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  • Ernest hemingway's - for whom the bell tolls form chapter 39

    - The band is on its way. Pablo seems worried about two things: the horses needed for the retreat and the fact that the men he\'s recruited think he is in charge. Jordan humors him on both counts. - ----------------------------------------------------------- ...


  • Ernest hemingway's - for whom the bell tolls form chapter 40

    - This chapter is another installment in the story of Andres as he is hampered by his own people. You will remember he had made swift progress through enemy territory. It\'s his own people who still continue to slow him down. Again, if one of Hemingway\'s goals in For Whom the Bell ...


  • Ernest hemingway's - for whom the bell tolls form chapter 41

    - The operation begins in the dark of early morning. The band has arrived at the bridge and is about to break up into various details. As they shake hands in parting, Pablo\'s hand feels strangely good to Jordan, as though he were a real comrade. With Pilar, Jordan trades some genial insults. ...


  • Ernest hemingway's - for whom the bell tolls form chapter 42

    - This second-to-last chapter drives home the incompetence and futility that have characterized the cause for which Robert Jordan is risking his life and his newly discovered future with Maria. The Republican offensive is moving through the night in one direction as Gomez carries Andres on his motorcycle in the o ...


  • Ernest hemingway's - for whom the bell tolls form chapter 43

    - The final, lengthy chapter of For Whom the Bell Tolls is devoted almost exclusively to action. Hemingway has completed his philosophizing. He now leaves it to you to gather the thematic threads and weave them into the story\'s final scenes as you learn the fate of the bridge, of the guerrilla band, and of Robert Jordan. ...


  • Henry ford--

    Henry Ford was born on the 30th July 1863 in Dearborn in the state Michigan. Ford left the family farm at the age of 16. He walked to Detroit and there he worked at the "Detroit Dry Dock Company". After three years, in 1882, he left the work and decided to go back to the farm. In January 1885 he met Clara for the first time, but only at their second meeting she was also impressed in him. The couple married on the 11th April 1888; this was Clara ...


  • C.s.forester - the african queen

    This is a story which takes place in the African jungle, the date is 1914 - in the First World War. Rose Sayer and her brother Samuel work in a mission: they both are missionaries. They teach Christianity to the Africans. One day, Samuel falls ill. They think he is suffering from malaria. The next day he dies. A general has carried everything away and has taken the people from the village to become soldiers. Now Rose is alone with a dead man i ...


  • Forever judy blume

    Author: Judy Blume who lives in New York and has written nineteen novels for young people. They have been translated into sixteen languages. She is known and loved by millions of readers for her funny, honest, always believable stories. Plot synopsis: Katherine and Michael meet at a New Years Eve party. They are attracted to each other and grow to love each other. Once they have decided their love is forever, they make love. Its ...


  • The forger by robert o´neill

    "The Forger" was written by Robert O´Neill, in 1975. After school he started to write, but many of his works stayed unrecognized. The book is a novel. The book is about a great artist, his name is Sharp and his is living in Switzerland. He forged a number of old Dutch paintings, which are all about 300 years old. It is said that he learned the secrets of the "Old Masters" like Rembrandt, Rubens and Vermeer. He know how to mix paints, s ...


  • Formula 1

    HOW YOU COME TO FORMULA 1 ? The most Formula 1 driver drive first in other Formulas like Formula Ford, Formula 3 , Formula 3000, Formula Opel Lotus, Indy Car and Champ Car. Many Formula 1 driverare 23 and older. The weight of them must be under 80 kg. The total weight of the driver and the car should have 600 kg. THE COST OF A FORMULA 1 CAR: - Wind tunnel 3 Billions -tyres 200 000 -transmission ...


  • Having seen the movie - who is forrest gump?

    \"Hello - My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump!\" Everyone who knows the movie Forrest Gump remembers this first sentence, the beginning of Forrest's story. This sentence is an introduction as well as the foundation for a story that describes Forrest's life in a very detailed way. In the film Forrest is a narrow-minded, naive and completely innocent boy from the Deep South who lives in a very strange way through a decisive period of America' ...


  • Screenplay by: eric roth - a first impression of the changes

    Eric Roth, listed in the movie credits as screenplay writer (who was awarded the Oscar for \"best adapted screenplay\" for Forrest Gump), rewrote quite a few of the novel's qualities for dramatic and cinematic purposes. He offers a very different view on the life of the main character compared to the original novel plot of Winston Groom. Certain character traits have been added or taken away, intelligence and smartness are not the same an ...


  • The transformation of forrest's life and character

    3.1 The life as a child Winston Groom does not give many information about Forrest's childhood. He is characterised as shy, reserved and quiet, and looking back on his years in \"nut-school\" he is completely aware of his mental disability. Forrest shortly describes his first relation to Jenny and the physical changes of his body caused by puberty. The movie however gives a wider, longer and slightly different view on young Forrest ...


  • The missing chapters and events of forrest's life

    During the discussion of the adaptation of Forrest Gump's life I have only mentioned the events that have actually been taken over into the movie. However, the novel contains many other elements that the film does not show. A certain part of those things had to be left out because the screenplay would have been far too long for the cinema audience. Some of the elements do not contribute much to the action of the novel (nor would they have t ...


  • The transformation of the other characters forrest gump

    5.1 Mama Gump It is amazing to see that in the novel a relation between Forrest and his mother is almost not present. He refers to her only a few times and he basically lets the reader know that he does not care much about his mother. A characterisation of Mama Gump can therefore not be made. It is even more fascinating to see a loving son and a loving mother in the movie. From the beginning of the film to her death Forrest's mother ...


  • Tom hanks = forrest gump?

    Obviously the plot is not the only thing the producers of the movie had to change - in fact, some of the new ideas originate in the change of the outward appearance of Forrest Gump himself. The reader of the novel has the image of a six foot six giant weighing \"two hundrit forty-two pounds\" (comp. p. 10, l. 12), whereas Tom Hanks portrays a completely different stature of Forrest Gump. Therefore it was necessary to refit some details of ...


  • The role of special effects in the movie forrest gump

    Forrest Gump confronts the audience with the past 30 years of their history. To get the reader efficiently involved into that time Winston Groom used a simple and yet brilliant method: He had his title character participate in striking historical events that almost everyone of the readers automatically assigns to that era. Forrest does not only fight in the Vietnam War and go to outer space, he also directly interacts with presidents of the ...


  • Can the transformation be called appropriate or successful? forest gump

    While analysing the changes the writer of the screenplay and the creators of the movie made for the adaptation of the novel, it becomes obvious that they were in quite a dilemma. On the one hand they certainly wanted their film to be as authentic to the novel as possible, but on the other hand everyone wanted the movie to be successful at the same time. It was therefore not easy to engineer the screenplay to meet both of these criteria, an ...


  • Fourth of july by laura ingalls wilder

    Laura: Luara, a young girl, is interested in everything and wants to know and understand the whole world. Carrie: Carrie, the older sister of Laura, is also a very intellegent girl and they both always stick together. Mr. Ingalls: Mr. Ingalls, the father of three daughters, who he loves a lot works very hard together with his wife, to give their family the best life they can. After the middle of the night, Laura suddenly he ...


  • Franchising

    . It's an excellent way (alternative) of starting a business . You contract to run it on behalf of the named company . You still have considerable independence . You will be rewarded according to your success . If you obtain a franchise you are working for the owner as well as yourself Many customers of a franchise business such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Budget Cars and Holiday Inns, have no knowledge of their ownership. In each ca ...



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