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  • The american class system

    who belongs to Name of the class the characteristic -power elite: *multi millionaires *business inventors *financiers -high-prestige politicians -military leaders The ruling class -top of America's society -a "good" family name, which could be traced back to the WASPs* -social, political and financial power until today -professionals (doctors, lawy ...


  • Holes - the story of kate barlow

    110 years ago, Green Lake was the largest lake in Texas. Each year was a town picnic on which prizes were awarded. Katherine Barlow won every year a prize for her spiced peaches. Katherine Barlow was the town's only schoolteacher, who taught in an old one-room schoolhouse. Her classes were always full of young men, who were not interested in the education they were given but in the pretty Kate Barlow. One of the men was Charles Walker, he alway ...


  • Forrest gump - the symbolical meaning of forrest gump running

    Forrest, Forrest Gump The Symbolical Meaning of Forrest Running He witnessed some of the most significant events of America's recent history including the Vietnam War, JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson, Elvis Presley, and more. He reached fame and glory, met with three different presidents, earned a fortune with his shrimp company and is an awarded war hero. But because of his low IQ of 75, he does not realize his fortunate and the significance of h ...


  • Scooter eta vortrag

    Biographie of Scooter: First Chapter: 1994: "Hyper Hyper" The first Scooter single "Vallée de Larmes" is released. Scooter is only supposed to be a project at first. The single, however, goes to number 8 in the German Dance Charts. In April they had their first live appearance at the "Palladium in Hamburg. Scooter perform "Vallée de Larmes", "Cosmos (B-Side)" and a (still) instrumental Techno track on which H.P. sponta ...


  • Black eyed peas

    We talk about the band Black Eyed Peas. The beginning of the Black Eyed Peas: This hip-hop group debuted in 1992 and has made three albums since then. The founder members were , Apl de ap and bandmember taboo. 2001: Fergie met at BEP shows around town and was invited to join in on a recording session and was included into the band. The 2003 album \"Elephunk\" topped the charts with the hit \" ...


  • Aktiv / passiv

    Zeit simple present it is built sie wird gebaut present progressive it is being built sie wird gerade gebaut simple past it was built sie wurde gebaut past progressive it was being built sie wurde gerade gebaut present perfect it has been built sie ist gebaut worden past perfect it hab been built sie war gebaut worden future I (will-future) it will be built sie wird gebaut werden furure perfect (II) it will have been built sie wird gebaut worden ...


  • The european union

    The European Union The development from the ECSC to the EU After the II World War the European leaders wanted to unite their countries economically and politically. In 1951 the European Steel and Coal Community (ECSC) was created. In 1957 the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) and the European Economic Community (EEC) were founded. In 1967 the institutiones of the three European communities became one. Since 1979 the members of the Europe ...


  • A normal high school

    A normal day at an American High School Well my topic is : A normal day at an American High School The first I want to tell you is about Standard and differents: One often heard prejudice is, that the American High Schools have a very low standard. In germany the prejudice is popular too. We can say that´s right, because in America you can find many High Schools with a low standard, but also you can find schools with a very high standa ...


  • Die bürgerrechtsbewegung in den usa

    Als erstes möchte ich erklären, was überhaupt die Bürgerrechtsbewegung ist und wozu sie dient. Die Bürgerrechtsbewegung, ist eine organisierte Menge von Menschen, die für die Verwirklichung von Menschen- und Bürgerrechten, besonders wichtig für die Gleichberechtigung benachteiligter Minderheiten kämpft und sich einsetzt. Die größte und älteste Bürgerrechtsbewegung war in den 50er-Jahren in den USA. Es ging darum, dass sich ...


  • Musik

    (Music) Basic Information: There is a wide range of popular music (rock, folk, jazz etc.) and classical music (symphonies or chamber music, operas , ballet music etc.). As these different categories have various features in common, it is often difficult to draw a clear distinction between them. The contemporary music scene is very diversified and the audience / following of pop and classical music is enormous. Music has become a multi- billion - ...


  • Ayers rock

    Ayers Rock was discovered in 1972 by Ernest Giles and was named after the Premier of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers. It is the world most famous monolith and the tallest rock in Australia with its highest point at 348 metres. Ayers Rock is also known by its aboriginal name \'Uluru\'. The multi-coulured mountain is wonderful to see. Ayers Rock is near the border of the Northern Territory. It is about 75km from the South Australian borde ...


