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  • The physicists

    The Physicists is a satiric play written by the Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt about three physicists who are living in the private sanatorium \" Les Cerisiers \" headed by the last living member of an old regional aristocratic family, Miss Dr. h.c. Dr. med. Mathilde Von Zahnd. The first one thinks he is Sir Isaac Newton, but he is in reality Herbert Georg Beutler, the second one thinks he is Albert Einstein and his real name is Ernst Heinrich ...


  • Something about the art of the aborigines

    ART OF THE ABORIGINES Art was always important in Aboriginals and you will soon recognize that when you are visiting Australia. There are various directions of aboriginal art, some of them are several thousand years old. The original works are rock arts, body painting and ground design dating back to 30.000 years ago. In addition the aborigines do dot and bark paintings as well as silk painting or wooden crafts for rituals, cultural ceremon ...


  • Las vegas

    Chronik der Stadtgeschichte 1829 wurde der Ort, an dem heute Las Vegas liegt, erstmals offiziell erwähnt. Damals entdeckte eine spanische Expedition unter Antonio Armijo auf dem Weg nach Los Angeles eine Oase mitten in der Wüste. Dadurch konnten spätere Reisende den Weg durch die Wüste abkürzen, da sie an der Oase ihre Wasservorräte ergänzen konnten. Die Spanier nannten den Ort Las Vegas, spanisch für \"die Wiesen\". 1844 kam erstmals eine ...


  • Schindler’s list

    Schindler‘s List is a motion picture about Jews‘ lives during the World War II., about the business, peoples‘ compassion, friendship and hope but on the other hand about fear, powerlessness, suffering, cruelty and death. In 1993 it received eight Oscars. This fact and the director‘s name (Steven Spielberg) can speak about the quality and excellence which can be found in this movie. Schindler‘s List tells the story of many Jewish p ...


  • Statue of liberty!

    The Statue of Liberty is accepted as a symbol of freedom throughout the world. The Statue of Liberty was designed by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi. So in 1866 New York got it from France. Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi worked more than 21years of his life to the making of the sight. Lady Liberty, as the statue is sometimes called, was a gift from the French memory the American Revolution. President Grover Cleveland presented the statu ...


  • Grammer englisch

    Manche Punkte kommen wiederholt vor. Das drückt aus, dass diese Fragen hartnäckig wiederkehrende Probleme für meine Schüler waren. PRESENT PERFECT in der -ing Form = Present Perfect Progressive Etwas hat in der Vergangenheit irgendwann einmal begonnen und spielt sich jetzt immer noch ab. BSP: It has been raining heavily. - Es regnet (schon die ganze Zeit) stark. PRESENT PERFECT in der Simple Form Etwas hat statt gefunden und jetzt ...


  • Nirvana

    Kurt Donald Cobain was born on the 20th of February, 1967 in Hoquaim, a small town 140 km from Seatlle. Soon, his father Donald and his mother Wendy moved with hin to Aberdeen. His father worked at the local lumber mill while his mother stayed at home to look after the children. When Kurt was 2 years old, he was first interested in music. He couldn´t attend the guitar lessons because he couldn´t stay still for a while. [He was given a drug c ...


  • United states of america

    Geographie, Bevölkerung: Fläche: 9.809.155 km2, einschl. Alaska (1.700.138 km2) und Hawaii (28.313 km2). Hinzu kommen Übersee- bzw. Außengebiete ). Grenze zu Kanada im Norden, teilweise gebildet durch die Großen Seen und den St.-Lorenz-Strom, und zu Mexiko im Süden, zum Teil entlang dem Rio Grande. In den 48 zusammenhängenden Bundesstaaten (\"contiguous states\") im Wesentlichen 4 Großlandschaften: die westlichen Kordilleren (unter ...


  • What is behind the peanuts?

    There are four main characters in Charles M. Schulz’s cartoon strip: Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, Lucy and her brother Linus. Some characters appear less frequently, for instance Sally, Charlie Brown’s sister. She often behaves in a silly way and at school, she never understands anything, yet she’s clever enough to know herself: “I don’t even understand vacations”, she says of herself. Peppermint Patty is a friendly girl who is very goo ...


  • Making law-breakers of youths

    The party CSU wants to make a law about youths. They are going to prohibit that under fourteen years old children can stay outside without parents or guardians after eight pm. With that law they try to prevent the big problem of for example twelve years old children hanging around and taking drugs like alcohol or others. If the law will get accepted we probably won’t meet any drunken children on the streets in the evening, perhaps we won’t get ...


