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Can the transformation be called appropriate or successful? forest gump

While analysing the changes the writer of the screenplay and the creators of the movie made for the
adaptation of the novel, it becomes obvious that they were in quite a dilemma. On the one hand they certainly
wanted their film to be as authentic to the novel as possible, but on the other hand everyone wanted the
movie to be successful at the same time.
It was therefore not easy to engineer the screenplay to meet both of these criteria, and the final result of the
filmmakers is not very well balanced out. It shows that the wish for success dominated the authenticity to a
certain degree. This can be seen in the many changes that have only been made to the appearance of
characters (such as Forrest Gump himself), the look of landscapes, Gump's work (e.g. the shrimp boat) and the
use of new special effects. In this case however, the conversions are justified, for they do not basically
interfere with the action of the novel. No one can blame a director or producer for the wish for some
beautiful-looking scenes in their movie. One of the best examples of this is the otherwise absolutely
unnecessary addition of the scenes where Forrest runs through all America for more than three years.
Other changes, such as the description of Lieutenant Dan, Jenny Curran and the Forrest's mother, his
absolutely loving attitude towards Jenny, his innocence and his purity show the same wish for success. The
goal of these changes is clear as well: The audience is to be emotionally involved the same way they can
enjoy the many marvellous-looking scenes.
Of course it was and it still is worth watching the film. It is definitely not bad if judged apart from the novel
(for many people have only seen the film) and even to people knowing the original story the movie remains
one great example for the capabilities of Hollywood.
Nonetheless I think that the transformation from the novel into the movie could have been carried out more
carefully. Converting the novel without changing and adding so many details might even have decreased
success, but it definitely falsifies the plot of Winston Groom's novel.
When answering the question \"Was the transformation appropriate?\" I have to say \"No\", because the movie
does not cover the action and characterisations in novel well enough.
But when answering the question \"Was the transformation successful?\" I have to say \"Yes\", for the movie
still shows many elements of Groom's original plot and lots of references to the novel are still visible.



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