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  • History of australia

    Australia History Australia\'s original inhabitants, known as Australian Aborigines, have the longest continuous cultural history in the world, with origins dating back to the last Ice age. Although mystery and debate shroud many aspects of Australian prehistory, it is generally accepted that the first humans travelled across the sea from Indonesia about 70,000 years ago. The first visitors, called \'Robust\' by archaeologists because of t ...


  • Aborigines (art&mythology stichpunkte)

    Art - the art was regarded as an integral part of life - markings and designs have totemic significance - paintings tell stories and they reflect what happens around them - Rock Engraving: - about 20.000 years old - they engrave concentric circles, sinuous lines and animal tracks in the rocks - Bark painting: (Zeichen in Baumrinde ritzen) - most well known Aboriginal art form - could be don ...


  • South africa

    For centuries private companies shipped material, rifles and alcohol to black-Africa. With this products people were sold there. In Africa in the 19 century 25.000 people were sold to overseas as slaves. Through this enslaving of blacks many people today think blacks have never lived a "good" life, so they do not do it yet. In 1948 "The National Party" came into power in South Africa and removed the politic of racial segregation. Hundreds of ...


  • Prussian reforms:

    Reform of the Army after losing against Napoleon: -G.J. von Scharmhorst and A.N. von Gneisenau make reforms -abolishment of beating punish -new army (better tactics and leadership) -1809 foundation of the war ministery -M. Von Boyen became war minister in 1804 -Conversative and nobles did not agree to militia Social Reforms: -reformation of the social order and the state administration -aim: all P ...


  • Afghanistan - history

    Afghanistan, often called the crossroads of Central Asia, has had a turbulent history. In 328 BC, Alexander the Great entered the territory of present-day Afghanistan, then part of the Persian Empire, to capture Bactria (present-day Balkh). Invasions by the Scythians, White Huns, and Turks followed in succeeding centuries. In AD 642, Arabs invaded the entire region and introduced Islam. Arab rule quickly gave way to the Persian ...


  • European influence afghanistan

    Collision between the expanding British and Russian Empires significantly influenced Afghanistan during the 19th century. British concern over Russian advances in Central Asia and growing influence in Persia culminated in two Anglo-Afghan wars. The first (1839-42) resulted not only in the destruction of a British army, but is remembered today as an example of the ferocity of Afghan resistance to foreign rule. The second Anglo-Afghan wa ...


  • Reform and reaction - afghanistan

    King Amanullah (1919-29) moved to end his country\'s traditional isolation in the years following the Third Anglo-Afghan war. He established diplomatic relations with most major countries and, following a 1927 tour of Europe and Turkey--which had seen modernization and secularization under Attaturk--introduced several reforms intended to modernize the country. Some of these, such as the abolition of the traditional Muslim veil for women ...


  • The soviet invasion in afghanistran

    The Soviet Union moved quickly to take advantage of the April 1978 coup. In December 1978, Moscow signed a new bilateral treaty of friendship and cooperation with Afghanistan, and the Soviet military assistance program increased significantly. The regime\'s survival increasingly was dependent upon Soviet military equipment and advisers as the insurgency spread and the Afghan army began to collapse.By October 1979, however, relations between A ...


  • The taliban

    Where did the Taliban come from? The first devotees came from the poverty-stricken refugee camps that sprung up along the Pakistani border during the Afghan-Soviet war. The young men of these camps learned a fierce and fundamental strain of Islam through the madrassas, Islamic schools that dotted the Afghan-Pakistani border. In September 1994, Mohammad Omar, then a mullah and today the leader of the Taliban, created the militia in the s ...


  • Building an islamic state

    After seizing control, the Taliban instituted strict enforcement of Sharia, Islamic religious law. Modern conveniences such as computers, televisions, movies and radios were banned under the pretext that they diverted minds from the tenets of Islam. Any depiction of living things, including photography, paintings and sculpture was banned. Men were required to wear beards at least a fist-length below the chin. Women and girls were banned fr ...


