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  • The puberty

    the time when person approaches sexual maturity - also called adolescence - sperm production in boys - ovulation in girls - during adol. secondary sexual characteristics develop - boys incl. growing facial + pubic hair, breaking of voice, muscular development - girls pubic hair grow, breasts develop, pelvic girdle bec. broader - changes brought by hormones - male horm. androgenes, imp. horm. testosterone - female horm. oestrogenes - point whi ...


  • Pulp fiction

    Folie: PULP(pulp) n. 1. A soft, moist, shapeless mass of matter. 2. A magazine ar book containing lurid subject matter and being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper American Heritage Dictionary: New College Edition The main characters are: Vincent Vega, a white criminal who has just come back from Amsterdam Jules Winfield, a Negro, a criminal too Marcellus Wallace, their boss, and the boss of the Califroniyn c ...


  • Victoria´s childhood (1819-1837)

    On May the 24th in 1819 Victoria Alexandrina was born in Kensington Palace, London as the only child of Edward the Duke of Kent (he died one year after her birth) and his German wife, princess Victoria Mary Louisa of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Her uncle William IV. was King in this time. She was educated in the common way of aristocrats in French, German, geography, history and politics. It can be supposed that she was well-educated, but she herself ...


  • Her life during the time of her reign (1837-1901)

    Victoria from the beginning had good chances to win the people´s respect, because her two uncles George IV and William IV and her grandfather George III, who were in reign before, were quite unpopular to them. They were known as drunkards, cowards, fools. Because they had no legitimate heirs Victoria was the next in the order to be monarch. With her entering of the British throne the 123 years lasting personal-union between Britain and the ...


  • Victoria´s importance for britain´s policy

    The influence Victoria had on Britain is surely not quite easily to see, for she was not the sovereign leader of state that other kings or queens had been before on the one hand because she did not have the rights other monarchs had had before, on the other probably her character was not that of a charismatic opportunist. When she became queen in 1837 the rights of the monarch had been cut through an act in 1832 that broadened the class of pe ...


  • Quiz show

    The film takes place in 1956 in the USA, where TV is a big part in everybodys life. A new quiz-show, called "Twenty One" gets very popular. There is no question for Herbie Stempel, a jewish man from the Bronx, he can´t answer. But the TV-bosses are not very happy about that, because the viewing figures went down quickly. So they decide that Stempel has to loose. They tell him that he will get a fantastic job at the TV-station and so Stempel agree ...


  • Racism (= racialism), stereotypes

    One of the main reasons for differences between human beings are the geographical barriers, which kept the groups apart for a long time. Each group evolved its own characteristics. The races differ in their skin colour, their blood and other physical characteristics. Including all sub-divisions there are about 40 racial groupings, or "ethnic groups" as they are strictly called. 0.1 Important words When one person dislikes another perso ...


  • Racism and discrimination against blacks

    I took my information from:  "Martin Luther King-The Peaceful Warrior" (Ed Clayton)  "Why We Can't Wait" (M.L.K.)  "Black Like Me" (John Howard Griffin)  "To Kill a Mockingbird" (Nelle Harper Lee)  "The Fire Next Time" (James Baldwin)  "Microsoft Encarta 99 Enzyklopädie"  Internet History of discrimination against blacks: In their motherland Africa black people lived toget ...


  • Racism

    What is racism ? Where does racism occur ? Racism at work Racism concernig police checks What can you do against racism ? My personal opinion What is it? Racism is the belief that people from some races are better than other people becaus of their skin, their ethnic origin or the country where they come from. Discrimination occurs when someone is treated worse because of his skin or so on. Discrimina ...


  • Radiation - what is what is radiation??

    Radiation consists of three types of particles: 1. Alpha particles: An alpha particle consists of 2 protons and 2 neutrons. So it has a mass of 4 units. It shoots out of the radioisotope at high speed but slows down quickly in air. It can't pass through paper or skin. The radioisotope americium-241 is used in smoke alarms. It has 95 protons, and decays by giving out an alpha particle. That leaves 93 protons, which means it has turn ...


