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  • How do blind and deaf people dream?

    Although the specific content varies to a greater degree, the dreams of both, blind and deaf people also seem specially attunded to their condition. How blind people dream, depends primarily on when they lost their sight. Those born blind have no visual dreams at all, but instead have more vivid auditory dream experiences that sighted people. Children who lose their vision between the ages of five and seven may dream in pictures later, but as t ...


  • Is there a difference between children's and adults' dreams?

    Children report dreams that are shorter and simpler than those of adults, and the more so the younger the child. But simplicity is double-sided: Studies of American children, for example, suggest that they dream more often than grownups about pleasurable objects such as toys, but they also have a greater mumber of frightening dreams involving aggression and weapons. Some psychologists think that this is because of the big violence - supply in T ...


  • Visions in the twilight years

    Studies of the elderly suggest that as people age their dreams continue to change in ways that reflect their changing lives and circumstances. The elderly often dream of losing all their resources - money, property, the ability to take care of themselves - or of getting lost and not knowing how to get back home, fears mirroring real - life anxieties. One fairly common characteristic is that in dreams as in their waking lives the aged behave ...


  • Don't leave me, sweet dream... to remember your dreams . You must have the right attitude towards your dreams! Take your dreams seriously, if you are unsure about their importance and signification your conciousness has no reason to store them up. . Compose a fixed resolution! Think of dreaming every morning and evening. But do not produce any pressure! In particular before going to bed you have to free your dream-resolution, compulsion chases the memories aw ...


  • Dreams

    Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow. Langston Hughes Working with the text: 1. Try to imagine: Who could the speaker be? Who might she/he be addressing? What might the situation be in which she/he is saying this? 2. The two stanzas (or verses) of the poem are very similar because Langston Hughes makes ...


  • Dresden

    This report gives you a historical overview of Dresden and some information about the sights in Dresden. Based upon the following chronicle I gave a presentation about Dresden to the staff of the Bury Partnership. The listing is not quite complete - only the important dates are mentioned. Chronicle 1206 first documentary mention of Dresden, the name came from the name Drezdany (area on the left hand side from the river Elbe), on the right h ...


  • Drugs -introduction

    People have taken drugs for centuries, with fashion and availability dictating use. But in recent years, the availability of drugs has become more widespread, particularly with the advent of recreational drugs like ecstasy. Drug use is thought to have risen by 30% in the last five years. Use of hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, which are estimated to be used by 2% of the population, is also rising, as they become cheaper and more accessible. ...


  • Most taken drugs in the uk

    II.I Cannabis Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK and easily the illegal drug most likely to have been tried by young people. Recent surveys, such as the 2000 British Crime Survey, show that though overall use may be falling among teenagers, cannabis has been used by over half (55 per cent) of young men and over a third (44 per cent) of young women aged 16 to 29 years. 22 per cent of this age range have used in the last yea ...


  • Drug prices

    The price of drugs varies between different localities and over time. Prices also tend to fluctuate with fashion (demand) and availability (supply). Current prices of drugs in the UK tend to fall within the following bands: Drug types Cost Amphetamine £8-15 per gram Cannabis £60-120 per ounce Cocaine powder £40-80 per gram Crack cocaine £20-25 per rock Ecstasy £4-10 per tablet Heroin £50-80 per gram LSD £1.50-4.50 per dose Methad ...


  • Legalisation drugs

    IV.I A controversial subject In general, legalisation is meant to indicate that the supply and possession of currently illegal drugs, should be legally controlled in the same way that alcohol or tobacco are controlled in most countries. Decriminalisation is often meant to indicate a half-way house\' between legalisation and prohibition - in that, for example, possession of drugs for personal use would not be a criminal offence, but might be th ...


  • The misuse of drugs (act 1971)

    V.I The Act This Act is intended to prevent the non-medical use of certain drugs. For this reason it controls not just medicinal drugs but also drugs with no current medical uses. Offences under this Act overwhelmingly involve the general public, and even when the same drug and a similar offence are involved, penalties are far tougher. Drugs subject to this Act are known as \'controlled\' drugs. The law defines a series of offences, including ...


  • Summary of uk drug situation 2001

    VI.I Dates and facts There has been a significant increase in cocaine use from 6% of 16-29 year olds having tried the drug in 1998 to 10% of the same age range having tried it in 2000. Studies in 2000 have found that cocaine was preferred more than amphetamine and ecstasy and young people appeared to have a less negative attitude towards cocaine than other drugs because they felt that it was more socially acceptable and easier to control. Fur ...


  • Deaths (from drug use)

    In relation to the whole range of problems which can happen to those who use drugs, death is by far the least likely outcome, but one which, not surprisingly, attracts most attention and causes most concern. Like all data about illegal drug use, information about deaths comes from a variety of sources that combine to present a patchy and incomplete picture. Hence this is a highly simplified overview of what we know about deaths from drug use an ...


  • Quotations on the drug problem in the uk

    \"The deadly problem is hard drugs. The first aim must therefore be to prevent cannabis users being persuaded to try hard drugs. Making cannabis illegal has not prevented nearly half of young people trying it but it does mean that they can only get it from the criminal gangs who often also push hard drugs. The only way to stop driving cannabis users into the arms of hard drug pushers is to provide a limited number of strictly regulated outlets ...


  • Drugs --

    You can subdivde drugs in 7 groups: Opiates Stimulants hallucinogen Drugs Inhalants Alcohol Sedatives Cannabis Opiate Opitae are drugs which are made in a chemical reaktion with Opium (For instance Morphin and Heroin). Morphin is a very heavy painkiller (Schmerzmittel). In 1898 Heroin got introduzed. In this year the government didn't know that Heroin can make people addict to it. But after some month it got interdi ...


  • Drugs - -

    Drugs are substances the humours-, perception- and sensations bring about. There are illegal drugs (hashish, cocaine and LSD) and legal drugs (alcohol, nicotine). There are hard and soft drugs. The difference is the strength of the drug. In former times drugs were rarer. But in the 60ies the drugs came about with the hippies. It was a downright epidemic. In the following years drugs became harder and the consumers younger. We can assign dru ...


  • -drugs

    In the early days opium was traded by sea merchants and was commonly used to ease pain. Doctors prescribed opium-based medicine for all kinds of illnesses. At the turn of the century heroin could be sold legally and was considered to be a harmless 'cure-all'. At that time, most of the users who became addicts were medical addicts. There were hardly any users that took drugs for recreational use. In 1910 ,however, addiction abounded and dr ...


  • Drugs - the effect

    We have been using chemicals for as long as we have been manufacturers. But some of these chemicals can be very dangerous, especially when we use them in masses. Most chemicals which are used in medicine are so dangerous that we are only allowed to use them in small amounts and only with a doctor\'s prescription. BUT WHAT IS A DRUG? - a drug is a chemical which people can take for pleasure - and it is a chemical which has the power to c ...


  • Drug-takers

    INTRODUCTION Today I'm going to talk about drugs and people who take drugs. This speech should give you a short summary of drugs and the problems which are going hand in hand with drugs. I don't want to influence your opinion about alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs but it is necessary, especially for young people, to know some details about drug taking. WHY DO PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS? There are three reasons why people take drugs: . The first ...


  • Frank bonham - durango street

    This book tells the story of Rufus Henry, a teenager who has been sent to a forestry camp in Pine Valley because of criminal acting - gang - fighting, runaway and grand-theft. He is quite an intelligent boy and has enormous leader qualities, he wants to stay on top of others and is not willing to let himself be pushed to the ground. Some day, the social workers of the camp send "Rufe" home again. He is supposed to live together with his mo ...



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