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  • Sense and sensibility (1995)

    It`s a great film. I love such films which take place in the old England in the 19th century. I find these films very fascinating and interesting. Besides it`s a splendid star-cast. This film shows the life how the people lived in the 19th century and how the law treated the women. The head of the Dashwood family, Mr. Henry Dashwood, has died suddenly. Naturally because of the law Mr. Dashwood`s son from a previous marriage gets the whole inheri ...


  • Setting

    Setting is one of the most significant elements in a story. The setting goes far beyond the simple physical attributes and external face value. It seems "Eveline" solely takes place in Dublin in an old room, but the setting actually plays a key role in the story. The setting in "Eveline" helps the reader to better understand the behavior of the main character. The setting in "Eveline" is paralyzing, and this helps the reader to understand w ...


  • Study guide for shakespeare: romeo and juliet (1591?)

    The notes were prepared for use with an edition of Romeo and Juliet bound together with the book for West Side Story and in conjunction with a showing of Franco Zeffirelli\'s film version of the play, but they will be useful with any edition or production. The introduction focuses primarily on comparisons with West Side Story, so it has relatively little to say about the play as such. As noted, this is often regarded as a lesser Shakespeare tr ...


  • William shakespeare-

    BIRTH William Shakespeare was born on 23rd April 1564 in Stratford upon Avon (market town, about 400 houses)/Henley Street, six years after Elizabeth I became Queen. He had seven sisters and brothers and got baptised 3 days after his birth in the Holy Trinity Church: Gulielmus filius Johannes Shakespeare. Mary Arden, his mother, was the daughter of Robert Arden, who was a successful farmer and landowner. John Shakespeare, his father, was a tra ...


  • Handout - jeffrey shaw

    *) Biography Born 23 October 1944, Melbourne, Australia. 1963 Architecture at the University of Melbourne 1964 Art History at the University of Melbourne 1965 Sculpture at the Brera Academy of Art, Milan 1966 Sculpture at St Martins School of Art, London 1970-1980 Founding member of THE EVENTSTRUCTURE RESEARCH GROUP 1989 Guest professor at the Academy of Art, Rotterdam 1990 Guest professor at the ...


  • Shakespeare's sonnet cxvi interpretation

    William Shakespeare was born in 1594 in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, and died in 1616. He was a playwright and an actor while Elizabeth I was Queen. One of his most frequently cited poems is sonnet CXVI. It deals, like many of Shakespeare's poems, with love. The poem consists of fourteen lines: three quatrains, consisting of four lines each and one couplet. An iambic parameter is used: ......../...... ...


  • Sherpas

    For westerners trekking in the Himalayas in an idyllic adventure holiday. But for many young Nepalis who eke out a bare living by carrying the visitors' heavy loads, it's the final journey.  It is obvious before leaving home that slippery paths, hours of walking each day and dubious hygiene would be more than enough to contend with, without having to lug a pack around. The locals could do the heavy lifting. After having cooked breakf ...


  • Shock therapy - electroconvulsive therapy (ect)

    Shock Therapy is banned in several countries, and severely restricted in many others. Up to 400 volts of electricity are pumped into the brains of the mentally ill, often against their will. The aim - though psychiatrists admit they have no idea how it works - is to induce severe convulsions to make the mentally ill better, the depressed happier. The result, say critics, is memory loss, brain damage, physical disability, paralysis and, too ofte ...


  • Short economic history of australia:

    Economic history: Since european settlement in australia in 1788 many changes have been made. The land has been developed for settlement and farming. Dams for storing water have been built so that during the dry summers and long dry drought periods there is enough water for the population and some farms. As well , mineral resources such as coal, iron , and gold have been developed. All these are necessary for the growing population. At first ...


  • Siamese twins

    First of all: What the term "Siamese Twins" means and where it derives from: Siamese twins are identical twins, capable of surviving and joined by a part of the body. The term derives from Chang and Eng Bunkes, who lived from 1811 to 1874 in Siam. Michael Attard, 44, and his wife Tina, 29, broke their silence after four months at the centre of one of the most emotive cases in medical and legal history. Their daughters Mary and Jodie were joi ...


