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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Usher

    Usher Raymond IV oder auch wie er genannt wird Big Ush erblickte am 14. oktober 1978 das mit dem Sternzeichen Waage das Licht der Welt, er Wurde in Chatanooga/Tenesse geboren und lebte von da an in Atlanta/Georgia. Er ist Schwarz 1,80m hat braune augen und schwarze Haare. Seine Mutter Jonetta Patton auch seine Managerin und sein Vater Usher raymond III gaben gut auf ihn Acht. Er hat Auch noch eine bruder sein Name ist James und secht jahre jünger ...


  • 450 englische vokabeln

    Vokablen Deutsch Englisch (an-) schalten to switch on (Reise-) Paß passport Abfahrt depature allgemein general Ankunft arrival Atem breath ätzend acid aufheben to pick up Aufzug lift begrenzt limited Belagerung siege beliebt popular Benzin petrol berühmt famous Besatzung crew beschäftigt busy Beschützer keeper bestellen to order bevorzugen to prefer Bild image Bildschirm screen Bleistift pencil Blitz lightning Bohne bean Brille glases Brötchen ro ...


  • The outback-

    Quotation Where and what is the Outback? Deserts and Lake Eyre Informations Animals Alice Springs and the Stuart Highway Life in the Outback End 1. Quotation (Folie: Zitate) "There is no time in the Outback. Only the tyranny of the distance and the control of the width. Either you hate it or you love it. There aren't any compromises" 2. Where and what is the Outback? (Folie: Karte) The people of A ...


  • Nirvana quali 2004

    Hello my name is ... and now i want to tell you something about the life of my favourite Band. My Lecture is about the famous Grunge Band Nirvana. `The former Nirvana Band was founded in Aberdeen/Washington in 1987. This Band consisted of Kurt Cobain as their Leadsinger and Kirst Novoselic as their Bassist and Aaron Bruckhard as their Drummer. On January 23th in 1988 Nirvana recorded a 10-song-demo with the Godfather of Grunge Leg ...


  • Ich liebe dich in allen sprachen

    ICH LIEBE DICH IN ALLEN SPRACHEN: -Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief -Albanich: te du shum -Arabisch: Ana Behibak (nur zu einem Mann) -Arabisch: Ana Behibek (nur zu einer Frau) -Armenisch: Yes Kezi Seeroom yem seerem anoushig I mog -Assameisch: Moi tomak bhal pau -Assyrisch: ana bayanookh (Frau zu Mann) -Assyrisch: ana bayinakh (Mann zu einer Frau) -Australisch: I love you -Azerbaiyanisch: Men Seni sevirem -Baskisch: Maite Zaitut ...


  • Stephen king: misery (15+16)

    Task Create a worksheet on one ort wo chapters of the novel ( if possible PC written as it is easier to copy). Your worksheet has to include: a) a short summary of the chapters in your own words b) questions that arise from the text (6) c) choose 10 new words from the text an paraphrase them in your own English. a) short summary of chapter 15 - "Butchers Knife" The world outside began to ...


  • Australien - englisch g 2000 - unit 5 (???) + vokabeln

    120.000 BC Remains found in New South Wales suggest Aborigines are already living there 60.000 BC Pemberton: people with firesticks, hunted animals and burned land, changed land à more open, grassland; grass feed Kangaroos à good hunting 23.000 BC Australian technology leads the world, as tools found in the Northern Territory show 18.000 BC The Tasmanian Tiger and other now extinct animals were paint at Ubirr Rock Aborigines in Nort ...


  • Florida - english facts

    Florida Geography - a state in the South-East - capital: Tallahassee - borders: in the North: Alabama and Georgia - in the East: the Atlantic - in the West: Golf of Mexico - the peninsula Florida has an area of 170 313 km² - highest spot is 105 m over sea level at the border to Alabama ...


  • The european union--

    History The EU was founded in 1945, at the end of the "Second World War". Europe was in ruins and had to be rebuilt. The new Europe was to be very different from the old one. European empires were falling apart The countries of Europe were no longer the world's most important political power The governments of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg moved towards a more formally united Europe. ...


