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  • Presentation of the book "angela's ashes" by frank mccourt

    Author: Frank McCourt, the author and main character of this novel was born in 1931 in Brooklyn, New York, as the son of two Irish immigrants, Angela and Malachy McCourt. He grew up in Limerick (Ireland), from where he went to America at the age of nineteen. After spending every spare minute reading books from the public library, Frank started a career as a high-school teacher. He began writing about his childhood, when he was 60 years ...


  • Elvis presley -king of rock'n'roll -

    Today I want to talk about Elvis Presley. I am sure you all know him, but let me show you a picture of him. First I want to teIl you something about himself. Then I will teIl you a man's opinion of EI vis Presley. Elvis Presley was born at the eighth of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a twin, but his brother died after birth. Elvis\' family was very poor. Elvis had a good education. He sang in a choir. At the age often Elvis got his first g ...


  • Principles of marketing & advertising -final exam-

    Global Industry - An industry in which the strategic positions of competitors in given geographic or national markets are affected by their overall global positions. Global firm - A firm that, by operating in more than one country, gains R&D, production, marketing, and financial advantages that are not available to purely domestic competitors. Tariff - A tax levied by a government against certain imported products. Tariffs are designe ...


  • Problems of the welfare state

    Stress Stress is the normal response of your body to any change. It can be either positive or negative. Many people perform best when they are under pressure and when the challenge has been met they relax and enjoy their achievements. Stress becomes negative when one can't relax after meeting the challenge. The most common cause of stress is negative thinking. Some stress factors could be:  loss of a close friend  bad ...


  • Production of iron from mine to cast iron and steel

    1 INTRODUCTION The production of iron and steel comprises 95% of all the tonage of metal produced anually in the world. They are the least expensive of the world's metals. The art of iron making is an ancient one, dating back to 1200 B.C.. The first high tonage steel making process was invented by, and named after, Sir Henry Bessemer of England, prior to the American Civil War. 2 PRODUCTION OF PIG IRON The Principal raw material for ...


  • "global classroom" schools on the internet

    1. Introduction The project which is presented in this paper is supposed to give pupils of different forms and levels an introduction to the internet and to homepage-designing. The title "Global Classroom on the Internet" already suggests that this introduction especially concentrates on the way education and school is presented on the internet. This is, however, not the whole project but only a part of a much bigger planning, namely the sch ...


  • Death penalty in the usa

    The history and development of re-killing: The Death Penalty is defined as: The punishable extinction of the human being; it is forbidden in a lot of states, but everywhere controversial. The execution took - and still takes - place through heading through hatchet (guillotine) - in former times, through hanging (through the \"skein\"), through electrocution (electric chair) or through gas, within the military-laws through shooting. ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway - his youth

    His childhood Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21st, 1899 in Oak Park. Oak Park is a very wealthy suburb in the west of Chicago. He is the second out of six children, his older sister's name is Marcelline and his younger sister's names are Ursula, Madelaine and Carol. His youngest brother was called Leicster. His mother Grace Hemingway, born as Grace Hall, was feministic and talented in music, so she organised a chorus and her husband co ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway - paris

    Living in Paris After Ernest Miller Hemingway returned to the United States in February1919, he was celebrated as a hero. But after receiving the divorce-letter from Agnes von Kurowsky, he got deeply depressed. He started to quarrel with his mother. He moved to friends in Toronto and worked for the "Toronto Star" and then for the "Cooperative Commonwealth" in Chicago. Meanwhile he started to write his short stories. In Chicago he fell in love ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway - key west

    Whitehead Street 907 In the year 1927 Ernest Hemingway married Pauline Pfeiffer, who was four years older. She came from a very wealthy family. She had learned journalism in school and was reporting about fashion for the newspaper "Vogue", when his first books were printed and he started gaining some reputation as a poet. She completely changed his way of living: They didn't ski in cheap Schruns but in fashionable Gstaad, they hunted lions in Af ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway - spain

