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  • Water pollution

    It's easy to dispose of waste by dumping it into a river or lake. The waste will be carried away by the current, but it will reappear downstream, perhaps in changed form, or diluted, and it will never disappear. Freshwater bodies like rivers, seas or lakes can clean themselves and break down some waste materials, but not so much like today's society dumps into the water. The result is water pollution which can put the ecosystem out of balance. ...


  • "web"

    About the author: John WYNDHAM was born in England in the year 1903 and died in the year 1969. He did a variety of jobs from farming to advertising, before he wrote his first novel. His most famous books are "The Day of the Triffids", "The Kraken Wakes" and "The Midwych Cuckoos". "WEB" was his last novel and did first appear ten years after his death. About the book: "WEB" is an adventure story that begins in England and ends on the ...


  • Four weddings and a funeral by richard curtis

    As you can think there are four weddings and a funeral in this film. The film begins when Charles (Hugh Grant) and his friend Scarlett wake up and recognize that they had woken up too late. They hurry to the wedding of Angus and Laura where Charles is best man. In addition to their lateness Charles forgot the rings, so Scarlett and Matthew help to get rings from the people in the church. Finally they have two rings, one is a big red coloured ...


  • Weekend - bookreport

    Main characters: Martha, a 38 years old woman, who has 3 children called, Jasper, Jolyon and Jenny. Martha has to do a lot of work every day and so she is always very tried. Martin, who is the husband of Martha, he likes to have all things perfect and fresh. He doesn't eat frozen meal and he has got a nice secretary, who is a slim lady. He likes slim ladies very much. Colin, who is one of Martin's friends and his new wife Katie, who is very att ...


  • Weep not, child by ngugi wa thiong'o

    The Author: \"To decolonize our minds we must not see our own experiences as little islands that are not connected with other processes.\" Ngugi wa Thiong'o, a Kenyan writer of Gikuyu descent was born in Limuru, Kenya, in 1938. After attending Alliance high School in Kikuyu and Makere University in Uganda, Ngugi went to England to study at the University of Leeds. Afterwards he began a successful career writing in English, before turning ...


  • The time machine by h.g.wells

    Author: \"The Time Machine\" was written by H.G.Wells,who was born in Bromley, Kent in 1866, to a working class family.His mother worked as a maid and housekeeper. After working as a draper's apprentice and pupil-teacher, he won a schoolarship to the "Normal School of Science" in South Kensington, where he began to write.The first published work appeared in May 1887 in the Science Schools Journal -"A Tale of the Twenti ...


  • Study guide for h. g. wells: the war of the worlds (1898)

    Introduction War of the Worlds was written in response to several historicalevents. The most important was the unification and militarization of Germany,which led to a series of novels predicting war in Europe, beginning with GeorgeChesney\'s The Battle of Dorking (1871). Most of these werewritten in a semi-documentary fashion; and Wells borrowed their technique to tiehis interplanetary war tale to specific places in England familiar to hisre ...


  • West side story -

    The book was written by Arthur Laurents and the music was composed by Leonard Bernstein. I think most of you know the film or the book and the important characters.But I will give you anyway a short view about them. There are twogangs: The Jets (Americans) and the Sharks(Puerto Ricans) THE JETS:Riff ...the leader Tony....his friend Their girlfriends: Graziella , Velma, Minnie, Clarica, Anybodys Action A-Rab Clarice Baby ...


  • What evidence does venus and adonis provide against the idea that sexual identities were stable in the early modern period?

    Cover picture: Campbell, see: Venus and Adonis, 929. In Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It Jaques, the second Son of Sir Rowland the Boys, realises that every human being has to pass through various stages in life, each of which has an archetypal function. This means that in each phase of life we are expected to behave in a certain, almost inescapable manner. This, Jaques brings h ...


  • Advertising - what is advertising?

    Every day when we watch TV or read the newspaper, we come across advertisements. Advertising persuades people to buy a certain product. It brings goods to the attention of consumers. People who are concerned with marketing deal with: 1. Market research 2. Product development 3. Promotion 1. MARKET RESEARCH The main idea of market research is, to find out whether a product is needed, whether people would buy it and what kind ...


