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  • The outback

    The Outback is the hottest and dryest teritory in Australia. It is 7.686.848 square kilometres big. The dayly temperature is 40 °C. Just a few humans are living there, like the Aborigenees. They are Asian decent. In some places are cattle stations, where humans breed animals. In Westaustralia were many camel stations, which existed for fifty years. In 1860 up to 1907 \"workcamels\" were imported from Pakistan and India to Australia ...


  • Englisch-grammatik zusammenfassung

    The Past Perfect Tense / Vorvergangenheit simple: had + 3form Verneinung und Frage mit hadn't und had Keywords: after, before progressiv: had been + -ing Verneinung und Frage mit hadn't been ...


  • Piove di sacco

    Our report is about Piove di Sacco, which is the most important town of the South-Eastern part of the Province of Padua, where the whole district takes its name "Saccisica" (sprich: Satschisika) from this town. Piove di Sacco, with its 17.000 inhabitants, lies in the industrial region in the north of Italy between Padua and Chioggia which is near Venice. It is an old city having many historical buildings, famous churches and museums. ...


  • Nirvana-

    Kurt Donald Cobain was born on the 20th of February, 1967 in Hoquaim, a small town 140 km from Seatlle. Soon, his father Donald and his mother Wendy moved with hin to Aberdeen. His father worked at the local lumber mill while his mother stayed at home to look after the children. When Kurt was 2 years old, he was first interested in music. He couldn´t attend the guitar lessons because he couldn´t stay still for a while. [He was given a drug c ...


  • Harry potter, houses of hogwarts

    Gryffindor: Founder: Godric Gryffindor Characteristics: brave, daring, nerve, chivalry Banner: red and gold with a lion Headmistress: Prof. McGonagall à teaches Transfiguration Hufflepuff: Founder: Helga Hufflepuff Characteristics: loyalty, patience, just, hardworking Banner: yellow-black with a badger Headmistress: Mrs. Sprout à teaches ...


  • Australia - aborigines

    Australia - Aborigines About Australia 17.000 000 people live in Australia.The capital city of Australia is Canberra, but the oldest city is Sydney. There stands the famous Operahouse built by a Danish architect. Famous tourist attractions are the Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Rief and Bondi Beach. The first people of Australia are called Aborigines or Koori and today they make up 1.5 per cent of the population. 1.) The First Aborigines When ...


  • Truman - life goes on...

    Exclusive for our readers we investigated how Meryl' s and Marlon' s lives - undisputed the two closest people to Truman in his period of life as the star in the unique and inimitable reality show on TV- will be like after the show has ended. We will reveal you the whole truth. As an extra especially for our readers we printed some latest photos of Meryl alias Cindy Bradshaw and Marlon alias Frank Heppner. But the pictures already divulge t ...


  • Stone cold

    At first I want to tell you a few sentences about Robert Swindells who wrote the book. Robert Swindells left school at the age of fifteen and joined the Royal Air Force at seventeen and a half. After his discharge, he worked at a variety of jobs, before training and working as a teacher. He is now a full time writer and lives with his wife Brenda on the Yorkshire Moors. Robert Swindells has written many books for young people, and ...


  • Melbourne

    Hello everybody. I'd like to talk to you about Melbourne. Melbourne is a very interesting city, and that's why I have chosen Melbourne for my presentation. I have divided my talk into few parts. First I'd like to give you a few facts about Melbourne. Then I'm going to talk about the history of Melbourne. Later I will say a few words about Melbourne's cultural and ethnic diversity. And last but not least I want to describe some sights and attra ...


  • Nordirland-

    Kurzer Text über Nordirland\'s Problematik Northern Ireland- land of troubles Yesterday a 36-years-old policeman died near Belfast when a bomb exploded under the driving seat of his car. His 8-years-old daughter who he was driving to school was wounded seriously. Such reports about violence in Northern Ireland are long since/already long ago part of every day life. In Great Britain there have been terrible attacks in the last ...


  • Keanu reeves

    Today i will talk about Keanu Reeves.Keanu Charles Reeves was born September,2,1964 in Beirut Lebanon. His nickname is the Wall, because he had He goalie-Position in his Highschool Icehockeyteam \" La Salle\". His father Samuel Nowlin Reeves is half Hawaiian and half Chinese and His mother Patric Taylor is English. He has two sisters Kim, was born 1966 and Karina, was born 1976, but she is his half sister. Keanu means \" cool breeze over the mo ...


