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Australien - englisch g 2000 - unit 5 (???) + vokabeln

120.000 BC Remains found in New South Wales suggest Aborigines are already living there

60.000 BC Pemberton: people with firesticks, hunted animals and burned land, changed land ā more open, grassland; grass feed Kangaroos ā good hunting

23.000 BC Australian technology leads the world, as tools found in the Northern Territory show

18.000 BC The Tasmanian Tiger and other now extinct animals were paint at Ubirr Rock

Aborigines in Northern Territory are in contact with traders from Indonesia
first Dutch seamen came to discover Australia (no interest in founding a colony)
Captain Cook claims the whole of the east coast of Australia for the British
ships left England with 300 soldiers and 700 men and women, Captain Phillip (commander) was determined to found a colony in Australia (East coast), the passengers = convicts from England ( had been sentences to be transported for life for stealing) ā hard laws; transportation cheaper than building new prisons ( Georgia was lost (former prison camps))
8 month voyage; struggle for survival (water was scarce; no wheat or sheeps ā only kangaroos) many fell ill or died (food for 2 years but 3 passed) ā ships from England with food

Sydney Cove: Captain Phillips First Fleet arrives and white invasion begins (population: 1 Mio. Aborigines) nom it belonged to Britain ā claimed half of Australia; He thought it was only empty land
Whites in Tasmania are allowed to shoot Aborigines
1817 Death sentences for Theft

killing of Aborigines continues: population in 1929: 30.000 Aborigines
1838 Tasman Peninsula: officers returned from penal colonies in wagons pushed by convicts, stopped at a hut (thought of families in Britain)

transportation of convicts from Britain is stopped (before: conditions improved: finish sentencesā given freedom + piece of land)
Villages and small towns were built

Gold is founded ā more people (adventures came) over 1 Mio( 1851- 61 L 120.000.000 for gold)
Edward Hargraves (goldfever) came with 2 friends to NSW - found gold ā happy

colonies united under one government (Commonwealth) ā independent
laws introduce social benefits (not for Aborigines)
\"stolen generation\": thousands of Aboriginal children were legally taken from their mothers; they are still trying to find their families today (Report about it: 1995)
1928 in Oueensland the first mission of the world's most famous ambulance service started. A plan landed and people clapped

first of many demonstrations against discrimination of Aborigines in Sydney
British nuclear tests in South Australia (Maralinga) leave many Aborigines with radiation sickness
black mist rolled over Aborigines camp ā water tasks greasy (sore mouth) ā fell sick or die
Innocence ā believed it's an evil spirit, but it's atomic fallout (nuclear test)

Today: Aborigines want a inquest and a reparation

Led them back would be murder

1956 people walked through the \"fields of thunder\", knew the waterholes, passed signs \"DANGER!\" (can't understand English), blinding light lit up the sky, mushroom came close and explosion reached ears, they wondered and standing still

Aborigines are given the right to vote
Secret nuclear test and there are still unmarked radioactive equipment (6 years after the official end of the program)
Changes in the law bring equal rights for Aborigines and an official end to discrimination
Ayers Rock belongs to the Aborigines (holy site)
1988 26th January: Burnum Burnum claimed Britain for the Australian Aborigines; but they didn't take him seriously (the Aborigines didn't followed him and the British didn't defend their land)

Australian Day ā 200th Birthday was celebrated: the arrival of the eleven ships with prisoners was re-enacted

Invasion Day ā Aborigines protest about the destruction of their culture since the arrival of the first Europeans (March through the streets with spears and boomerangs)

first \"National Sorry Day\": people of Australia apologise to Aborigines
2000 Mai: National Sorry Day ā Australia's prime minister refused to join a march and apologise to Aborigines: \"I can't say Sorry for what others in the past done.\"

Aborigines are still highly disadvantaged in all areas of life compared to all other groups



rich: lots of streets, small planes, a school, a clinic, a swimming-pool and much more

Alice Springs

poor: remote, they are drinking and living in poverty in the dry bed of the Todd River
white Australians think: they are always begging and then they buy alcohol
- have lived in the outback(know how to find water + food) for 40.000 years

ā in 200 years most of the culture have been destroyed

they can't live according to the traditional ways of their ancestors
holy places shouldn't be touched
ā conflict with the governments + mining companies

- Australia has lots of minerals (many lie under the ground of Aborigines)

Nuclear Waste

Britain dump nuclear waste in Australia
Menaces rare wildlife and aboriginal communities

Britain: large stock of nuclear waste
Environmentalists fear Australia will be used as a nuclear dustbin
ā Britain reduce their growing radioactive waste mountain by dispose the waste to Australia

repository threatens to destroy ancient settlement + the landscape
Aborigines fear that their children will be killed by the poison from Britain

poison - Gift

inhuman - unmenschlich

outback - Wüste Australiens

(to) fertilise the soil - den Boden fruchtbar machen

claim - in Anspruch nehmen, verlangen

starvation - Hungern

(to) take s.o. seriously - jem. Ernst nehmen

re-enacted - wiederholen

convict - Sträfling

greasy - fettig

sore - wund

innocence - Unwissenheit

atomic fallout - radioaktiver Niederschlag

inquest - gerichtliche Untersuchung

reparations - Wiedergutmachung

(to) dump - abladen

menace / threaten -bedrohen

waste - Müll

rare - selten

environmentalists - Umweltschützer

dispose - wegschaffen

repository - Lager

determine - entschlossen

remote - abgelegen

beg - betteln

suggest - hinweisen

extinct - ausgestorben

benefits - Vorteile

equal - gleich/e

disadvantage - benachteiligen

scarce - knapp

mushroom - Atompilz

guinea pigs - Versuchskaninchen

stock - Vorrat
reduce - senken



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