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  • Neoclassicism and romanticism

    Basic knowledge about classical and gothic architecture is needed! Neoclassicism . 1780 - 1850 . It corresponds to the reaction against the Baroque as the style of Absolutism . It corresponds loosely with the Enlightenment, Age of Reason  influence of Classic and a nostalgia for past civilisations  adoption of classical forms . rationalism in architecture Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, London, by ...


  • Nepal

    Table of contents: 1. Nepal at a glance 2. History a. geological b) non-geological 1. Religions 2. Peoples 1. Basic Facts: Official Name: Kingdom of Nepal Area: 145,391 square kilometres, 885 kilometres from east to west, 160 kilometres from north to south Terrain: heavily mountainous, 14% of Nepal is cultivated, 13% is pasture, 32% is forested Highest point: 8.848 m Mount Everest, Sagarmatha, Chomolungma Lowest point: 69 m ...


  • "net force - end game" by tom clancy

    About the Author: Thomas L. Clancy, the so called Master of techno-military thrillers, was born on the 12th of April 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland / USA. He was educated at the Loyola College in Baltimore. Then he worked as an insurance broker and finally he became a famous novelist. His first novel was "The Hunt for Red October" (1984) and other also well-known works followed, e.g. "Red Storm Rising" (1986), "Cardinal of the Kremlin" (19 ...


  • About the Author: Thomas L. Clancy, the so called master of techno-military thrillers, was born on the 12th of April 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland / USA. He was educated at the Loyola College in Baltimore. Then he worked as an insurance broker. In college he dreamed of writing novels. In 1984 this dream came true and he got his first novel published, namely "The Hunt for Red October", which was a great success. Other also well-known work ...

  • Network topologies

    First of all I want to describe what a network topology is. A network topology is a structure of connections between computers. There are three standard topologies: "³ BUS-topology "³ STAR-topology "³ RING-topology and one structure with which I can mix the standard topologies: "³ TREE-topology BUS ¡V TOPOLOGY A BUS-topology is the easiest and most common structure. There exists one main cable which is called ¡§Backbone¡¨ ...


  • Nevil shute on the beach

    THE AUTHOR: Nevil Shute was born in Ealing/London on January 17th ,1899, and died in Melbourne on January 12th, 1960. He was a learned plane engineer, but later became an author. War and planes are common themes in his work. Some of his books are "Round The Bend", "The Chequer Board", "Pastoral", and "The Far Country". CHARACTERS: Peter Holmes: liasion officer in Melbourne Mary Holmes: his wife Jennifer Holmes: Peter's and Mary's baby ...


  • N.y.c.-history

    Today we want to give you some information about the city of the cities - New York. New York City is located on the Eastern Atlantic coast of the United States. Dutch founded New York in the year 1624, it wasn`t very big in that time. The first name of this city was \"New Amsterdam\" . In 1664 it was claimed by the British and was called "New York" furthermore it was the first capital before Washington D.C. There are so many differences ...


  • New york history:

    1614 the Dutch founded the village of New Amsterdam on the area of one of the biggest cities today called New York. At that time the village only consisted of a mill, 30 houses and a fort with thick walls. In the year 1626 Peter Minnewitt has been instructed by the Dutch Westindian Company to buy the area of Manhattan; he only paid the amount of 60$ gold. Manhattan lays on the Hudson River. 1647 Peter Stuyvesant became governor of New Amsterdam ...


  • New york - -

    Symbolically, if not geographically, New York City is the center of the US. It is the single place that most encompasses all the shades of the American experience. N.Y. is situated where New York Bay and the Hudson, Harlem, and East extends via the Erie Canal at Albany to the Great Lakes. The city is divided into five districts called boroughs. Each of these boroughs was a separate county until 1898, when the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island ...


  • New york town

    When you hear the name New York most people think of the city, skyscrapers and the statue of liberty but N.Y. is also a state. THE STATE: The state N. Y. is in the Northeast of the USA. It has got 127190 squarekilometers and there live about 18 million people. 85 per cent live in N.Y. city. A lot of people do not know that the capital of N.Y. is Albany because they believe it is N.Y. city. Many years ago N.Y. had the largest number of people ...


