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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Literary terms

    Literary terms (Ausdruck) and their collocations (gebräuchliche Wortkombination) action Handlung The ~ takes place in a small town / in 1989. There is a lot of / hardly any / little ~ in. In the course of the story the ~ develops dramatically /. The ~ covers the period of a day / two years /. author Autor/in The ~ is concerned with (sich befassen mit)./ creates an atmosphere of sadness / using. The ~'s intention is to show us what ...


  • England--

    -UK is very small, but London is the seventh biggest city of the world -longest rivers are 'Severn' and 'Thames' -the Greenwich Mean time is used in UK Some counties Cambrigeshire - Cambrige Derbyshire - Matlock Greater London - London Hampshire - Winchster Somerset - Taunton The largest mixtures of cultures -people from Wales, Scotland and Ireland have settled in England -Jews, Russians, Germans, and Poles à to Britain, political ...


  • Anne frank--

    Annelies Marie Frank,was born on June, the 12th 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, there she lived with her parents and her older sister at the age of 14. Anne was a very happy child. She had a lot of friends and was good at school. But she missed something, a real good friend, to whom she could confide everything. On her 13th birthday she got a diary as a present. And to have the feeling to talk like to a real friend, she gave her diary the name "Ki ...


  • Tenses - ist ein bisschen unvollständig - bis zur 10. reichts aber..

    TENSES 1. The present tense Simple Present [Gegenwart] - often used for habitual actions with adverbs or adverbial phrases like always, every day, sometimes, never,. - it can also describe a series of actions or events that happen one after the other, e.g. in a description or summary I always take a lots of pictures when I´m on vacation. Every day Mrs. Ford drives to the city center in her car. Present Progressive [Verlaufsform der ...


  • Der fänger im roggen,the catcher in the rye, j.d. salinger,

    Zusammenfassung, Interpretation J.D. Salinger "Der Fänger im Roggen\" 1. zum Autor 2. Inhalt 3. Formanalyse 4. Autorenabsicht 5. eigene Meinung Wichtige Bücher: "The Catcher in the Rye\" (1951, dt. 1954 dann "Der Fänger im Roggen\") "Nine Stories\" (1953, dt. 1966 dann "Neun Erzählungen\") "Franny und Zooney\" (1961, dt. 1963) "Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters ans Seymour: An Introduction\" (1963, dt. 1965 dann) "Hebt den ...


  • Bill clinton

    He was the 42nd president of the United States, and the first president born after World War II. Clinton defeated incumbent president George Bush and independent candidate H. Ross Perot in the November 1992 election. In 1996 he was elected to a second term, defeating the Republican candidate Robert Dole. A moderate Democrat and longtime governor of Arkansas, Clinton was the first Democrat in 12 years to hold the presidency, and the first Democrat ...


  • Animal farm fragen zum 7. abschnitt

    What do the animals rebuild? (p.50/1) -the windmill Who and what was the reason that the windwill destroyed? (p.50/2) -Snowball -It had fallen down because the walls were too thin What happened to the food of the animals? (p.50/3 und 51/1) corn ration drastically reduced and it was announced that an extra pot, ration would be issued to -potato crop had been frosted in the clamps make up for it -potatoes had become soft and discoloured ...


  • Interview mit michael ballack

    FOOTBALL: THE BIG INTERVIEW: THE SMART MONEY\\\'S ON BALLACK FROM FOOTBALL FLOP TO NATIONAL HERO IN A MERE 12 MONTHS, MICHAEL BALLACK TALKS ABOUT HIS UPS AND DOWNS ONE year has made an incredible difference in the life of German midfield star Michael Ballack. At the start of September 2001 he was Germany\\\'s scapegoat for that shock 5-1 World Cup qualifying defeat by England in Munich\\\'s Olympic Stadium. Now he is back in the Olympic Stad ...


  • The quiet american

    Henry Graham Greene was born on October 2, 1904 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. His father Charles Henry was headmaster of the private school Grraham attended. The fourth of six children, Greene was very shy and sensitive. He disliked sports and was often truant from school in order to read adventure stories by authors such as Rider Haggard and Ballantyne. These novels had a deep influence on him and helped to shape his writing style. Greene was ...


