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  • Adolf hitler, ku-klux-klan or other villains in history

    First of all we have to focus on the fact that already several times in our history evil persons tried to manipulate the population just to intersperse their own will and to benefit from it. To begin with right wing ideologies I want to sum up the contents of a book I read: The Wave, written by Morton Rhue, is based on a true incident that occurred in a high school history class in California. The Wave is about Ben Ross, a young history te ...


  • Advertising -the art of persuasion

    1. Introduction In 1927 the British novelist Aldous Huxley wrote a brief but remarkable essay entitled \"Advertisement\". In it Huxley wrote that he had \"discovered the most exciting, the most arduous literary form of all, the most difficult to master, the most pregnant in curious possibilities. I mean the advertisement. It is far easier to write ten passably effective sonnets, good enough to take in the not too inquiring critic, than one effe ...


  • Comment "we are all advertiser"

    Advertising influences all parts of our lives. Do you think advertising is a positive or negative aspect of our society. Why do you think so? Every day we watch TV or read the newspaper, we come across advertisements. Advertising persuades people to by a certain product. It brings goods to the attention of consumers. First I want to start with the advantages. If advertising didn`t create mass markets for products, we would have to pay ...


  • Africa: big, rich und full with capabilities. but the black continent doesn't come out of its misery. why?

    The common opinion on this topic is that it's the fault of us, the white, who did all these nasty things in the colonial period and later on, like slavery and ruthless exploitation of the continent. This has disrooted the Africans and they aren't able to cope with this. This was also my opinion - because you hear nothing else about it, even in school. But is this the full truth? NO! say (even black) scientists. The biggest problems are homema ...


  • After the hole by guy burt

    The Author Guy Burt was born in 1972. He was the son of two schoolteachers. Guy Burt was educated at Hall Grove Preparatory School, where he won a scholarship to Chaterhouse. At the age of twelve he won an award in the W. H. Smith Young Writers' Competition, and has been writing ever since: amongst his other preoccupation's are composing and performing modern jazz. He recently graduated from Ballio College, Oxford with a first class ...


  • The rainfall

    In the Northern Hemisphere, the western portions of con¬tinents are especially favored by the prevailing winds. This is because the western lands gather the rains as they come off the ocean, blown by storms that circle from west to east. Unfortunately, the Cascade Mountains and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, so dose to the west coast, catch the largest share of the rain off the Pacific Ocean before it can go further Inland. As a result, there is ...


  • The temperature and agriculture

    If there were no mountains or oceans, and if the winds circled the earth with perfect regularity, then the amount of heat and the length of the farmer\'s growing season would progress uniformly from north to south. Instead there are all kinds of unexpected differences in climate. For instance, all along the western coast, the temperature changes little between winter and summer. In some places, the average difference between July and January is ...


  • . the plant life

    When early voyagers approached the land that is now the United States, they noticed a sweet and surprising ,,land smell,\" a clue that they were near the shore. This ,,land smell\" came from the great, thick forest that covered all the eastern part of the country and stretched about 1,600 kilometers westward until it met the tall grass of the prairies. No one knows just why the woods ended where they did, or why the tall grass of the prairies ...


  • The corn belt

    On hot, still midsummer nights in the Corn Belt, the farm¬ers insist they can hear the corn growing. This facetious claim points tip the fact that this crop grows fast, sometimes five centimeters during a night. By late summer, it may be three or four meters high. It is easy to get lost in a large field of full-grown corn because there is no way of looking over it or through its tall, heavy growth of thick stalks and broad leaves. The only thin ...


  • Farm and village

    The rural village typical of many countries in Europe and Asia - a collection of homes, dose together, occupied by the people who work on the surrounding lands - is virtually unknown in 2Oth-century America. In the United States, instead, each farm family usually lives separately on its own fields, often beyond the sight of its neighbors. The village or town is predominantly a place where the farm family travels to buy supplies, to attend churc ...