  • Rain man

    This novel was written by Elenor Fleisher. She is an American author who has novalized about 50 screenplays. She also writes "own" books, especially for young adults. Plot The story is set in America in the 1990ies. It`s about Charles Babbit and his autistic brother Raymond. Charles Babbit is a good-looking young buisnessman who makes very risky, not quite legal deals. When Charly has troubles with his buisness, he gets the message tha ...


  • Rain man- leonore fleischer

    Charles Babitt makes risky and not quite legal deals with Lamborghini's. When Charlie has troubles with his business he gets the message that his rich father has died and he drives to the funeral. There he meets his father's lawyer, who has the will and reads it to Charlie. He is the only heir of the car and of his father's rose bushes. All the money, his father had is going to an unnamed beneficiary. The lawyer, Dr. Mooney, doesn't tell Charl ...


  • "rainbow six" by tom clancy

    About the Author: Thomas L. Clancy, the so called master of techno-military thrillers, was born on the 12th of April 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland / USA. He was educated at the Loyola College in Baltimore. Then he worked as an insurance broker. He is now living in his second marriage after his divorce in 1998. With his first wife he has four children. In college he dreamed of writing novels. In 1984 this dream came true and he got his fir ...


  • Ray bradbury, fahrenheit 451

    "Fahrenheit 451: The temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns" Date of publication: 1954 Type of story: Science Fiction Novel Main characters: - Guy Montag: he is the main character of the story; works as a fireman first but then discovers the worth of books and turns to a rebel. - Clarisse McClellan: makes Montag think. She describes herself as "17 and crazy". By others she's called anti-sozial, but on her opinion she is ...


  • Study guide for ray bradbury's the martian chronicles (1950)

    Introduction (Wait until this page is completely downloaded before clicking.) Clearly Bradbury had a certain vision of the Mars in which these stories areset, a fantasy world based far more on Edgar Rice Burroughs novels (APrincess of Mars and its many sequels) than on contemporary science.Bradbury returned to this fantasy Mars in other stories not included in thisvolume (\"The Exiles,\" \"The Fire Balloons\" and \"TheOther Foot\" in The Il ...


  • Rebecca by daphne du maurier

    Characters: Maxim de Winter: He is a very rich man. Mrs. de Winter: She is Maxim second´s wife. Mrs. Danvers: She is the housekeeper of Max. Captain: A Captain of a boat. Summary: Mr. and Mrs. de Winter are married. They live at Manderly. Manderly is a big old house. You must know Mrs. de Winter is Maxim´s second wife. Rebecca, his first wife, drowned in the sea near Manderly. Their housekeeper Mrs. Danvers hates the ...


  • Red scare

    The climate of repression which developed during World War One continued after the end of the war: The government interest focused on communism and Bolsheviks. These people were disrespectfully called the "reds". The time period of this anti-communist mood occurred between 1918 and 1921. A. Mitchell Palmer, Wilson\'s Attorney General, believed communism was \"eating its way into the homes of the American workmen.\" In his essay \"The Case Against ...


  • Conditional sentences 3

    1. If the Spanish ships HAD BEEN smaller, they WOULD HAVE BEEN faster,too. Wenn die Spanischen Schiffe kleiner gewesen wären, wären sie auch schneller gewesen. im if-Satz steht das Verb, im Hauptsatz stehen im past perfect (had+past participle) would/could/might + have + past participle Die im if-Satz ausgedrückten Bedingungen Mit de ...


  • Dead poets´ society --

    The story takes place in the fifties in Welton, New England. The rich people send their boys to a private boarding school, where they will be educated up to doctors, lawyers and professions of that kind. Their own thoughts don´t count there. John Keating, the new Englishteacher at the elite-school, causes trouble with his motto \"Carpe Diem!. He encourages ...


  • Social welfare and security in germany

    Historical Development The history of the german social security begans in the Nineteenth century. After Germany was united in 1871 under the direction of Otto von Bismarck, the nation developed a common government structure and social policy. The beginning of the national German social welfare system occurred in the 1880s while Bismarck was in power. A primary motivation for social legislation was the government\'s desire to erode supp ...



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