  • Chicago

    Chicago is the third largest city in the United States with a population of 2 million 800 thousand. (This was in 2002). It is located in the state of Illinois and directly at the shores of Lake Michigan. Its name comes from the Indian word for wild onions and means as much as \"stinky onion\", because of the strange smell of wild onions that used to be there. Chicago was founded in 1830 at the border of Fort Dearborn. Now Chicago has one ...


  • Die geschichte von stonehenge

    Erst während des 20. Jahrhunderts haben archäologische Ausgrabungen verlässliche Informationen über sein Alter und seine Geschichte ergeben, die es uns jetzt ermöglichen zu sagen, welches die hauptsächlichen Merkmale von Stonehenge sind und wann ungefähr und in welcher Reihenfolge die verschiedenen Formen erbaut wurden. Stonehenge wurde in verschiedenen Abschnitten gebaut, wahrscheinlich zunächst ein Steinkreis als Einfriedung für Zeremonien ...


  • About michael schumacher

    Michael Schumacher was born on the 3rd January 1969 in Hürth-Hermülheim. He is one of the best car racing drivers all over the world. With the age of 6 he started his career in a cart club. His father trained and helped him very much. But then the money was a problem, because Michael became much better very fast and the racing cars got too expensive. So they searched for sponsors - with success.Eberybody loved him, saw his huge talent and suppo ...


  • Feiertage in irland

    St. Patrick's Day (17. März) Der irische Nationalfeiertag ist in Dublin am lautesten und trinkfreudigsten und dauert in der Regel vier Tage mit dem Höhepunkt einer kunterbunten Parade und einem Feuerwerk. In kleinerem Rahmen feiert man ihn auf der ganzen Insel. Bloomsday (16. Juni) Der Bloomsday in Dublin ist ein touristisch aufgepepptes Fest für eingefleischte James-Joyce-Fans, das den Spuren jenes Tages folgt, an denen der ganze »Ulysses« ...


  • Ireland between 1169 and 1541

    - The confrontations about the king supports the Anglo-Norman conquest - the inferior ( unterlegen ) king of Leinster ( Dermot Mac Murchada ) asked by King Heinrich 2. for Anglo-Norman barons to help him - Heinrich was King of England - he wants his kingdom back - he promised them areas and titles in Leinster - 1169 came Dermot back with foreign mercenaries ( Söldner ) and ...


  • About a boy - nick hornby

    1. Author: Nick Hornby was born in 1957 and worked as a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. His first book "Fever Pitch" enjoyed great critical success, it was published in 1992. The film of "Fever Pitch" (with screenplay by the author) was released in 1997. His novels "High Fidelity" and "About a Boy" were published to equal critical and popular acclaim. Nick Hornby lives in North London. 2. ...


  • Tenses---

    Tenses Present Progressive (Die Verlaufsform des Präsens) Merke: be (am/is/are) + verb + ing Anwendung: Das Present Progressive wird verwendet, wenn man ausdrücken will, was jemand gerade macht. Im Deutschen gibt es nicht diese Zeit, daher fügen wir oft ein gerade, im Augenblick/Moment oder jetzt hinzu. Diese Zeit kannst du allerdings auch verwenden, wenn du ausdrücken willst, dass etwas in der Zukunft geplant oder fest vereinbart ist. Key words: ...


  • Ellis island

    Not everyone arriving in New York had to go to Ellis Island. Immigrants in first- and second-class were processed aboard their ships soon after docking on the mainland. Onboard exams were shorter than those on the island, since inspectors were more accepting of anyone who could afford the higher fare. Most of the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island were poor. They crammed by the thousands aboard steamships that took weeks to cr ...


  • Moonshot

    Im Dezember 1968 war der erste bemannte Flug zum Mond gelungen. Die Apollo 8 hatte in 112 Kilometer Abstand den Erdtrabanten umrundet. Im Mai 1969 hatten sich die Astronauten Stafford und Young dem Mond mit einer Fähre bereits bis auf 15 Kilometer genähert. Am 16. Juli 1969, um 9 Uhr 32 Ostküstensommerzeit (EST) hatte die Apollo 11 vom Kennedy Space Center in Florida abgehoben. Nach einem erfolgreichen Countdown-Probelauf am 3. Juli war dies ...



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