  • Alexander s. neill - lebenslauf

    Alexander S. Neill Wer war Alexander Sutherland Neill? \"Einer der radikalsten Erziehungswissenschafter des 20. Jahrhunderts\" 1, \"ein genialer Erzieher\"2 oder \"ein Idylliker aus der pädagogischen Provinz\"3? Neill schreibt über sich selbst: \"Ich bin in meinen Augen kein Lehrer, kein berühmter Erzieher und weit davon entfernt, ein gescheiter Philosoph zu sein. Ich sehe mich gern als einfachen Zeitgenossen, ... der eine gewisse B ...


  • Zeiten aktiv

    Englisch Aktiv Verben Present Simple Present I I am I have you you are you have he -s he is he has she -s ...


  • Unabhängigkeitserklärung

    Wie alle Worte entstanden - 4.7.1776 Kontinentalkongress (der erste war 1774) , 13 Kolonien > als Protest gegen wirtsch. U. polit. Restriktionen. - Daraus folgte der Nordamerikanische Unabhängigkeitskrieg, Unterstützung Frankreichs, der zur Gründung der USA führte, und mit dem Pariser Vertrag endete - Handelte hauptsächlich von Klagen und Regeln gegen die Georg III verstoßen hatte, polit. Ideen basierten auf ...


  • Autralian sheepfarming

    NEW SOUTH WALES World Heritage Parks, real Australian Outback, snow-capped ski fields, breathtaking beaches and coastlines, lush farming country and the dazzling city lights of Sydney; New South Wales has a lot to offer!! Against this superb backdrop you will find a network of adventure activities, historie country towns, arts and crafts, great dining, food and wine trails, entertaiment and shopping and a fascinating heritage and sbo ...


  • Australia aboriginal life

    Australia : Aborigines About Australia 17.000 000 people live in Australia.The capital city of Australia is Canberra, but the oldest city is Sydney. There is the famous Operahouse built by a Danish architect. Famous tourist attractions are the Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Rief and Bondi Beach. The first people of Australia are called Aborigines or Koori and today they make up 1.5 per cent of the population. 1.) The First Aborig ...


  • Ku klux klan (kkk) artikel

    \"Ku Klux Klan\": The \"Ku Klux Klan\", from the greek \"kuklos\", (\"circle\" or \"wheel\"), is a \"fraternal organization\". This one grew out of the Civil War in America to protect the white race and preserve \"voluntary separation\" of the races, and even an end of Blacks, Catholics, and Jews. They are well known, the disguised hooded Klansmen, in their white sheets, posing as ghosts of dead Confederate soldiers, with their blazing to ...


  • Halloween

    Already on afternoon 31 October takes off children in all kinds of scary linings to make in order to request from their right, in the neighbourhood sweets, to use. Since also quite already older children take part in the a collecting, the demand for donation and acceptance can drag on at the entry door over a some number of hours on the day, into the late evening. In each case trick is to be attributed or treat to the bases of the folkwre Ir ...


  • The outsiders--

    review of the book The title of this book is The Outsiders. It was written by S.E. Hinton and takes place in the past. The novel is about a boy, Ponyboy, who has lost his parents and lives now together with his brothers in their house. With them and friends he is in a gang, whom calls the greasers. Their enemies are the Socs. At one day a big fight shall be between the Socs and the greasers... The meaning of this book is, that you ne ...


  • Shopping in america

    Many American teenagers spend more time in shopping malls, than any other place. A lot of senior citizens often go to malls only for watching people, meet their friends and pass the time. Teenagers have the same reasons why they go there. Joggers go to shopping malls early in the morning , before the shops open, they like this area because it\'s air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. For lots of Americans, shopping is a kind of s ...


  • Las vegas --

    My presentation is about Las Vegas. THE TOWN Las Vegas is in Nevada an has about 600000 residents and more than 120000 hotelbeds. Every year visits over 30 million people the glittercity and spend there 6 milliards Dollar for fortune play. Las Vegas belongs to the knowest towns in the world. Las Vegas is composed of two pieces, the older downtown in the north and the modern Strip in the south. The head receipts is the fortune play ...


  • Dürfen -can, allowed

    Can und is/are/am allowed to beziehen sich auf eine Érlaubnis in der Gegenwart. Wird die Erlaubnis nicht gewährt, so verwendet man cannot /can´t oder am / are / is not allowed to . Beachte aber, dass bei einem echten Verbot (Zwang) must not steht: You MUST´NT copy your neighbour´s homework Wenn man UM ERLAUBNIS BITTET, verwendet man Can I/we .......? oder MAy I / we....? Beache aber: May/ we .....? ist förmlicher. In derVERGANG ...



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