  • New zealand - land of the kiwi

    0.1 Introduction Surrounded by the huge Pacific Ocean, New Zealand lies far away from other countries. The nearest country is Australia and that is 1600 km away. The country which is as large as Germany has a population of only 3 ¼ million. It seems unbelievable that early Polynesian explorers, many centuries before the first Europeans came here, found this land at all. These early explorers were the early ancestors of the Maori. 0.1.1 The ...


  • New zealand --

    New Zealand lies in the South Pacific, nearly 2.000 kms from Australia, to the east, and 19.017 kms, or 11.790 miles from Paris, France. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington, although Auckland is the largest city, with a population having just reached one million. The total population of the country is 3.8 million. The Maori make up about 15%, and are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Most Maori live in the North Island areas ...


  • The maori

    1) Origin Nobody knows for sure how the Maori got to New Zealand hundreds of years ago. According to legend, the first adventurous explorers arrived there around 1350 AD from Polynesia. Due to cramped conditions and a shortage of food, they launched 10 great canoes and set off for the virtually uninhabited island, which is known in Maori as Aotearoa. Maori tribal legends are full of stories of great voyages and of a distant homeland c ...


  • Once were warriors by alan duff

    1) Author - Alan Duff Alan Duff is on of New Zealand's biggest selling novelist. His books are published in 15 countries. He also writes a weekly opinion column in 9 newspapers. Alan Duff has also been successful with two screenplays ("Once Were Warriors" in 1994 and "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?" in 1999). His published writings include: "Out of the Mist & Steam" (Memoirs, 1999), "Both Sides of the Moon" (Novel, 1998), "What Becomes o ...


  • New zealand - -

    Introduction: From a map, New Zealand appears to lie lonely in the southwest Pacific. In reality, it is only about 3 hours flying time of Australia, a non-stop overnight flight from the United States, but for us, it's the other side of the world. Everything is different, even the water turns the other way round into the discharge. The country consists of 2 main islands which cover 266200 sq km (103735 sq miles). New Zealand's spectacularly l ...


  • Newspapers in the united kingdom

    The Mirror Table of contents 1 Basic information about newspapers. 2 How to compare newspapers? 3 Introduction 3.1 The Times 3.2 The Daily Telegraph 3.3 The Mirror 3.4 The Sun 3.5 The Observer 3.6 The Guardian 4 Conclusion 5 Words 6 Sources 1 Basic information about newspapers. A newspap ...


  • Nice work ( by david lodge)

    Author: David Lodge was born in London in 1935. He was in the British Army. In 1960 he retired to become a full time writer.He wrote many successful novels and essays. Other books: Small World How far can you go? 1st book: Victor Wilcox is maried. He is a business man and he has got three children ( Raymond, Gary and Sandra;). This morning he is waiting for the beep of his clock at 6.45. His wife Marjor ...


  • Nick hornby - about a boy

    Nick Hornby He was born in 1957 and worked as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. Fever Pitch, his memoir of football fandom, and High Fidelity, his first novel, have both enjoyed outstanding critical and popular success. Nick Hornby lives in north London. TITLE: About a Boy Characters: Marcus is twelve years old, has red hair and is small. He doesn´t li ...


  • Study guide for nietzsche's thus spoke zarathustra, book one

    The Nietzsche Page (Great resources for the study of Nietzsche) Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most influential philosophers of the nineteenth century;but he was not influential in the nineteenth century. Forvarious reasons which we will discuss in class, his works have had their majorimpact in the twentieth century, and that impact has been astonishinglywidespread and varied. His choice of poetic prose rather than rigorousdialectic has ...


  • Night without end

    Monday midnight: Jackstraw ,who hears the aeroplane first, comes into the cabin and shouts to Peter Mason that there is an aeroplane flying above them. Mason, who is a doctor, doesn't believe him, because they are near the north pole and there fly no aeroplanes, but Jackstraw, who is a scientist forces him to come outdoors. And really Mason hears also the plane. So he thinks that the plane is in trouble. Suddenly as they can see it, they recogni ...



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