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  • Training organisations and employer training

    In every sector of economy in Britain are some private companies that offer a range of training products. The National Index of Training lists these organisations and divides the economy into sectors: 4.1 Communication The training company BMI International offers different courses in body language for managers. There is a course called Communication for the Countryside, & Communication Training for the Government. 4.2 Computers and Informat ...


  • The commitments by roddy doyle

    Outspan, Ray and Derek form a group called \"And And And\" but after 3 days Outspan and Derek think that the band needs a new direction. There is one guy who knows everything about music, he can tell them what is new and what is going to be new. The guy\'s name is Jimmy Rabbitte. There changes a lot. Ray is thrown out of the band, the name is changed into \"THE COMMITMENTS\" and they are going to play Soul, Dublin Soul. The next day Jimmy ...


  • Across the barricades by joan lingard

    Sadie Jackson is on her way home when she hears somebody calling her name. It\'s Kevin McCoy. They haven\'t met since more than 3 years although they only live a few streets away from each other. But in Northern Ireland that can be like thousands miles. Sadie and Kevin have coffee together and talk abut what has happened in the last few years. After the coffee they go up on Cave Hill. At the bus stop they meet Linda Mullet, who is shocked to ...


  • Cal by bernard maclaverty

    Cal and Shamie McCluskey are the only Catholic family who are left in the whole estate. Fear has driven the others out but Cal\'s father won\'t move. The family is excluded and isolated. Cal has no work and so he likes to spend his time at the library. One day he notices a new woman behind the counter. He falls in love with that woman who\'s name is Marcella Morton. At home his father tells Cal that Crilly, a friend and a former school mate o ...


  • The conflict in northern ireland

    In order to understand the situation it's important to know that the conflict today is the result of about 800 years of hatred and it is by no means merely a religious conflict. Historical facts for the conflict The first settlers arrived during the Stone Age. From the first century BC onwards, Gaelic people invaded Ireland. They gradually took control over the country. The Island was divided into a few small kingdoms, grouped into 4 provin ...


  • Ireland and the conflict in northern ireland

    Ireland is an island, of the British Isles, the westernmost and second largest of the group, in the North Atlantic Ocean, and separated from Great Britain by St George\'s Channel on the southeast, the Irish Sea on the east, and the North Channel on the northeast. Politically, the island is divided into Northern Ireland, a constituent part of Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland, formerly Eire. The area of the island is 84,431 sq km in ext ...


  • Ireland - -

    The population of Ireland In Ireland there live 4,89 million people. About 3,5 million live in the Republic where 93 per cent of them are Catholics. From about 1,5 million people living in Northern Ireland there are 60 per cent Protestant. Ireland as a whole is not a country at war, but a troubled one. The main problem is about the question, if Northern Ireland should stay part of the United Kingdom or become independent. How th ...


  • Irish conflict - who is fighting whom?

    It is not so much a fight between ordinary Catholic and Protestant citizens but rather a fight between extremist groups from either side of the divide. If one group carries out a violent act, it is usually responded by the other. The killings involved are usually referred to as sectarian or \'tit for tat\' - killings. These are the extremist groups: Catholics Protestants IRA (the Irish Republican Army) Provisional IRA (Provos) INLA (th ...


  • Irish immigrants - mary o'donnell

    Mary O'Donnell finished cooking the Sunday night dinner. She had spent the entire Sunday afternoon peeling the potatoes, washing the vegetables and preparing the meat. The Sunday night dinner special because it was the only meal the O'Donnells spent together. The children, Jonathan, James, and Catherine, returned late from St. James Parochial School and Mr O'Donnell, Shamus, worked in his office until late at night. Only Mrs O'Donnell stayed at ...


  • Irish music

     Definition and Characteristic  Celtic music  The instruments of celtic music  The Corrs WHAT IS IRISH TRADITIONAL MUSIC ? DEFINITION AND CHARACTERISTICS \'Irish traditional music\' is best understood as a very broad term that includes many different types of singing and instrumental music, music of many periods, as performed by Irish people. The different types however do have in ...


