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  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs

    Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my speech on motivation. My presentation will focus on the model of the Hierarchy of Needs from Abrahm Maslow. If you have any questions, please don´t interrupt me, I´ll do my best to answer them later I will take the presentation in 5 parts. Short biography of Abraham Maslow Maslow´s Hierarchy of Needs Description of the 5 needs Implications for Management 1 ...


  • Going to

    Going To-Future Signalwörter: tomorrow, next week...., in....days, in 2044....,in the future. Wie wird es gebildet? Am/is/are+going die Zukunft! Wir benutzen diese Zeit um auszudrücken, dass ich etwas überlegt habe, was ich dann auch noch ausführen werde. Ich habe etwas geplant. Ich habe etwas überlegt zu tun---ich werde es tun. I decided to do it---I'm going to do it. Beispiele: I am going to b ...


  • Macbeth inhaltsangabe akt 1.; szene 5

    Macbeth: Act 1; Scene 5 At Macbeth's castle, Lady Macbeth gets a letter from her husband telling her about the predictions (Vorhersage). She dedicates herself to helping Macbeth become king. When she learns that Duncan will spend the night at their castle, she immediately decides to kill him. Lady Macbeth tells us something vital about her husband, that, by nature, he is not ruthless. She says that even if he wants ...


  • Usa and world war ii

    Sprecher 1 We want to tell you something about the USA and the second world war. All began when Hitler bacame dictator and conquered Poland. Here you can see some of Hitler's followers (left-right: Dr. Goebbels, Adolf Hitler, Prime Minister Goering, Heinrich Himmler (he was the worst, because he took cared of killing millions of jews)). But he didn't only conquer the east, also he conquered the west here you can see dead German soldiers ...


  • Reading log- joyce carol oates big mouth and ugly girl

    Chapter Who? Where? When? What? Comments 1 Matt, three friends, Mr Weinberg, two detectives Rocky River High School, Wincester County, room 220 01.25.01, a Thursday afternoon Matt talkes with friends, when two detectives come in.They take Matt with them, after a short talk with Mr. Weinberg, Matt doesn`t know why An introduction; 3rd person anrrator; at first Matt thinks about his family, when the detectives take him with them 2 Ursula Riggs, the ...


  • Die akte (the pelican brief)

    Die Geschichte Zwei Richter am obersten Bundesgericht der USA werden ermordet: Abe Rosenberg und Glenn Jensen. Hinweise besagen, dass es sich in beiden Fällen um denselben Täter handelt - einen professionellen Killer. Aber es gibt kein gemeinsames Motiv. FBI und CIA sind ratlos. Doch dann hat Darby Shaw, Jurastudentin an der Tulane University in New Orleans, eine einleuchtende Idee. Tagelang arbeitet sie in der Juristischen Bibliothek ...


  • Berlie doherty - dear nobody

    Plot: The book \' Dear Nobody \' is about teenage pregnancy. It shows the problems young people have to face in case of a pregnancy like non-acceptance of the society and problems with their parents, who often blame their kids, and can\'t accept the new situation. The book is also about the problems of growing up, about kids, who have to make future plans and decide what they want to do with their life. And it is about the relation between kids ...


  • Workbook site 45 no 2

    Alton Towers Alton Towers is on a hill. Some time after the Stone Age,a camp was built there.In the 12th century the land was given to the Talbot family.A castle was built there at some time , but it is now a ruin . Between 1814 and 1827 a big area was made into a park and beautiful gardens. Ponds and lakes were made. A few years later , another garden was added. in the 19th century ,a big house was put up there but it is now a ruin, and ...


  • No one to trust, essay to text

    Situations you'll never forget! "No one to trust" by Iris Johansen A young woman, Elena, grown up in the guerrilla fights in Columbia tries to hide her child from a drug dealer. It's their son, because he raped her, and he needs a son to go along with his "bloodline". She's all by herself, she doesn't trust anyone. She knows she needs help; she can't do it by herself. As he's looking for her all of her memories are coming back in her mind, the fi ...


  • The catcher in the ryw, holdens crisis and change

    Aufgaben The Catcher in the Rye Holden's biography a) Describe the general trend of Holdens biography. What are his main negative and positive experiences? Analysis Holden's crisis a) Describe Holden's situation after meeting Antolini. b) What is the function of the particular time of the year? c) Explain Holden's spooky experience in 5th Avenue. d) Explan the meaning o ...


