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  • Inhaltsangabe vom buch:the twelfth day of july!

    The first chapter takes place in a Protestant street.Tommy and Sadie Jackson are already looking forward to the 12th day of July which is a Protestant celebration day. Before dinner Mr Jackson asks his children why they are celebrating this day. After her mother tried to hit her Sadie flees from the kitchen into the street. The Jacksons\' house doesn\'t look like the other houses in the street. That\'s because of a paiting on the front side. It ...


  • Marilyn manson-

    -civil name Brian Warner -born 05.01.1969 -Canton, Ohio (USA) -father is Catholic -mother Catholic Episcopalian -nondenominational Christian school -\"So at an early age, Christians already started to appear to me as people who believed that their interpretation of God was the only one that was right\" -18 finished eduaction photojournalist -worked -1987 he, family move to South-Florida ...


  • Jonathan swift

    Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was a famous Irish author of satires. He was one of the first authors who used black humour and irony to draw the people's attention to problems like poverty and misery in Ireland in the 17th and 18th century. * 30. 11. 1667 in Dublin - his father died before Jonathan Swift was born - Jonathan Swift studied theology at Trinity College in Dublin - 1696 he went to England ( ...


  • Easy rider- life on a farm

    "Easy Rider" Life on a Farm The life on a farm as presented in the movie "Easy Rider" is a life of hard work but on the other hand a life with many advantages. It is a life without technology. The farmer is a simple man, a kind of "country boy". He is tolerant towards the two bikers. The farmer allows Billy and Wyatt to use his tools in the barnyard to patch up Wya ...


  • Advertising

    Advertising The aim of advertising is to influence the consumers. Advertisers use all kinds of psychological tricks to achieve their aims. The wish to buy the advertised brand goes hand in hand with the illusion of becoming as beautiful and desirable as the persons who advertise the products. In this essay I will discuss how the advertising managers want to achieve their aims and their psychological tricks. Characters, who are s ...


  • Little girl lost

    1. About the book itself is the autobiography of the famous actress Drew Barrymore. With the help of the professional writer Todd Gold ( a reporter of the People magazine ) she wrote down memories of her childhood, experiences with her divorced parents and how she came to take drugs. She had been out of rehab a few months and was excited to tell everyone her story of recovery when she started to work on the book in 1988. But during her ...


  • Canada

    Canada lies in the north of america. It lies between the atlantic-, and the pacific ozean. Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. In the south the USA adjoin, in the north of alaska. In the north lie many small islands. Canada owns umpteen lakes: the Great Bear Lake, the Great Sklave Lake and the Lake Winnipeg. The capital town is Ottawa with 1 million people. But it is not the largest city. The largest city is Toro ...


  • Ayers rock - australia

    Ayers Rock Ayers Rock is the largest rock in the world. It is a giant outcrop in the Northern Territory of Australia. Ayers Rock was named after the Premier of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers. Ayers Rock is also known by its Aboriginal name \'Uluru\'. It is 335 meters high but that's not all a big piece of it is digged in the ground. It is located 280 miles southwest of Alice Springs. The rock is more than 4,5 km long and 2,5 km wid ...


  • Northern ireland conflict

    Belfast. When you look at the kerbs in some streets of Belfast you can see that they have different colours. One street has white-blue-red stripes and the other green-white-gold stripes. One stands for the Union Jack and the other for the Republic of Ireland. These includes the aspects of the Northern Ireland conflict. Protestants versus Catholics it is - but not in a religious war. In this conflict, Catholicism and Protestan ...


  • The day after tomorrow

    Roland Emmerich must dislike New York City. After all, this is the third time he has destroyed it. Jack Hall (Denis Quaid) is a climatologist who has come to the result that teh world is fast approaching a new ice age. He think that the event will happen in 50 to 100 years. But in one week the weather is chancing. Tornados rip through Los Angeles, in Tokio is a big hailstorm and so on. Vice President Becker ignores Jack' warnings a ...