  • Preludes of the american war of independence-1. taxes

    Preludes of the american indpendence war 1. Taxes Preludes: -french and indian war (1754-1763), Britain and the colonists fought againt France -Britain won all the land east of the Mississippi River -Britain was in debt, because costs had been huge -soon Anglo-American interdependence were disrupted after the war, British feared that the bond between Britain and its colonies could be undermined The Sugar Act: -british parliament and ...


  • Presidential election 2000 in usa

    The choice to 43. President of the USA characteristics of the choice system irregularities supplement - second countings left by knappe the election result of the presidency election on 7 November 2000, whose final exit remained open for weeks (see judgement US supreme of the Courts from 12 December 2000) ·However many can occur this and similar irregularities also in Germany (see to the choice gau in Germany). Characteristics of the choice ...


  • The american dream----

    - Term "invented" by an American historian during the Great Depression - A concept in history, society and culture - There is no definition of it or rather everybody has his own (complexity and vagueness) - History: o The pilgrims, first settlers, immigrated to America for several reasons: Europe was overcrowded, they were persecuted, . o For them America was the promised land, the land of milk and honey, a new world in which they would b ...


  • The industrial revolution

    History/facts: - time, when Britain was transformed from a largely agricultural country into one that was predominantly industrial - 1730-1850 and causes/results beyond - Britain was the first country to be industrialised: o Had two essential natural resources: coal and iron o Island: free from distractions of invasions o Land-owning aristocracy: more amenable to change than in other countries o Already had an affluent merchant class. o ...


  • Jane austen pride and prejudice

    1. Explain all the different kinds of marriages that are seen in the novel. Which marriage does Austen seem to consider the most effective and why? "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." Charlotte Lucas Mr Collins Charlotte Lucas is 27 years old and the eldest child of the Lucases. She is a very good friend of Elizabeth Bennet. ...


  • Dingo

    The Dingo is not wild dog, he had already lived in Australia for many thousand years before the wild house dog came to Austrlia. People think that the Dingos came with Indian dealers to the fifth continent 4000 to 5000 years ago. Ther are differen theories about the origin and descend of the Dingos. The most acapted theory is that he descends from the Indian wolf and for example immigrated to the Aborigines. Today there are only a few pur ...


  • War of secession

    Subdivision 1. General information 2. The Background 3. The occasion (s) 4. Abraham Lincoln 5. The war 6. The South since the war 1. General information - 1861 to 1865 - the rivals: northern industrial nations « southern agricultural nations of America - a different elaboration 2. The Background - the different elaboration: ® northern America: - there was the economic- industrial focal point - an abundant food production ...


  • Hard times / von carles dickens

    Short Summary Mr. Gradgrind is a man of \"facts and calculations.\" He identifies a student, called Girl number twenty, who replies that her name is Sissy Jupe. Gradgrind corrects her that her name is Cecilia regardless of what her father calls her. Jupe\'s father is involved in a horse-riding circus and this is not respectable mehr

  • Übersetzung

    Multimedia Most of us are familiar with the application of computer technology in the preparation of texts and graphics. While computer graphics enables the user to display images on a computer screen, such as the new design of a machine, for example, word processing has given the user the possibility of displaying and editing written information for a whole variety of purpose. Multimedia goes a great deal further. Basically, the use of this ...


  • Global positioning system - how does it work?

    Topic: GPS / Gallileo: GPS is also known as Global Positioning System Since 1960 GPS is developed by US Navy and US Air Force. In 1978 first satellite in spce. In 1983 the US government decided to open the system for civil usage. 1995: Full Operational Capability, FOC. In 2000 the formally integrated deterioration is disabled and within the exactness for civil users is increased from 100 m to 20m. On the other hand the EU is pla ...


  • Bob marley -

    I present my paper about Bob Marley alias Robert Nesta Marley was born at 2ed February 1945 at half past two in the morning, in Jamaica - in this grandfathers house. A few month later his parents were divorced. He was living to this mums house, but Roberts dad visited him. Later Robert went with his mum to Trenchtown. Robert met here often his new friend Neville Livingstone. Later when they are learning to sing, the two young boys ...



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