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  • The korean war

    During WW2 Korea had been under Japanese occupation, and the allies had agreed on the 38th degree as division-line of their landing troops. Although never intended, this line became a border, since the soviet-occupied North had turned into a people's republic, whereas the south remained free. But on June 25, 1950, North-Korean forces attacked the South, whose army had no chance to win. Truman decided to draw a line, and not to tolerate the c ...


  • Last days in office harry s truman

    Besides the Korean war, Truman had also to face other problems in 1951 and 1952. The so-called "McCarthyism", anti-communistic paranoia was steadily growing, and in April 1952, another nationwide strike was organized, this time by the steel-millers. Since the steel-production was essential for the war, Truman decided to simple seize the steel-mills. The public opinion heavily criticized this method and he was sued for it by the union. The Sup ...


  • Harry potter and the chamber of secrets

    Harry Potter: young wizard in his second year at Hogwarts Ron Weasley + Hermione Granger: his best friends Tom Riddle: former pupil of Hogwarts; turns later out to be Lord Valdemort Lord Voldemort: evil wizard of the Dark Arts; killed Harry`s parents, but didn`t manage to kill him Harry, Ron and Hermion are back at Hogwarts after the summer holidays. But as soon as the term starts, strange things happen.Several students get petr ...


  • Harry potter and the philosopher's stone

    Introduction There are four books about Harry Potter. I think the fourth is the most well known one. Its title is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. When this book was published children were queuing in front of bookstores to buy it. But the other three books were also described using superlatives too. Here are some quotations from famous magazines and newspapers. The Scotsman "Rowling uses classic narrative devices with flair and o ...


  • Hastings

    Hastings is a town and district in East Sussex. It is situated at the so called "Street of Dover" near the English Channel. Hastings is a famous town for bathing, 90 minutes away from London. Hastings has 75.000 inhabitants and it can offer very much: picturesque streets, fantastic squares, modern shopping centres and famous caves, which the smugglers have used to hide their things. History After "Eduard der Bekenner" had abdicated ...


  • Our man in havana by graham greene

    Author: Graham Greene was born in 1904 and educated at Bekhamsted School. After he studied at Balliol College in Oxford, he worked for four years as a sub - editor on The Times. He established his reputation with his fourth novel, Stamboul Train. In 1935 he made a journey across Liberia, described in Journey Without Maps, and on his return was appointed 0film critic of the Spectator. In 1926 he had received into the Roman Catholic Church and ...


  • Heart of darkness: parts 1 and 2

    Introduction: In September of 1889, Conrad began writing his first novel, Almayer's Folly, but he was more interested in beginning an adventure which was to provide material for one of his most widely read works, Heart of Darkness. Years before, in 1868, when he was a boy of nine, Conrad had been staring at a map of Africa. Pointing with his finger to the blank space that was the then unexplored heart of the continent, he said, "When I gro ...


  • Heat treatment of steel

    1 INTRODUCTION Heat treatment is the operation of heating and cooling a metal in its solid state to change its physical properties. An important factor is the time the cooling takes. According to the technique used, steel can be made hard to resist cutting action and abrasion, or it can be softened to permit further machining. Further, internal stresses may be removed, grain size reduced, toughness increased or a hard surface produced on ...


  • Heatpumps:

    What´s that and how do they work? Improvements in energy efficiency, leading to lower environmental pollution, particularly by CO2, can be achieved in many ways. The heat pump, which can be used for heating and cooling buildings as well as in many industrial processes, offers the best prospects for attaining these goals in a wide variety of appropriate applications. By upgrading low temperature heat, enabling it to be used at a higher tempe ...


  • Ernest miller hemingway the old man and the sea

    Biography Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in 1899 in Chicago as the second of six children of a doctor. In 1918 he volunteered to work as an ambulance driver on the Italian front, where he was badly wounded, but twice decorated for the work on the Italian front. He returned to America, where he got married. In 1922 he reported on the Greco-Turkish war, however two years later he resigned from journalism to devote himself to writing. Hi ...