  • Abraham lincoln - lebenslauf mit handout auf deutsch

    Die Kindheit Abraham Lincoln wurde an einem Sonntag, denn 12. Februar 1809 in einer Blockhütte am Rande von Nolin Creek im Staate Kentucky geboren. Den Namen Abraham erhielt er von seinem Großvater. Beide Eltern Abrahams waren Mitglieder einer Baptistversammlung, und waren strikt gegen die Sklaverei. Die Lincolns waren eine der armen Farmerfamilien, die es in diesem Staat in Massen gab. Als Lincoln 7 Jahre alt war, zog er zusammen mit seinem ...


  • Holes - the yelnats story

    When Stanley's great-great-grandfather, Elya Yelnats, was fifteen years old, he fell in love with a girl, Myra Menke. He went to her father to ask him, if he can marry Myra. Unfortunately, Igor Barkow did the same. So the father made a deal with both: who brings him the fattest pig can marry Myra. Elya went to Mme Zeroni, an old Egyptian women with who he became friends and told her about his love to Myra. Although Mme Zeroni didn't li ...


  • Immigration-comment

    ,, Write a comment on immigration. Go beyond the article and draw on your own knowledge and experience'': IMMIGRATION Decolonisation of the third world nations between the 1960's and 1970's led to the immigration of many people to Europe because of the new power relations in their home countries. These new power relations caused ethnic, economic or political disadvantages like poverty, unemployment, religious discrimination, ...


  • Aktiv+passiv

    Viele Vorgänge lassen sich mit einem Aktivsatz oder mit einem Passivsatz darstellen: Im AKTIVSATZ wird betont, WER (oder WAS) ETWAS TUT. Das Subjekt des Aktivsatzes führt Handlungen aus. Für den Sprecher ist es also wichtig zu sagen, was Kolumnbus tat. Im PASSIVSATZ wird hervorgehoben, MIT WEM (oder WOMIT) ETWAS GESCHIEHT. Im Passivsatz wird etwas mit dem Subjekt getan. Der Sprecher sagt also, was mit Amerika geschehen ist. z.B. colum ...


  • New zealand-

    New Zealand New Zealand is a state in the southwest Pacific. It covers those approx.. 1600 km southeast from Australia hauptinseln north island and south island as well as several small inhabited and also uninhabited islands lain. New Zealand has about 3.4 millions inhabitants (1989) and a surface of 269.063 km². The capital of New Zealand is the Wellington lain in the south of the north island. Of New Zealand administration is arranged into 108 ...


  • Istanbul

    Istanbul ,one of the great historical cities of the world, is the only city in the world located upon two continents with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other arm to Europe. Through the city\'s heart runs the sea channel called the Bosphorus which reaches north to The Black Sea and south to the Marmara Sea. The channel is in average 2 km wide, near Rumeli Hisar even only 750m. The name Bosphorus comes from the mystic person ,Io', w ...


  • The british class system

    Who belongs to Name of the class The characteristic Aristocrats (= nobility + landed gentry[= Baronets + knights]), landowners The upper class .Represented in the House of Lords .enjoy prestige in social and cultural life .access to exclusive clubs and special regiments .country houses, a chalet (Schlösschen) abroad .double-barrel name .favourite sports: cricket, horse riding, skiing abroad, etc. .go to "Oxbri ...


  • The europian union-

    The European Union (EU) Basic information: The EC - or EEC (European Economic Community) or Common Market as it is still sometimes called in Britain - was established in 1957 in the Treaty of Rome. There were originally 6 Member states. Britain joined the EC in 1973. When the Treaty of Maastricht came into force in 1993, its name was officially changed to European Union (EU). The European Union constitutes a vast free trade zone comprising more t ...


  • Halle berry

    (BILD) Halle Marie Berry was born on August the 14th 1968 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her mother, Judith, a nurse, was white and originally from England. Her father, Jerome, was black. Halle and her older sister Heidi spent the first few years of their childhood living in an inner-city neighbourhood. Jerome abandoned his family when Halle was four years old. According to Halle her father was an alcoholic and abusive to her, her sister, her moth ...



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