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  • India -

    A. THE COUNTRY India is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and Pakistan. Its surface is 3.287.590km2, of which 2.973.190 km2 are land and 314.400 km2 are water. 56% of the land are arable, 1% are permanent crops, 4% are permanent pastures and 23% are forests and woodlands. The highest point of India is the mountain Kanchenjunga (27¢XN, 88¢XE), which is 8.598m high. Common natural h ...


  • Indirekte rede - direkte rede

    Direkte Rede Indirekte Rede present tense I drive / checked the car. "» past tense ... I drove / checked the car. present perfect I have driven / checked the car "» past perfect ... I had driven / checked the car past perfect I had driven / checked the car "» past perfect ... I had driven / checked the car will-future I will drive a car "» conditional ... I would drive / check the car ...


  • Talk

    Introduction I'll present you my holiday experience of the last autumn holidays. We were in France, in the Burgundy. We made holidays on a boat of Connoisseur. Connoisseur is supplier, which offers boats to drive on the channel of Burgundy. This channel starts in Pouilly-en-auxois and ends in Laroche-Migennes. Everybody which is 18 is allowed to drive such a houseboat. The Trip We started early in the morning, because we had to be ther ...


  • Trade cycle

    Everyday we read in newspapers, that the unemployment in Austria increases or falls, that the government has to do "Sparpakete" because they can not afford so much social costs anymore. In a TRADE CYCLE you can see how well the economy is. As you see in the graph the trade cycle begins with revival, recovery and expansion of a depression time period, where the economie wasn't so well. The business activities st ...


  • Information about human rights and amnesty international

    Amnesty International was launched in 1961 by Peter Benenson, a British lawyer, after reading about two Portuguese students who had been sentenced to seven years\' imprisonment for raising their glasses in a toast to freedom. His newspaper appeal, \"The Forgotten Prisoners\", was published worldwide on 28th May 1961 and brought in more than 1,000 offers of support for the idea of an international campaign to protect human rights. Human rights ...


  • It - information technology

    Austria has made a significant contribution to advances in the fields of science and technology. It must be said, however that the achievements of our scientists, engineers, technologists and inventors have not always received the same degree of public acclaim as the work of Austria's great cultural figures. This lead to the fact that most of the famous Austrian scientists had almost no chance to become as well known as their colleges in the Unit ...


  • International trade

    Why do we need international trade? Because of the different climate or rough materials. If you want to have bananas you can buy Austrian, but if there are Austrian ones, they are very expensive. So we have to import bananas from a country in which they can be produced cheaper. Even if we need rough materials, which we do not have in Austria, we have to buy them from elsewhere. Different stages of education cause that not every country can pr ...


  • Giants of the internet

    The History of the Internet In the year 1969 the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) assigned the US Ministry of Defence to create a computer net, which should firstly ensure the communication in case of a nuclear attack and secondly enable the collaboration between several research institutes. The ARPANET was created that way and was soon the link between several American universities. How we experience the Internet nowadays cannot be ...


  • Internet -

    Now, I want to tell you something about the Internet. My report contains the requirements, a description of the World Wide Web and the eMail. First of all I'll list the requirements. For an access to the Internet you need a multimedia computer with at least 66 megahertz and sixteen megabyte ram. Then you require a modem, an ISDN - hostadapter or a connection to Teleweb. Modem stands for modulator and demodulator, ISDN stands for Integrated ...


  • Internet --

    0.1 What´s the Internet? That question is rather difficult to answer because the Internet is so many things to so many different people. It\'s simply a series of computer networks linked together all over the world, communicating almost all the time with one another. A single network of computers, is for example, all the computers linked together within our school building. The Internet consists of thousands of these networks communicating t ...


