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  • Computer education at schools:

    In most of the schools in Japan or America and in many schools in Germany the using of computers in the tuition is just as normal as using a pencil or a rubber. The goverments of these countries have already realizied, that in our high technnologized and computerized world, only people, who have had a good computer education at school, have a chance to get a good job. In Austria the pupils have computer education too, but just in a special tuit ...


  • Computer viruses and other destructive programs

    Most people have never seen any damage caused by a computer virus before. Some people don\'t even believe in computer viruses. But they are a serious problem in our \"computer world\". The first document virus attack was in 1987 at the University of Delaware. The growth of the number of viruses is about 227% per year. How can we protect our computer systems from computer viruses? To do this we must know a little more about these small prog ...


  • How a computer really works

    Generally a computer is a tool to simplify different tasks and reduce the amount of time needed for them. As you all hopefully know, there is the hardware, which is the part of a computer that physically exists e.g. you can touch it. On the other hand software is simply said a set of instructions that allows a computer to carry out several tasks. The CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT or PROCESSOR The Central Processing Unit is the most importa ...


  • Computers and school

    1) What dangerous misconceptions do educators and parents have about computers? Many parents think that their child has to have a home computer to be good at school. There are really many positive things to say about the potential of computers, but it is dangerous to overlook their disadvantages. Computers in schools are often used in a wrong way, some policy - makers even view computers as a substitute for teachers or as an answer to teacher s ...


  • Computers -

    History A precursor of the digital computer was the adding machine. It was developed in 1642 by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal. Analog computers started to be built at the beginning of the 20 century. Such machines were used for solving very difficult equations. During world wars mechanical analog computers were used in submarines and planes. In the 1940s Howard Aiken, a Havard University mathematician, created the first digital compu ...


  • Conditional sentences --

    1. If the Spanish ships HAD BEEN smaller, they WOULD HAVE BEEN faster,too. Wenn die Spanischen Schiffe kleiner gewesen wären, wären sie auch schneller gewesen. im if-Satz steht das Verb, im Hauptsatz stehen im past perfect (had+past participle) would/could/might + have + past participle Die im if-Satz ausgedrückten Bedingungen Mit de ...


  • Conflict in ireland

    The people of Northern Ireland disagree about the future of Ireland. One side wants to remain part of the UK. They are called Unionists. Hardline Unionists are also known as Loyalists. Most of the Unionists are also Protestants. The other side want Northern Ireland to join the South and become part of the Irish Republic. They are called Nationalists. Hardline Nationalists are also known as Republicans. They are mostly Catholics. The two communi ...


  • English conquest and colonisation 1500-1790

    Rebellions and plantations: 1500-1690 Tudor expeditions 1541 Henry VIII changed his title from "Lord" to "King of Ireland" and told the Irish chieftains that they must all obey his orders. His children, Edward VI and Elizabeth I, began introducing Protestant bishops, bibles and prayer books. In Elizabeth's reign, the provinces of Ulster and Munster rose in rebellion. 1595 Hugh O'Neill, The Earl of Tyrone, led the people of Ulster in a war again ...


  • The fight for irish independence

    The Fenian tradition In 1858 two secret organisations were set up to plan for a revolution in Ireland: they were called the Fenian Brotherhood and the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB). A Fenian rebellion in 1867 was easily suppressed by the British forces. After 1867 the Fenians realised there was little support for armed uprisings and instead began to help poor farmers in their fight against harsh landlords. The Rise of Sinn Féin In 1905 a ...


  • Ireland divided

    Orangemen rule the North Although Protestant Unionists were in the majority, there were still thousands of Catholic Nationalists living there. Many refused to accept the split. Between July 1920 and July 1922 there was fierce fighting in Belfast and 453 people were killed. Northern Ireland had been given its own parliament. Since the Protestants were in the majority, they had control of the Stormont Parliament and the government. Catholics fou ...


