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  • First world war in asia and usa

    THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR FOR JAPAN AND USA The attack on Pearl Harbor thrust the United States into World War II. The attack had significant and far-reaching political effects on the United States, changing the minds of many who had been philosophically opposed to war or who had taken a passive stance towards the war in Europe. The increasing diplomatic confrontations and economic sanctions against Japan by the United States and others, compounde ...


  • New york

    NEW YORK general things: -a state of the USA in the north -it borders (grenzt) on Canada in the north on Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut in the east the Atlantic borders on it in the south-east in the south borders New York on New Jersey and Pennsylvania on Pennsylvania and Ontario borders NY in the west -it became a member(Mitglied) of the USA on 26th of July in 1788 (at this Time it was the 11th state of the 13 first ones in the east) -b ...


  • All my sons

    All my Sons by Arthur Miller ACT ONE Summary of events It is a Sunday morning in the backyard of the Keller home. The house lies in the outskirts of an American town and the time is soon after the Second World War. Joe Keller is a middle-aged business man whose factory produced aeroplane parts during the war. Chris Keller, Joe's son, comes into the yard with his father and sits down to read the newspaper. We soon become aware of how different fat ...


  • History of harley davidson

    History of Harley Davidson 1903: 21-year old William S. Harley and 20-year old Arthur Davidson make available to the public the first production Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with a 3-1/8 inch bore and 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed with the words \"Harley-Davidson Motor Company\" crudely scrawled on the door. Arthur\'s brother Walter later joins their efforts 19 ...


  • Hollywood-

    Eurocom Hollywood Today I´m talking about Hollywood, I have chosen this topic, because I´m very interessted in stars and film. Here is Hollywood, it´s in California, California is on the west coast of the USA, Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles. It´s called dream factory, because it is the home of the "rich and famous", it is also the city, where everything is possible. The name Hollywood means in German Stechpalmenwald. Hollywood was founded ...


  • Europe's quiet revolution

    Europe's quiet Revolution Mountains have suffered from ill-conceived development, and mistakes on mountains have cost valleys dear. In the future the European environmental law, could hopefully provide new hope for Europe's mountains, and new opportunities for its businesses. So, at present, a lot of companies and organizations are working together to protect the mountains and the environment. One of them is the ESDP (European Spatial Development ...


  • Genetic foods face by shopping

    Genetic foods face trial by shopping In our high-tech world, more and more products in our supermarkets and shops are modified with special substances, and also genetic modification is used. Measures to label such genetically modified food clearly have been pushed through by the European Parliament. So the questions are: Will shoppers boycott products engineered by scientific advances ? or Will they take the bait when the products reach the super ...


  • Job sharing

    Job Sharing: It's About Time to Get Rid of Overtime The idea behind "Job Sharing" goes back beyond galley slaves. In present, the old idea is accelerating off again in Europe. The theory is, that if people with jobs do a bit less and bring home a little less money, those without work can take up the relinquished hours and have a pay packet of their own. Employers said, that this doesn't work in practice, and unions, that represent the ones with j ...


  • Knowledge is power

    Knowledge is Power A new era is coming with a fundamental change in the way of work, in our industrialized world. In the US, Europe and Japan, the majority of jobs are in the service sector, and the number is rising, so the percentage of people who earn their living by making things has fallen dramatically. There are more and more part-time jobs, and a growing number of people who are self-employed. But the breadth of the economic transformation ...


  • Using ther hands - and still having to think

    Using Their Hands - And Still Having to Think Roy Horsman, born and raised in Birmingham, is now 39 years old. With 15 years he took a job sweeping floors at a local parts factory, and the next 21 years he worked his way up, to machine operator to designer to engineering manager. And at that stage he began attending technological conferences around Europe and started taking classes in pneumatics and electronics, read up on new technologies and in ...


  • Australia2

    Australia General Things: Official Name: Commonwealth of Australia Size: 7.682.300 km² Population: 19.358.000 Biggest Cities: Sydney - 3,7 Mio, Melbourne - 3 Mio, Brisbane - 1,3 Mio, Perth - 1,2 Mio, Adelaide - 1 Mio, Newcastle - 429.000, Canberra (Hauptstadt) - 310.000 Einwohner. Official National Language: Englisch. Population groups: Australien people with european origin 91,4%, Asien people 6,4%, Aborigines 1,5%, Other 0,7% Religions: Christi ...