  • Diversification and agriculture

    In a little town in the southern part of the State of Alabama, there is a monument honoring the cotton boll weevil! The people of that area erected the monument because, after the boll weevil destroyed their cotton crop in 1910, they were compelled to stop growing cotton and turned instead to dairying and to raising peanuts and melons. What was first viewed as a misfortune was a blessing in disguise, since the new farming was better suited to t ...


  • Aids - -

    1) WHAT IS AIDS? AIDS STANDS FOR Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Acquired. It is a condition that can be acquired, it is not inborn. Immune: concerns the body¡¦s defence mechanism ¡V the immune system. Deficiency: concerns damage to the immune system. Syndrome : a set of diseases or symptoms. AIDS is a condition in which progressive damage to the immune system has led to the development of certain illnesses. AIDS first came to light in the ...


  • Aids (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)

    Introduction AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) results from the late stage of infection with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). In adults, the onset of AIDS can take up to ten or more years, and new drug therapies can delay the progression of the disease into AIDS even longer. Thus, a person infected with HIV may look and feel healthy for many years, but he or she can still transmit the virus to someone else, which is why it is very ...


  • Philadelphia by jonathan demme

    The director: Was born on February 22nd in New York. Jonathan Demme emerged from the halcyon days of low-budget genre filmmaking--he began as a member of Roger Corman\'s stable of writers in the 1970s--to become one of Hollywood\'s most critically admired directors in the 80s and 90s. He learned the craft of directing making cheapie action crime films like \"Caged Heat\" (1974) and \"Crazy Mama\" (1975). Demme enhanced his reputation with a se ...


  • Risky times by jeanne blake

    Plot: This book is a guide for teenagers, with a lot of short stories about HIV-infected persons, their history of becoming infected and their way to handle with this serious disease. These many stories are mostly very tragic: a woman who never had any relations with drug-addicted persons or homosexual men fell in love with a cute man, who seems to be as healthy as everyone. Years after this relation, the woman already had success in her j ...


  • The beat goes on by adele minchin

    Author: Adele Minchin is 28 and has worked in PR for four years, first at Campaign against the Arms Trade and then in publishing. She also volunteers at Body and Soul, the self-help organisation supporting adults and young people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. She lives in London. The Beat Goes On is her debut novel. Characters: Leyla: She is 15 years old, and lives in a small town near Manchester. Her mother makes her life hard, w ...


  • At risk by alice hoffmann

    Characterisation: Amanda: She is a happy, eleven-year-old girl, who already has found her true vocation which is becoming a professional gymnast. She loves school, and earns top-marks, although she doesn't have to study as much as many other children at her age. She loves her family and even when she knows how bad things seem, she is not really afraid of death. The thing she is concerned most about is missing school during her last few we ...


  • Alan paton: "cry, the beloved country"

    Author Alan Paton was born in January 1st, 1903, in Pietermaritzburg, Natal (South Africa). In 1935 Paton gave up teaching for the Diepkloof Reformatory for delinquents near Johannesburg. He published his novel "Cry, the Beloved Country" in 1948, when he left Diepkloof. From 1953, the year he wrote "Too Late the Phalarope", to 1968 Paton was the national president of the Liberal Party of South Africa. Characters Stephen Kumalo ...


  • Alan paton: cry, the beloved country

    The Story takes place in 1946 in a province of South Afrika. Although the uplands of Ndotsheni are still fertile more and more young people move to Johannesburg and very few return. The Reverend Stephen Kumalo is worried. Also his son Absalom, his sister Gertrude and his brother John went there. None of them wrote him a letter. One day Reverend Theophilus Msimangu , a Zulu and an Anglican priest like him, writes Kumalo that he has to come to Jo ...


  • Alcohol

    What is alcohol ? Alcohol is a chemical; obtained by the fermentation of cereals or by distillation. Alcohol is a colourless liquid with a slightly sweet smel and a burned taste. The alcoholic content of various drinks: . Fortified wine (port, sherry vermouth,...) 15 - 22 %vol. . Ordinary wine 10 - 12 %vol. . Beer and cider 4 - 7 %vol. . Spirits and liqueurs (whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, vodka,...) 40 - 50 %vol. Why do people drink ...



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