  • Britain and ireland since 1972

    Power-sharing In 1974 the British tried to set up a new system of government in which power would be shared between Protestants and Catholics (Sunningdale Agreement). This system failed because the Protestants opposed it. Changes in the police and security forces When British troops were first sent to Ulster in 1969 they were given complete control of all peace-keeping operations and the Royal Ulster Constabulary. In 1977 they handed back cont ...


  • Causes of the conflict - ireland

    1. Religion The divide between Catholics and Protestants goes back a long way to the 16th and 17th centuries. It was then that British rulers first brought the Protestant church and Protestant settlers to Ireland. The overwhelming majority of Northern Protestants are also Unionists. Nearly all Nationalists in northern Ireland are also Catholics. By itself the religious difference cannot explain the conflict in Ireland. The divisions in the nor ...


  • Books of my special topic northern ireland

    The twelfth day of July (Kevin and Sadie) Author: Joan Lingard Date: 1970 Penguin Books The story takes place in Belfast. It is about the conflict between Catholic (Kevin and Brede) and Protestant (Tommy and Sadie) children. One day two Catholic children spread the words DOWN WITH KING BILLY across the gable wall of a Protestant house. To take revenge the Protestant children paint GOD BLESS KING BILLY on a wall. This fight goes on and in the ...


  • Conflicts between men and women

    Most of the conflicts between men and women are results of their different types of perceiving the world around them, and their different kinds of values. Another factor contributing to the "war of the sexes" are the different ways of approaching stress and conflicts. Nevertheless the gap between the sexes is widened by the roles men and women were forced in during the centuries. In the last century´s the women\'s movement was born and had its ...


  • Captain cook

    This is the story of Captain James Cook. He was one of the greatest of all the famous sailors who have set out from England to discover new lands. Cook also was astronomer, explorer and marine surveyor. He was born in 1728 in the village of Marton in Yorkshire on a farm. It was a simple live, so Cook left his home with eighteen jears for a life at the sea. Before Jams Cook died he saw more than any other man of the world. Captain James Coo ...


  • Corsica

    Corsica the island of beauty -shows its visitors a varying landscape: high mountains with dense woods and valleys with torrential mountain creeks inside, and a steep rocky shore, next to inviting sandy beaches on the coast. Corsica is 8681 square kilometres large, has 250000 inhabitants and is the fourth biggest island in the Mediterranean. One of the most popular tours goes around the \"Cap Corse\" , usually you drive on a road high up, yo ...


  • Count zero by william gibson

    I allready had the pleasure to read one of W. Gibbson's books named ,Virtual Light' and really enjoyed it. That was basically why I bought this book; that and the fact that nearly everyone I asked about Science Fiction told me that Gibson would be the ,Big Boss' in this genre. The story is told in the view of 3 (!) narrators: TURNER (first name not mentioned): He is a mercenary who makes the dirty jobs for big companies. He's a specialis ...


  • Crooked house by agatha christie

    Author Agatha Christie died in 1976, but she is still alive as the queen of crime. She wrote 77 detective novels, which are translated into every major language. Her sales are calculated in tens of millions. A lot of her books have appeared in films, radio programmes and stage plays based on her books. She began writing at the end of the First World War. Christie wrote also romantic novels, several plays and a book of poems. Two characters she ...


  • Cry freedom by john briley

    CHARACTERS Donald Woods is one of the most important persons in the story. He is married to Wendy and has five children. Woods is forty-two years old but because of his thick grey hair he looks older. He wears glasses.He is the editor of the Daily Dispatch. At the beginnig of the book he doesn´t believe that black people should be allowed to vote. He also accepts the laws that forced blacks and whites to live in separate areas. There is one th ...


  • Cry freedom by john briley-

    AUTHOR The author of the book ist John Briley. He is an American journalist and writer. At present he lives in Spain. CONTENT The story plays in November 1975 in the south-east of South Africa in the city East London. In this city Donald Woods is an editor of the Daily Dispatch. One morning he gets news of a police raid in the black township Crossroads which lies in Cape Town in the south-west of South Africa. To this news he also gets ...



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