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  • Mexico city -

    Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. Mexico City is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The population is growing with 5% a year, mainly because of birth and because of immigration of people from the country. Each day about 1.000 people form the country arrive in Mexico City. This city is crowded, polluted, and chaotic, but it\'s also very beautiful! In Mexico City you can find the richness of the nation. It is the centre of the ...


  • History of the original ku klux klan

    When an American has been born who can write an impartial history of the ten years of our country immediately succeeding Appomattox, and deal fairly with the opposing factions in the bitter and frequently bloody after-struggle, he will find nothing so remarkable and mysterious as the purposes and history of \"The Invisible Empire,\" more commonly known as the \"Ku Klux Klan.\" It sprang into being almost in a night; it spread with inconceivabl ...


  • Will smith - lebenslauf bis 2003

    Will Smith Willard Christopher Smith was born on 25th September of 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has two sisters, Pam and Ellen and one brother, Harry. He lived in a middle-class-household, because his father is an engineer and his mother is a secretarian in a school, so he often was alone with his sisters and brother. His grandma often helped him to play a theatre-role at the church. He often made jokes in class, so everybo ...


  • Armament and military research

    1. The beginning of modern armament Technical further development is often connected with the armament and in the days of conflicts and wars research and science are heavy accelerated*. In World War One the soldiers fought on the land, the seas and for the first time in the air, so the scientists researched in the field of aviation* and after the war the results were used in the civil aviation, for example the parachute* was de ...


  • Big brother

    Smart cards, satellites in the service of position detection, the "New York Times" in your home by one click - Informationtechnology gets more and more mundane, but we have to keep an eye on the effect of supervision, because: Big Brother Is Watching You ! In the next few minutes I want to tell you just the essential aspects of global observation, how it happens, the advantages and the risks. And it's a phenomena of our century, w ...


  • English report about teenagers and alcohol

    Today I want to talk about teenagers and alcohol. I ´d like to give you some information about the article "Teenage drinking not a problem - yet" taken from the Read on. Researchers find, that English children drink more than other Europeans - new alcoholic drinks may encourage more teenagers to start drinking. This is the result of a study carried out in three countries: in England, France and Spain. Researchers questioned children age ...


  • Englisch-grammatik

    Have got I have got I've got I haven't got You have got You've got You haven't got He/she/it has got He/she/it has got He/she/it hasn't got We have got We've got We haven't got They have got They've got They haven't got ...


  • Soccer - history

    Football is an 11-a-side field game played with a spherical ball; the most widely played team game in the world and the most popular spectator sport, followed avidly by millions of fans. It is often popularly called "soccer" (especially in the United States) which is a slang term dating from about 1891 as a shortening of "assoc." or "association". Association football is distinguished from American football, Canadian football, Rugby Union, and ...


  • British competitions soccer

    The principal competitions in England are the FA Premier League, the Football League, the FA Cup, and the Football League Cup (both cup competitions are knockout events). The Premier League was formed in 1993 and comprises 20 teams. The Football League is made up of three divisions with promotion and relegation between them. Promotion and relegation also exists between the First Division of the Football League and the Premier League (whi ...


  • England's national-team soccer

    The game of football originated in England and having taught the game to the rest of the World, the English have had a great deal of trouble learning anything from the modern football powers. The first time a foreign idea was taken on board by the English national team was the sudden selection of a sweeper against the Netherlands in the 1990 World Cup. For a while this permeated into the English league but was soon dropped and English footbal ...


  • Arsenal london

    Initially known as Dial Square after a workshop at the Royal Arsenal - where most of the original team worked - the club began life in 1886 under founder Daniel Danskin, a Scotsman from Kirkcaldy. From the earliest days until 1891, it played under the name Royal Arsenal. The leading light at the time was former Nottingham Forest player Fred Beardsley, who got his old club to help out by giving him some spare red shirts and a football. ...