  • Simon brett - situation tragedy

    Charles Paris, an elderly actor, gets the role of a \"Golf-Club barman\", which is a regular character in the new sitcom \"The Strutters\". One evening, Charles is visited by a friend, who is a fan of Aurelia Howarth, the main actress, and who wants to be introduced to her. Just as they are talking and all the actors, producers and staff-members have arrived at the bar suddenly Sadie Wainwright\'s corpse is found on the ground of the ...


  • Grammar tenses

    Simple present Present progressive Bildung: Infinitiv  he/she/it  -s geht mit! Bildung: am/are/is + -ing Form Gebrauch: - wenn jemand etwas immer wieder, nie oder als Hobby/Beruf tut - wenn etwas immer so ist  Practice makes perfect. - Inhaltsangabe - aufeinander folgende Handlungen  First you put... then you add. Gebrauch: - Handlung läuft gerade ab  I'm teaching you. - Handlu ...


  • "the simpsons" : a description of the comic series and its main characters

    8.30 p.m. in America. Primetime. Millions of Americans are watching TV, but not boring action films, some love story or unrealistic science-fiction thriller. They are watching "The Simpsons", America's most successful comic strip. Started in December 1989, it was the first animated prime-time series since the 1960's and right from the beginning it was part of American culture. It was so successful because after similar comedy series lik ...


  • Social criticism in the comic series - simsons

    2.1 Criticism of the mass media One of the big topics Groening criticises is the mass media. 2.1.1 The brutal comic strips of "Itchy & Scratchy" He chiefly criticises the violence in TV shows, mainly expressed by the comic strip "Itchy & Scratchy", the favourite comic series of Springfield's kids, especially of Bart and Lisa, which is presented during every show of Krusty, the Clown. Itchy, a small mouse, continuously fights against his oppo ...


  • Sinclair lewis: the author and his times

    If you go to any large dictionary and open it to the \"B\" section, you\'ll find two definitions that didn\'t exist before 1922: Babbitt--an uncultured, conformist businessman; Babbittry--smugness, conventionality, and a desire for material success. These words have become part of our vocabulary, thanks to Sinclair Lewis. Few authors in American literature have done what Lewis did in his novel about a middle-aged realtor: in George F. Babbitt h ...


  • Babbitt: the plot

    It\'s April 1920. Above the morning mist rise the towers of Zenith, a city of 360,000 somewhere in the American midwest. In a suburban house, a forty-six-year-old realtor named George Babbitt wakes, shaves, eats breakfast. Every object he owns is a symbol of his prosperous, respectable life. Yet Babbitt is filled with a discontent, which he takes out on his patient but dull wife, Myra, and on his children, Verona, Ted, and Tinka. As we follo ...


  • Babbitt: george f. babbitt

    George F. Babbitt, the forty-six-year-old realtor who gives the novel its title, is a figure so vivid he\'s come to represent the typical prosperous, middle-aged American businessman of the 1920s--conservative, uncultured, smug, conforming, and loud. Babbitt has dozens of faults, and Lewis the satirist wants you to laugh at every one of them. Babbitt\'s a booster, loudly promoting his city even when he doesn\'t understand what he\'s promotin ...


  • Babbitt: myra babbitt

    Plump, matronly Myra Babbitt has been married to George Babbitt for twenty-three years. She is no more a traditional heroine than her husband is a traditional hero. No better educated than Babbitt, she\'s both a victim of and a willing participant in Zenith\'s demands for conformity. Her main worries seem to revolve around social status. She wants to give successful dinner parties; she longs to be invited to the home of the wealthy Charles McKe ...


  • Babbitt: theodore roosevelt babbitt

    Like some seventeen-year-olds, Babbitt\'s son, Ted, is caught up in a rebellion against his father. Babbitt wants Ted to go to college and then on to law school to have the legal career he was denied. Ted would rather be a mechanic. Yet despite these warring goals, father and son are more alike than different. Both are one hundred percent products of Zenith, mistrusting education, valuing material success above all else, more than willing to co ...


  • Babbitt: verona babbitt

    Babbitt\'s twenty-two-year-old daughter considers herself superior to everyone around her. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, she reads \"genuine literature\" (books by Joseph Conrad and H. L. Mencken), thinks of herself as an intellectual, and has vague plans to do social work. Yet for all her education, Verona may not seem to you much different from the rest of her family or from the rest of Zenith. Her arguments with her brother are petty a ...



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