  • Drugs are bad

    Introduction: Drugs are bad. Every child knows that. Just don't ever get in touch with drugs. They will destroy your life. Of course, we say. But why are there 1000s of juveniles dying each year. Their deaths caused directly or indirectly by drugs Didn't we tell them drugs were bad!? But when children develop into young adults, when they start to form their own opinion, when they dont believe the sensible, narrow minded grown ups anymore, ...


  • Doors of perception by aldous huxley

    All his life A. Huxley the author of the famous utopian novel Brave New World, was driven by a need to understand the mystery of human consciousness, a quest that led him from Christian Mysticism to the religions of the Far East and the pseudo religions of California. Unusually for a literary intellectual of his day Huxley was intensely interested in science and much of his work lies in the border zone between religion, art and science. In t ...


  • Amazing graze by jonathan kozol

    This book is not about a fictional fate. And it's not about the fate of a single character. This book is the report of the fate of thousands of people observed and written down by a New York City journalist. It is not set in a Third World country but in New York City, not at the time of immigration but in the mid 1990ies, a place and time where you think civilization had reached its fullest extent and highest level. The book is about people who l ...


  • Personal experience and conclusions about drugs

    Drugculture in NYC Before I went to the USA I had never been much confrontated with the problem of drugabuse. Of course I was in touch with Europe's legal drug alcohol before and nicotine addicts are found all over the place. But that was it. Of course i had heard of heroine, exctasy or marijuana before. But all I knew was drugs are bad! Dont ever get in touch with them, they will destroy your life. That's just about it I thought and as long a ...


  • Why is macbeth a tragedy?

    According to the definition a tragedy is a form of drama in which the protagonist passes through a series of misfortunes towards his or her downfall. Aristotle adds that the tragedy centers around a tragic hero who because of his or her hamartia suffers a reversal of fortune from happiness to misery. The question whether MACBETH is a tragedy can be answered if you take a closer look at the play. In the beginning of Shakespeare's MACBETH the prot ...


  • Why smoking is a biohazard

    Lighting a cigarette or maybe a cigar has become a compulsive pastime for millions of people world-wide. Even though they are very aware of all the alarming dangers caused by "cigs", people keep on smoking them. A majority of smokers maintains that consuming thousands (!) of cigarettes annually helps "to restore a well-balanced state of mind". Justifying their addiction to tobacco, they also pretend that they "savor" these moments of giving ...


  • Night by elie wiesel

    The author: Elie Wiesel was born in Romania in 1928. He was deported with his family to Auschwitz when he was still a boy, and then to Buchenwald, where his parents and younger sister were killed. After the war he moved to Paris, where he w rote Night ( 1981 ) , the moving mernoir of these experiences. In 1986 Elie Wiesel was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with this book. Main characters: Eliezer: short Elie He is the author and narra ...


  • William faulkner: the author and his times

    No one who knew William Faulkner in high school would have voted him \"most likely to succeed.\" He dropped out in the eleventh grade. \"I never did like school,\" he said, \"and I stopped going as soon as I got big enough to play hooky and not be caught at it.\" Failure seemed attached to him like a tin can. His girlfriend married a man whose prospects were better than Faulkner\'s. The U.S. Army Air Corps wouldn\'t take him during World War ...


  • As i lay dying: the plot

    Addie, a schoolteacher, marries Anse Bundren, a tall man with a humped back who has a farm in the hills of Yoknapatawpha County. They have a child, Cash, who makes Addie feel less alone and whom she loves. Her contentment with one child is shattered when she finds herself pregnant with her second child, Darl. She feels that Anse has tricked her with words of love, which she is sure he cannot feel. In revenge, she secures a promise she knows ...


  • As i lay dying: anse bundren [9, 26, 28]

    Anse is a hill farmer who inherited his parents\' farm just south of the Yoknapatawpha River, which crosses the southern end of Yoknapatawpha County. A lazy man, he has convinced himself that if he ever sweats, he will die. He is so ineffectual when confronted with obstacles that his sons have to make many of his decisions for him. Yet he seems to mean well. When Addie dies, his grief appears genuine, although he can express it only clumsily ...



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