  • Iron and steel

    Historical Review Befor I'll talk about modern iron making, a short historical review should show you how important iron and steel has been being. Iron tools and weapons were allready used by the prehistorical man, but the iron was not man-made, it has an meteoric orgin. Anyway, iron was used for various purposes thousend of years ago. The time of the first man-made iron is still unknown, because the smelting process was certainly a resu ...


  • Islam gives equal life to everyone!?

    The Western world is often blamed by Islam about its godless, inhuman behavior. They say we do not respect people who are weaker and different from us, and thereby condemn them to a lower class of life. In this article I do not want to apologize for the fact that more blacks than whites can be found in American prisons or anything else concerning our life style, but I want to give an example that Moslems are no better people than we are: A ...


  • Jack the ripper -the massacre of london

    "Jack the Ripper" was the world's first famous serial killer, who killed five prostitutes in England's capital London more than a hundred years ago. In those days, London was still the biggest city of the world, and the "East End", where the murders took place, was the hugest slum of England's capital. London's "East End" was known for the place where prostitutes and poor people lived in tiny little streets. It was a rather unpleasant place to ...


  • Today i will talk about jamaica!

    History, People & Culture Welcome to Jamaica, an island that the Arawak Indians called \"Xymaca\"- the land of wood and water. Columbus first visited the island on his second voyage in 1494; on another voyage in 1503 he was stranded on the north coast due to a shipwreck. His own log details the beauty of the island and the help of the friendly Arawak people. His affection for the Arawak did not stop him from claiming the island for Spain. The ...


  • James joyce - the dead

    The Author James Joyce was born in Rathgar, a suburb in the south of Dublin, on February 2, 1882. He was the first of ten children. His parents were John Stanislaus Joyce, an improvident rate collector, and Mary Jane Murray. James was baptised in Roman Catholic faith at the church of St Joseph, Terenure, on February 5. In 1887 the Joyce family moved to Bray, a seaside town fifteen miles south of Dublin. From 1888 to 1891 James studied at Cl ...


  • Jay - elizabeth laird

    AUTHOR Elizabeth Laird was born in New Zealand but she lived in London until she grew up. As soon as she could, she began to travel, and went off to live first in Malaysia, then in Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon and Austria (!) Now she lives near London with her husband, who is also a writer, and her two sons. She likes reading (a lot), gardening, walking, going to the cinema, talking to friends and cooking (sometimes). As well as Jay, she has wr ...


  • Jazz --

    The main points of my presentation about Jazz are: - how Jazz - music developed - the different styles of Jazz - two great Jazz - musician Let's turn to the first point: How Jazz music developed Jazz appeared in the USA about 1900 the first time. It developed from the living together between the black (Afro - Americans) and the white people. The Afro - Americans were brought to the USA as slaves by European immigrants an ...


  • Jerzy kosinski -´being there´

    The Author Jerzy Nikodem Kosinski was born in Lodz, Poland on June 14th, 1933. At the beginning of World War II, his father carefully invented a Gentile identity that allowed his family to survive the Holocaust - and Jerzy Kosinski, a Jewish child, was sent away by his parents during World War II in order to escape the Nazi brutality. At the age of nine, J. Kosinski wandered for more than six years through several villages throughout ...


  • Jimi hendrix, his first album

    Are You Experienced As the greatest, most influential debut album ever released, Are You Experienced is that sort of music equivalent to the BigBang that scientists believed originated the universe. In both cases, many generations later, the world is still trying to absorb, organize and make sense of what that initiating event spewed forth. No other rock artist has, from the outset, violated so many rules with completely fulfilling so man ...


  • John f. kennedy - special field

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, (1917-1963), 35th president of the United States. The youngest ever elected to the presidency and the first of the Roman Catholic faith, John F. Kennedy won the election of November 1960 by a razor-thin margin, but after taking office he received the support of most Americans. They admired his winning personality, his lively family, his intelligence, and his tireless energy, and they respected his courage in time of ...



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