  • Wool

    History: 7000 years ago the history of wool began in Babylon, Egypt and China. Already in the Iron Age cutting tools for wool were invented. In the 14th century Merino wool was bred and in the 18th cenutry there was the beginning of sheep breeding. And today only Australia rears (aufziehen) about 160 million sheep, which is 14 % of the sheep population on the earth. Wool production: She ...


  • About a boy - reading log chapter 1-10

    Reading Log - About a Boy by Nick Hornby chapter/scene/ page (s) Time of action Place of action character Theme(s)/ conflict Personal response 1 (5-8) After Marcus mom split up with her boyfriend Rogger Flat in Holloway (London) Marcus, Marcus mother, Rogger Marcus mother has split up with her Boyfriend Rogger; Marcus tries to comfort her; Row between Marcus and his Mother -Marcus has two sides of character ...


  • The ozone layer and the greenhouse effect

    a) the ozone layer is very important for the life on the earth. Without it, plants, animals and human beings could not survive. The ozone layer is about 15-20km high in the straturphere and screens the earth from the ultraviolet radiation by filtering the rays out of the sunlight. These ultraviolet rays are very harmful for the life on earth. Because of the CfC which is contained in aerosols, foams and solvents the ozone layer gets des ...


  • Tenses

    simple present · to express habits, general truths, repeated actions or unchanging situations, emotions and wishes · to give instructions or directions · to express future time, after some conjunctions: after, when, as soon as, until · signal words: every day/week/month, often, usually, sometimes, never, twice a day/week/month present progressive · to describe an ...


  • Invention of the car

    Guided Composition Write about 70 Words In what way do you think has the invention of the car changed the life? The invention of the car, changed the life. People travel by car to the holiday resorts or to work. You can move faster and in rainy weathers, it is better to drive. But we get with the invantion of cars many problems. Apart from the problems of pollution, we will face serious problems of congestion. If peop ...


  • Inhaltsangabe hamlet

    Prinz Hamlet, Thronfolger im Königreich Dänemark, kehrt von seinem Universitätsstudium in Wittenberg nach Helsingör zurück, um der Beerdigung seines Vaters beizuwohnen, der angeblich an einem Schlangenbiss gestorben ist. Als wenige Wochen später Hamlets Mutter Gertrude den Bruder des verstorbenen Königs, Claudius, heiratet, verstärkt das nur die Melancholie des jungen Prinzen, der seinen Vater abgöttisch geliebt hat. Von seinem Freund Horati ...


  • Cobras

    My report is about cobras. There are several different types of cobras, and they're all very poisonous. You can find cobras in India, South East Asia, Arabia and Africa (Karte). They can get up to 2 meters long. What's characteristic for these snakes is their neckshield which they spread (ausbreiten) when they feel endangered. When cobras get iritated (gereizt), they can lift the upper part of their body up to the height of a standing man. ...


  • About 1984

    1984 is, in another way than \"Animal Farm\", arealistic view of a new society , whose importance did not decline but rather increased after edition of the book in 1949.his vision of terror is very closed to a Kafka´s view of the world who in his works also treated with the destiny of a man focussed and driven into a corner. Orwell´s interpretation, however, is different from the German author´s one by the fact that he concretely shows the ...


  • Morton rhue

    A short summary about Morton Rhue Morton Rhue is the pseudonym of the author Todd Strasser, who was born in New York in 1950. Todd went to the college at New York University for a few years, and then he dropped out. He lived in a commune, the he lived in Europe where he was a street musician. All the while, Todd wrote songs and poems. Finally he decided to try being a writer. In this respect he returned to the United States a ...


  • Englisch:präpositionen

    1.aboard 2.about 3.above 4.across 5.after 6.against 7.along 8.alongside 9.amid 10.amidst 11.among 12.amongst 13.around 16.before 17.behind 18.below 19.beneath 20.beside 21.besides 22.between 23.beyond 25.despite 26.down 27.during 28.for 29.from 31.inside 32.into 34.mid 35.near 36.nearest (as in \"call for the location nearest you\") 37.notwithstanding (also used postpositionally) 38.of 40.on 41.onto 42.oppos ...



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