  • Liverpool soccer

    Liverpool can thank arch rivals Everton for their creation. In 1892, Everton failed to strike a deal with John Houlding, the owner of Anfield, and left for Goodison Park instead. As a result, the Anfield landlord decided to form his own team - which was also briefly named Everton. Playing its first Football League game in 1893, the team was dominated by 10 Scotsmen. Only goalkeeper Bill McOwen was born in England. Never having been lo ...


  • England's soccer stars

    Bobby Charlton, born in 1937, was one of the most famous of all English players. Born in Ashington, Northumberland, he was signed by Manchester United when aged 17. Initially an inside-right, he switched to outside-left with England and finally became a deep-lying centre-forward renowned for his powerful shot. His total of 49 goals for England remains a record. Charlton scored 198 goals in 606 League games for Manchester United and helped the ...


  • Fans and hooliganism soccer

    During the 1970s and 1980s, hooliganism, drunkenness, and violence among club supporters (especially of British clubs) began to bring the game into disrepute and to deter spectators. Riots-before, during, and after matches-and running battles in the streets between fans became commonplace. There were also several major disasters: at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, in 1971, at the Lenin Stadium, Moscow, in 1982, at Heysel, Brussels in 1985, at Bradford, ...


  • Television

    In general: positive negative gives lot of information gives current-affairs news medium to pass the time distraction for children cultural enrichment informs a lot of people at the same time about something . charges can manipulate people neglect of friends and work leads people to laziness damages the eyes dangerous for children Television isn't an altering intelligence because it fills our hea ...


  • england

    . The world of racism in england In England racism is wide spread.Homeless people are out of work, haven\'t got friends, and no future. Thay live on street and sing or play to earn some money to live on.But sometimes they are thieves, and thay very often thay are pickpockets. In our schoolbook (klass 7c) there is a story about a girl and a busker, who sang a song, because of her sorrows. He played on his guitar and didn\'t look ...


  • Die wende zur europäischen neuzeit - einleitung

    Im allgemeinen nimmt man das Ende des Mittelalters mit dem Beginn der Renaissance an, die allerdings nur langsam von Italien ausstrahlte und nördlich der Alpen erst hundert Jahre später wirkte. Kunstrichtungen, die vorher in Mitteleuropa wichtig waren, sind Romanik und Gotik. Aus dieser Zeit gibt es beinahe keine überlieferten Künstlernamen, da der Ausführende nur als Handwerker oder Gottesdiener galt. Die Kirche best ...


  • Der begriff der renaissance

    Der Begriff der Renaissance kommt einerseits aus dem französischen (renaissance), andererseits aus dem italienische (rinascità) und bedeutet übersetzt \"Wiedergeburt\". Er bezeichnet die historische Epoche des Übergangs vom Mittelalter zur Neuzeit, der zwischen 1400 und 1600 stattfand. In kultureller Hinsicht bedeutet er eine Wiederbelebung antiker Ideale in Literatur, Philosophie, Wissenschaft und besonders in der Malerei und der Architek ...


  • Warum kommt es zu dieser wende?

    Die in der zweiten Hälfte des 14. Jahrhunderts festzustellende Ausbildung von neuen, an die Antike angelehnten Kulturinhalten und -formen ging mit der Loslösung aus der mittelalterlichen Gebundenheit in der Kirche und der feudalen Ordnung einher. Die damit verbundene gesellschaftliche Umstrukturierung ließ eine städtische Kultur entstehen, die nicht mehr nur vom Adel, sondern in verstärktem Maß vom Bürgertum getragen wurde. Neben den ...


  • Francesco petrarca "der vater der renaissance"

    * 20.7. 1304 in Arezzo + 18.7. 1374 in Argua bei Padua, Francesco war Sohn des florentinischen Notars Pietro, der aus politischen Gründen verbannt worden war. Nachdem er seine ersten Jahre mit der Mutter allein in Florenz verbracht hatte, folgte er 1310 seinem Vater nach Pisa und später nach Avignon, wo er, nachdem er in Grammatik, Rh ...



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