democratic and Eta splits in two groups: \"Eta militar\" and \"Eta politico-militar\" The Basque country g ...


  • Report about london

    London London is the capital of Great Britain. It is 1596 square kilometre in size. About 6,8 million people live there and slowly it grew into one of the world's major cities. London is divided in 33 Boroughs. The interior part is the only 2.7 square kilometre big City. The business city with the Bank of England, the stock market, the town hall, the royal opera house, Covent Garden and the St Paul's Cathedral. In the sou ...


  • Zeitenspicker

    Present continues Present Past I am seeing I see I saw You are seeing You see You saw He is seeing He sees He saw We are seeing We see We saw You are seeing You see You saw They are seeing They see They saw Present perfect Past perfect Future I have seen I had seen I will see You have seen You had seen You will see He has seen He had seen He will see We h ...


  • Present tense simple

    Present Tense Simple Present Tense Continous Exercises Übungen 1. Decide whether to use Present Tense Simple or Present Tense Continuous. 1. Sometimes Susan watches science fiction films, but she normally prefers love stories. 2. Look! Mr. Cooper is working. He usually starts work at about 8 o'clock. 3. We are going to a football match next Saturday. 4. Can you answer the phone, please , I am having a bath right now. 5. I never eat spinach, but w ...


  • Wu tang clan - amerikanischer rap biografie

    Introduction - most meaning Hip Hop combo off the nineties -> produced new, never released stuff - resulted out of the by rza set up group called "All in together now" - no productions from this time - some gigs on parties and smaller concerts -> won some friends and allied ones for their project -> resulted the wu tang clan (clan = members are allied ) - formed by U-God, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Masta K ...


  • My sometimes poem

    Sometimes I Sitting in my room Looking out of the window and I see nothing, because it is so dark outside, because everything I see is your smiling face, where ever I look. Sometimes I Sitting in my room Starring to my phone and I hear nothing, because the only thing I want to hear is your voice. But the only one who can hear you now is your new girlfriend. Sometimes I Sitting in my room H ...


  • Hemingway

    Ernest Miller Hemingway was born at 8 o\'clock in the morning in Oak Park, Illinois July 21, 1899. Hemingway was the second of Dr. Clarence and Grace Hall Hemingways six children. He had four sisters and one brother. Hemingway was named after his grandfather Ernest Hall and his uncle Miller Hall. As a boy his father taught him to hunt and fish in the forests surrounding Lake Michigan. The Hemingways had a summer house called Windemere on ...




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