    Martha Gellhorn When the relationship between Ernest Hemingway and Pauline Pfeiffer didn't work so well any more and when the affair with Jane Mason was over, Hemingway was looking for another woman. Martha Gellhorn had once come into "Sloppy's Joe" bar where Hemingway was a regular customer. They started a relationship, but in 1936 she moved to Germany. She soon left to Spain to warn the Spanish of Hitler. There she would meet again with Er ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway - world war ii

    The war in China In January 1941 the couple travelled to China. She had to write a story for "Collier's" and he was to find out about the consequences of the war for U.S. economic interests for the "PM" newspaper. They travelled around a lot by aeroplane, truck, car, boat or horse and saw the poor life of the Chinese. They also met a Chinese general. While Martha visited Singapore and Java, he went back to the United States via Hongkong. In th ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway - cuba, venice and his last days

    Mary Welsh Mary Welsh was born in 1908 in Minnesota. She studied journalism at the "Northwestern University", but stopped her education to work for "The American Florist". Later she got a job for "Daily Express". During World War II Mary worked for "Time-magazine". She married Ernest Hemingway in 1946. Both were passionate hunters, skiers and fishers and spent days on the "Pilar". She was able to drink as much as he did, still their lives were n ...


  • The internet - what is it?

    The Internet is basically a connection of many computers located all over the world. What these computers really do is exchange information. The Internet seems to be chaotic at first sight. What else should we expect of a system which is not controlled or organized by anybody. But it works anyway. It is the playground for everybody. All of us can take use from this network. It might be disappointing for some newbies when they notice that life on ...


  • Internet in students' lives

    \"The Internet offers the researcher access to a vast source of information scattered at locations around the world.\", (Campbell, page 1). It gives you more information or working materials than a local library can offer. You can gain access to written materials, but it is possible to link to video, audio, and listening resources as well. Most students still have problems using the English language. Firstly, students are not native English spea ...


  • What do i need to get started?

    Nearly every household has a computer these days. In the time of multimedia the PC or Mac is able to arrange presentations, calculations and well organized texts. As easy as this, it is to get access to the Internet. Only a few things are needed. 3.1 Hardware Requirements The only thing you need beside your computer is a modem. A modem is the key to the vast resources. Modems can transfer datas out of the big networks of the Internet. The tra ...


  • How to find needed resources - internet

    If you are new on the Internet it will be hard for you to get along in this jungle. The easiest way to find needed resources would be to contact a search engine like Yahoo [] or AltaVista []. They are the biggest and best filled engines on the web. Meanwhile, different engines can be found, some German web crawlers, too. At the main page of one of this engines, you can use the search feature by filling ...


  • How can the internet be used for the lk english

    Once connected to the net you will have the biggest information data server of the world. Especially for students, a lot of resources are offered. 5.1 Dictionaries Many dictionaries are based on the Web, most of them are easy to use and reply quickly. It is amazing that most dictionaries are located on German university\'s servers. Englisch-Wörterbücher aller Art These online dictionar ...


  • Proved innocent - gerry conlon

    Author: Gerry Conlon wrote this autobiographical novel to tell the whole world about his unlucky fate. Arrested for a crime he did not commit he spent 15 years in a british prison. Born in the slums of West Belfast in the 1954 Gerry Conlon was meant to be an IRA terror group member and arrested without confession. After he was released he wrote down his story which was filmed later on as "In the name of the father". Proved innocent: The st ...


  • Psychedelic drugs and the literature of aldous huxley

    . Phantastica Psychedelic and mind-expending drugs always had a great impact on people. They were used both in high and low developed cultures and influenced all kinds of art. Also literature and even architecture were affected by them. Because of their effects such drugs are called Phantastica or Hallucinogens. When you want to separate drugs into two main groups, you will have to distinguish Hallucinogens like pot, cannabis or synthetic produ ...



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