  • Mahatma gandhi, father of a nation

    introduction: His real name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and he got the name \"Mahatma\" from the indians, it means \"Big Soul\". Gandhi lives from 1869 to 1948. Gandhi is well-known because of the independence movement of India and he is considered as an advocate of the non-violent resistance to the accomplishment political goal. On second October 1869 Mohandas was born in today’s Gujarat. He studied law and became an attorney in 1891. 18 ...


  • Summary of india

    General facts: Vocabulary: institutions of national importance nationale Bildungsinstitutionen institutions with university status Lehreinrichtungen mit Universitätsstatus - is a member of the Commonwealth and together with Pakistan and Bangladesh it builds the subcontinent of India - India is the seventh largest country in the world and after China it is the second most populous - its area is about ...


  • Präsidenten der usa

    Die Vorgeschichte Die ersten Menschen, die nordamerikanischen Boden betraten, waren Jäger und Nomaden aus Asien. Sie kamen ca.30000 bis 40000 Jahren über die Landbrücke die die beiden Kontinenten verband, Sie folgten Ihrer Beute. Nach Ankunft in Alaska dauerte es Jahrtausende bis die ersten Nordamerikaner ihren Weg nach Süden, in die heutigen Vereinigten Stadten fanden. In ungefair in dieser Zeit starben die Mammuts und die Indianischen V ...


  • Die Ärzte

    History In the Year 1980 Dirk Felsheimer met Jan Vetter in the \"Ballhaus Spandau\". Jan goes into Dirks Band \"Soilent Grün\" and they become very good friends (eintreten in dirks band). When this Band disbanded in 1982 started Jan alias Farin Urlaub and Dirk alias Bela B. together with the Bassist Sahnie die ärzte. In Berlin they would very fast go to an local celebrities and won at the Senatsrockwettbewerb 5 000 €. With this money they m ...


  • Analyse the poem “pioneers! o pioneers!“

    The poem “Pioneers! O Pioneers! “, written by W. Whitman tries to describe the way of life from point of view of the first pioneers who settled down in America. The poem is separated into seven stanzas that have four verses. The author chooses for every fourth verse the words “Pioneers! O Pioneers! “. There is no rhyme schema at all in the poem. Whitman tells how life looks like for a pioneer. The pioneers move to America with their c ...


  • Book report “blues for mister charlie”

    1.1 Summary The play “Blues for Mister Charlie” written by James Baldwin tells about a murder of a black boy in a little town. The black boy Richard Henry gets killed by Lyle Britten, a white store owner. After some time Lyle gets arrested, because according to the testimony of Papa D. he was the last person to see Richard alive. Lyle is not afraid of the court procedure and cannot understand the “fuss about a nigger” (p. 13). In ...


  • Harry potter and the order of the phoenix

    ”Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” is the fifth book of the seven-part-fantasy story about the young wizard Harry Potter. The book is written by the British Joanne Kathleen Rowling. The idea for the book came to her while on a train ride in. She said that she really liked the idea of creating a place where a child could have power. Since she had this idea in 1990 she wrote 5 books about Harry’s adventures and all books were a big success ...


  • Appottomax

    Appomattox sits atop a broad grass-covered hill, a small cluster of restored or rebuilt homes and other buildings -- a tavern, the general store, the courthouse, the jail -- encircled by acres of rolling farm and pasture land. Weathered rail fences trace the one-time stagecoach road between Richmond and Lynchburg, now merely a path for foot travel, and flower-ringed yards shelter the privies, water wells and gazebos of an earlier day. It is a typ ...


  • Decorah

    Decorah Visit for a day.... Return for a lifetime! A breath of fresh air is the best way to describe Winneshiek County and Decorah, named one of the seven Prettiest Painted Places by the Quality Paint Institute. Quiet beauty, sparkling streams, smiling faces, and hometown friendliness await you. If you are looking for a place to get away, without the stress of a typical vacation or trip, our area is the place for you. If you love the outdoors jus ...


  • Australische musik- australian music

    Australian music - music of the natives (Aborigines) - Australian music has no melodyable instruments - vocal music is very important - vocal music accompanies birth, dead rituals and body painting - the rituals and music of the men are more important than those of the women - singing consists of singing, speaking and other noises - the most important instrument is a wood trumpet called Didgeridoo - other instruments are rattles - the singing is ...



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