  • Neuseeland/new zealand

    New Zealand 1. facts about New Zealand geographical position - situated in the South-Pacific and in the southeast of Australia - 2 big islands, North Island and South Island, and many smaller islands - highest mountain: Mt Cook 3754 m - longest river: Waikato 425 km - longest river: Tasman 29 km - longest river: Mt Ruapehu 2797 m - longest river: Taupo 606 km² area - 268 676 square kilometre - one quarter smaller than Germany - North Island (114 ...


  • Giograhfie von friedrich von schiller

    Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805) Leading German 18th-century dramatist, poet, and literary theorist. Schiller\'s mature plays examine the inward freedom of the soul; his first play The Robbers (1781) was a landmark in German theatrical history and spoke of the ideas of liberty. According to Schiller, a play is not a means to enjoyment; it is the very thing enjoyed. Aesthetic education is necessary, he argued, not only for the proper balance of ...


  • Raumstation iss - referat in englisch

    Since living memory, the people dreamt to investigate the stars. Some researchers of the antiquity and the middle Age had made the basis for our knowledge today. We did not have already all things investigate, but the development gets faster in our days. The newest project to investigate the universe and the behaviour of the people in the weightlessness is the Project ISS. It is a project to build a space station. This project runs under the patr ...


  • Guano apes

    Guano Apes began in year 1994. The three boys and the girl were young and not popular. But nearly everyone, who heard their music and loved their style got crazy from the Pop-Rock-Music. Henning plays the guitar an is 27 years old. Dennis looks as a animal from the Muppet-Show, if he sits on his drums. Stefan the bass player an Dennis are 29. But don`t forget the perfect voice from Sandra. She is 26 and the most important musicer from Guano Apes. ...


  • Northern ireland conflicts

    13. April 2004 Northern Ireland and it´s difficult´ political situation (conflict(s)), including the relationship to the Republic of Ireland Explanations: Áras an Uachtaráin: Gaelic name for the Irish Parliament Sinn Fein: Gaelic: 'we ourselves': radical nationalistic irish party, founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith; partly ideas from the Irish Secret Society 'Fenier' ( founded in 1858 in the USA); displaced the moderate Home-Rule-Movement in the ...


  • Frank sinatra

    Frank Sinatra In all his innumerable concerts Frank Sinatra understood it to fascinate the crowd. This incomparable magic was present in all his concerts until to his end. Frank Sinatra was born in New Jersey in 1915 as Francis Albert Sinatra. In his early childhood he was already very interested in music and so he decided to become a musician. At first he tried to be a sport journalist, but when the radio played his first song everybody knew tha ...


  • Animal farm-

    George Orwell - "Animal farm" Theme/Message: - a small group of animals manage to make a successful revolution (should bring all animals freedom and equality) and afterwards they exploit the others due to their good faith - animals try to create a utopia (paradies where society brings out and develops the best in being); but: animals gaining control of Animal Farm adapt human manners - original: Stalin and the Soviet Union - story about power and ...


  • American dream

    American Dream 1.) Catchwords and original meaning 2.) American Dream in the past 3.) American Dream in the present 4.) "Melting-Pot" theory 5.) Frontier spirit 6.) Lee Iacocca 7.) Madonna Catchwords decribing the American Dream: Industry Temperance Prudence Punctuality Perseverance Contentment Reputation Policy Betting Gambling Vice Virtue General/Original meaning of American Dream climbing ladder of success by one´s unimportant, ordinary person ...


  • Scotland

    Scotland · 78.789 square kilometres · 5 Mio. people · English; Gaelic · Gaelic ist still spoken by over 80.000 people · famous for it´s beautiful countryside · 800 scotish islands à Isle of Skye is one of the largest and most beautiful The history · 1707 · the romans tried to conquer à not successful Edinburgh · capital · 433.000 people · east of the country · river forth · centre of business, the law, book production and other industries The thr ...



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