  • Hemingway's literature

    Biography: It is very essential to know about the most important facts of Hemingway's biography, because almost all his stories have autobiographical aspects. His main attitudes in his works are: the attitudes of tight-lipped and stoical disillusionment in a world of senseless and sudden violence, the absence of faith but the cultivation of composure (Gelassenheit), the code of understatement, wry(schief,verzerrt) sardonic(zynisch), wit ...


  • Hemp

    This speech is about hemp, also known as Cannabis, Marihuana, Reefer, Pot, Weed, Shit, Grass and other terms. For thousands of years this plant was an important resource and medicinal herb for many cultures . HEMP-DRUG: Appearances: brown, resin-well-behaved substance with characteristic smell. Marijuana: dried leaves and flourishes(blossoms) of the hemp Cannabis is available in three main forms, as a dried herb (grass), as a resin ( ...


  • Hemp-

    0.1 Introduction This speech is about hemp, also known as Cannabis, Marihuana, Reefer, Pot, Grass and other terms. For thousands of years this plant was an important resource and medicinal herb for many cultures. Only in our century was hemp defamed by a lobby of businessmen. This action was so perfect, that even today most people believe their lies. But the 'Legalize-It' movement is becoming stronger, so one can say that changes are not far ...


  • Henry ford and his company

    Today we would like to give a speech about the life of Henry Ford and his company called "Ford Motor Company". Henry Ford was born on the 30th July 1863 in Dearborn in the state Michigan (US). Ford left the family farm at the age of 16. He walked to Detroit and there he worked at the "Detroit Dry Dock Company". After three years, in 1882, he left the work and decided to go back to the farm. In January 1885 he met Clara for the first time, ...


  • High fidelity by nick hornby

    The book begins with Rob listing up his top five split-ups, which really hurt, to Laura. Laura's and Robs relation is at the end, because Laura finishes with him. He tells Laura, that she can't break his hearth, because they're both to old to make each other bad. Top five split-ups: His first split-up was Alison Ashworth: Alison was one of Rob's best friends. Both were between twelve and thirteen. They were always together and played gam ...


  • "hills like white elephants"

    Hemingway\'s short story \"Hills Like White Elephants\" touches on an issue as ageless as time: communication problems in a relationship. He tells his story through conversations between the two main characters, the American and the girl. The conflict is created through dialogue as these characters face what most readers believe to be the obstacle of unexpected pregnancy. The plight is further complicated by the inability to convey their differ ...


  • The biggest minority

    Not knowing, the way they look at you the schoolteachers the way they look at you the city hall clerks 5 the way they look at you the cops the airport marshals you don´t know if it´s something you did 10 or somethimg you are ( Tino Villanueva; from Discover..Hispanics in America, Page 16 ) Contents ...


  • Hispanics

    The U.S. is confronted with major demographic changes today. For instance the Hispanics will be the nations largest minority in 2050. They will make up 1 quarter of the population. In some regions they will be the majority. Hispanics have their routs in 21 differnet countries, they prefer beeing called "Latinos". The question today is, if the Hispanics will integrade into the American society like all the past immigrant groups. America is a m ...


  • History of aviation

    1. First trials The earliest recorded use of power to make objects fly was during the classic Greek civilization. About 500 B.C. Heron of Alexandria harnessed steam power when he constructed a rotating boiler with four vertical vents. Some fifty years later Archytas of Tarentum used a steam jet to launch a wooden bird. But it was not until the onset of the Industrial Revolution in England at the beginning of the 18th century that the steam engin ...


  • History of great britain

    0.1 England Many historians start the story of human rights with a ceremony at Runnymede, a meadow by the River Thames in England. In 1215, King John was forced to accept Magna Carta - the Great Charter of Liberties. Magna Carta was revolutionary as from now on the king, as his people, was subjected to the law; and ist most important article may be regarded as the first expression of "modern" human rights: No free man shall be taken, or i ...



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