  • Interpretation - king lear

    The history of King Lear and his three daughters is an old British legend. In his interpretation Shakespeare takes different sources; the main character is supposed to be taken from "The True Chronicle History of King Leir". It is very odd for Shakespeare's way of writing that the plot changes so abrupt and all of a sudden. He abridges and concentrates the main plot and develops the material of a relatively irrelevant play into a tragedy, th ...


  • Lord of the flies - william golding

    There has been an atomic explosion and the children have been evacuated in an aircraft with a detachable passenger tube. Flying over tropical seas ( having travelled via Gibraltar and Addis Ababa) the aircraft has been attacked and has released the tube which has crash-landedin the jungle of the island. The aircraft has flown off in flames, the remains of the tube have been swept out to sea in a storm. When Ralph and Piggy could call all chi ...


  • Sharon maas of marriageable age"

    Interpretation: This is a love story but not an ordinary one since it describes the lives of four people who are ralated to one another. The plot describes four lives in two decades but these are built up chronologically. The action is quite complex since the reader does not know how the different characters are related to one another, this turns out step by step and only in the ending one can understand the whole relationship of the characters, ...


  • Barry sadler's "ballad of the green beret"-

    2.2.1. The Song's Background / What is a Green Beret ? Before taking a look at Barry Sadler´s lyrics it is necessary to explain what exactly is a Green Beret .They are a " breed apart , a cut above the rest , fighters of uncommon mental and physical caliber. Mature , highly skilled , and superbly trained , they are ready to serve anywhere at any time." They are usually referred to as the absolute elite within the army . Deployed on ev ...


  • Interpretation of contemporary poems of the 1960s -

    2.1. Bob Dylan´s "Blowing in the Wind" 2.1.1. The song's History The inspiration for this song is believed to have come to Bob Dylan´s mind one afternoon in April 1962 , during a long political discussion with friends . As the conversation petered out in silence , Dylan was suddenly struck by the thought that there were severe problems in the U.S.A. of his time ,the Western world , respectively. He had known this for a long time th ...


  • Interpretation of "romeo & juliet" (ii./2)

    Indeed "Romeo and Juliet" is the most popular drama of William Shakespeare. This tragic lovestory touches many humans nad is been the original for lots of movies. I want to take a closer look on the second scene of the second act - the so-called balcony scene which concludes the second meeting of Romeo and Juliet. Both are very excited emotionally. The scene begins with the advance of Romeo at Juliet´s balcony and his secret observation of J ...


  • Sadie and kevin - into exile

    Author The author, Joan Lingard was born in Edinburgh, but then she lived, until she was eighteen, in Belfast. At the age of eleven she began writing and wanted to become a writer. Joan Lingard is the author of more than twenty novels for young people and twelve for adults. She has three daughters and one grandson and lives in Edinburgh with her Canadian husband. Some titles of her books are "Tug of War", "Between two worlds", "The guilty p ...


  • Into the interior- sandra hannesschlaeger

    Into the Interior! The end of the 18-century mapped Ausralia´s coastline. There were many theories about what could be on the other side of the Blue Mountains. Some people thought, the land was rich and fertile. But others believed it was dry and marshland. A telegraph line was needed to set up a connection with Australia to the rest of the world. The first men suffered terrible hardships and some lost their lives. In 1859 the government of Aus ...


  • Investing in people - the national training framework

    2.1 Government organisations The Employment Department is organised into four directorates. 1. Training and Enterprise Directorate (TEED) It is responsible for work on training, enterprise and education policy. An other organisation called National Training Task Force (NTTF) was established to help TEED. The main assignment of the NTTF is to research into training, enterprise and vocational development, research priorities and sponsoring s ...


  • Policy initiatives

    The policies which I describe afterwards, are part of an Employment Department budget of 2,680 million pounds for training, enterprise and vocational education programs. 3.1 Training for Work Training for Work is especially for people who where unemployed for six months ore more. There are places for 150,000 people planned. People learn to improve and update skills or to learn new ones. 3.2 Youth Training It is for 16 to 17 year old people ...



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