  • Seeing and blindness in oedipus rex

    In Sophocles\' Oedipus Rex, the theme of being blind and seeing is repeated over and over again. In fact, anything having to do with sight, blindness or even the eyes is repeated. I will examine the types of sight and blindness that occur in the play. Specifically these are: the obvious blindness of the prophet Teiresias but his sight about the truth the blindness of Oedipus and Iokaste to the truth the blindness of Oedipus when ...


  • London---

    Hauptstadt des Vereinigten Königreiches Großbritannien und Nordirland. Die an der Themse gelegene Stadt hat 7 Millionen Einwohner. Es gibt mehrere Universitäten und ein Observatorium sowie viele Bibliotheken. London hat riesige Hafen- und Dockanlagen und Lagerhäuser. Es gibt v.a. in den Randgebieten der Stadt vielfältige Industrien. Die Stadt ist außerdem ein bedeutendes internationales Handels- und Finanzzentrum. London hat eine U-Bahn und ...


  • Australia beautiful land of wonder

    in general Australia is the world largest island, but the smallest continent.It is 7.7 million sq km big and only 16 million people life their. The Currency is the Australian dollar and the capital is Canberra . Australia is divided into eight federal states : New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Tasmania . The federal states have ...


  • Take it easy, dad

    Every culture has it's tradition. Each tradition is different and usually doesn't cause problems in its own country. But what happens when Asian tradition is transplanted to a western county like England? Is it easy for a father to keep up his tradition if he lives in a different culture and does his behaviour cause problems for his children? Good examples of Asian families living in Great Britain can be seen in the "New British Cinema ...


  • Past perfect / simple past

    3. Form=had / 2. Form=ed 1. Nachdem ich aufgestanden war ging ich zur Schule. After I had got up, I went to school. 2. Nachdem Scott am Südpol angekommen war schrieb er in sein Tagebuch. After Scott had arrived South Pole, he wrote in his diary. 3. Nachdem Gillian gerettet worden war erzählte sie ihre Geschichte. After Gillian had been rescued, she told her story. 4. Nachdem David gesprochen hat ...


  • Flying doctors - australia

    The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a not-for-profit charitable service providing aero medical emergency and primary health care services together with communication and education assistance to people who live, work and travel in regional and remote Australia. There are eight RFDS entities that provide the service and fund raise for the RFDS nationally. These entities are called the RFDS "Sections" and together they form th ...


  • Cat stevens

    Cat Stevens - Biographie - Cat Stevens, his civil name is Steven Demetri Georgiou, was born on 21.07.1948 in London. - He began already early to write his own songs. - Until the end of the 60s, he had published about 30 songs, but not really successfully. - The end of his first career was in 1968, after his delivering in a hospital with de suspicion of tuberculosis. + The so called "Secon ...


  • Shortstory - just one day

    He was looking at me and my heart stopped beating. I didn't feel the floor right under my feet. My breathing was getting faster and in this moment I knew it, he or nobody. But this moment lasted just a few seconds and then I didn't see him anymore. I got out of the bus and looked around. >Nothing. Where is he? < I had seen him just once, but I felt as I had known him my whole life. Behind me, more and more students pushed themselves ...


  • Enlisch test

    English Test: 3 June 2004 The future I`ll phone you when I get home from work. I want to see Margaret before she goes out. We`re going on holiday tomorrow.I will tell you all about it when we come back. Brian looks very different now. When you will see him again, you will not recognise him. We must do something soon before it is too late. I don`t want to go without you. I`ll wait until you are ready. Sue has applied for the job b ...


  • The midlands--

    The Midlands is in the middle in England between the south of England, east England, the North Sea and the north of England as well as Wales on the Westside with the Cambrian mountains. The climate is mild. There are high precipitation, strong hoist and low differences between the temperature in the summer and the winter, on the day and at night. The landscape is hilly. In the Midlands the source of the river is Thames. One of the values of the ...



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