  • Rawa-women under the taliban

    Until the Taliban came to power, Saudi Arabia was the most oppressive country on earth for women, and many of the Taliban\'s restrictions are rooted in that hardline Gulf state\'s gender apartheid. Saudi Arabia has also been financially supportive of the Taliban and the religious schools in which they are indoctrinated. \"We have long regarded the Saudi kingdom as our right hand,\" says the head of the Taliban governing council. Sher Abbas ...


  • 11. setemper - the taliban´s blowback - usa attacks afghanistan

    Blowback is the term that the CIA uses to describe a situation when a some operative, a terrorist, or some situation that they\'ve created gets out of their control and comes back to haunt them. It\'s a situation where the scientist (Frankenstein) creates a monster that \"blows back\" on its creator. Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Timothy McVeigh and Osama bin Laden are all pretty good examples of blowback. They were all nurtured for ...


  • Our educational system

    Today our children learn very much at school but some kids do not know what they want to do or they can not decide which job they will learn because there are so much jobs they can do. Today I want to give a short survey of the educatinal system in our country and how it prepares our children for future life. Firstly I will show the advantages, secondly the disadvantages, I try to give a starting-point for a solution and at the end I will giv ...


  • Holes - buchzusammenfassung

    Chapter: #3 Pages:12-17 Summary: Stanley takes the bus ride to Camp, and makes the best of the situation. Stanley is described, and so is his life in school, his family life, his family curse and bad luck. Chapter: #4 Pages:18-23 Summary: Stanley gets off the bus, meets the guard and is thirsty, but the guard and bus driver won't share the cold drinks. Stanley needs to strip, and get his jumpsuit, his canteen, and a cap with a ...


  • Alaska - monolog

    1. Alaska is situated in the north west of the USA. 2. Excact, Alaska is situated between the Nordpolarsea in the north, the Beringsea in the west, the Pacific Ocean in the south and Canada in the east. 3. It is the largest federal state with its 1.7 million square kilometre and its 626,900 inhabitants. 4. The capital is Juneau and there is a lot of tourism. 5. But the biggest city ...


  • Film review

    On a stormy winterday, 1958, the mysterious woman Vianne Rocher moved with her daughter Anouk into a little tranquil town in the south of France. Viannes Mother, Chitza, came from India. She belonged to an old Maya tribe, which moved, together with the northwind from place to place. Chitza was taught, how to make traditionel cocoa with hundred year old recipes. She came to Europe, because she had fallen in love with a british explorer and short a ...


  • Our history of madame tussauds

    Madame Tussauds is constantly developing. From immersive themed entertainments to imaginative use of state-of-the-art technology, we are proud to bring our customers a truly ground-breaking and contemporary experience. 2003 Tussauds collaborates with Disney to create Treasure Planetarium, and collaborates with Universal Pictures to create The Hulk attraction. The Chamber Live gives a new injection of fear to the Chamber Of Horrors. 2001 ...


  • Das gerundium(the gerund)

    The gerund (das gerundium) 1.das Gerundium nach bestimmten Verben avoid Consider Enjoy Finish Give up Miss Mention Risk Practise Stop Suggest Go on Imagine Nach diesen Verben kommt immer das Gerundium(verb+ing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Diese verben muss man auswendig lernen! 2.Das Gerundium nach Adjektiven,Nomen,Verben +Prepositionen! to be interested in doing sth. to be good/bad at doing sth. the idea of doing sth. to dream of doing sth. z.B. He is good a ...


  • Who's afraid of virginia woolf

    2.) Find as many pieces of information about the drama as possible. Title: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Author: Edward Albee Success: He movie with He regie of Mike Nichols gets five Oscars Topic: It's about a life of an academic couple, with He names George and Martha. In their marriage they have many conflicts. Actors: Elizabeth Taylor - Martha Richard Burton - George 3.) Write a short biography about the aut ...


  • Route 66

    Facts 2448 miles long (about 4000 km) Commissioned in 1926 Crosses 8 states and 3 time zones · States: Illinois - Missouri - Kansas - Oklahoma - Texas - New Mexico - Arizona - California · Cities: Chicago - St. Louis - Oklahoma City - Amarillo - Albuquerque - Flagstaff - Los Angeles - Santa Monica These days you can only drive on parts because it has been replaced by interstate highways Route 66 is also known as \"The Mothe ...



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