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  • A brief history of friends

    Some day we climbers may wear special gloves and shoes enabling us to scale blank walls like spiders. Should we fall off, like spiders our body harnesses may instantly attach safety lines to the rock. If and when inventors develop this technology, we will no doubt consider it clever but climbing wouldn't be as exciting as before. But for now, none of us can envision the details. And so it was with the Friends 25 years ago when Ray Jardine wa ...


  • Big wall climbing

    The art and sport of climbing is one of the purest forms of physical activity there is. Using physical strength and grace, mental toughness, and a tool-kit of aids (see equipment), climbers ascend steep rock faces to attain their goal, the top point of a climb. Usually, though not always, this is the summit of a peak or rock wall, such as the top of the Trango Towers in Pakistan or the peaks of the Torres del Paine in Patagonia. Often, however ...


  • El capitan: first ascent

    One of the foremost rock climbing areas in the world is Yosemite valley, and one of its premiere climbs is the ascent of El Capitan. While a number of routes are possible up the sheer face of this 3,000-foot granite monolith, the most famous remains the first: the Nose, straight up the Big Wall. The first climbs in Yosemite Valley were no doubt those accomplished by John Muir, whose enthusiasm, athleticism and pantheism is the stuff of legend. ...


  • A clockwork orange by antony burgess

    Author: Antony Burgess was born in Manchester in 1917 and studied English at the university there. He was drafted into the army upon graduation in 1940 and spent six years in the education corps. After demobilisation, he worked as a grammar-school master. From 1954 to 1960 he was an education officer in the colonial Service. He was stationed in Malaya and Borneo where started writing the "Malayan Trilogy". In 1959 Burgess was diagnosed as havi ...


  • Ethic doubts

    There is an immense difference between cloning and genetic engineering. When something or perhaps someone is cloned not a single one of the bases of the DANN is changed. So we can get an image of something, which looks like the other. But when we speak about genetic engineering we mean that the DAN is altered and the product is completely different to the thing we had first. Genetically engineering hasn¡¦t only negative sides. There are also som ...


  • The history of coca-cola

    There is a company which has got a secret. This secret is kept in a safe. Although everywhere in the world it is enjoyed, there have never been more than three persons who know the formula definitely. After the American Civil War America started with the reconstruction of the South and the people who were living in the South were looking for pain-killers and o they were an easy prey for wonder doctors. One of those wonder doctors was John S ...


  • John pemberton - the inventor of coca-cola

    John S. Pemberton was born in 1831 in the town of Knoxville, Georgia. He attended pharmacy school, and owned a drugstore in Columbus, Georgia. He fought for the confederacy during the Civil War, where he became addicted to morphine after being wounded. After the war Pemberton moved to Atlanta. He was addicted to morphine and so he was searching for an alternative. Pemberton knew much about plants and was very interested in the coca-shrub and th ...


  • Asa candler - the coca-cola king

    Asa Candler was born on December 10th, 1851. As a young man he decided not to go to college. In 1888 Asa Candler bought Coca-Cola for $2 300. He changed the formula several times to improve taste, improve shelf life and insure he had a unique product, because several people had known Pemperton's original formula. He removed cocaine totally from Coca-Cola, when it became clear that cocaine was an addictive drug. But the people, who drank it, did ...


  • Robert woodruff & the "new" santa claus

    Ernest Woodruff had a son named Robert, and it appears that he was somewhat of a disappointment to his father. Robert was a terrible student; he flunked out of high school, and ended up going to military school. His father then offered him a job within one of his companies, and since Robert was planning to get married he took the job. Robert was offered the presidency of the Coca-Cola Company. By the 1920's people began driving cars and so Woo ...


  • Roberto goizueta - he changed the formula of coca cola

    Roberto Goizueta (pronounced Goh-SWET-a), a native of Cuba, was appointed president of the Coca-Cola Company May 30th, 1980. Goizueta had started as a chemist with Coca-Cola, and in fact was one of the people who actually knew the formula. Roberto Goizueta introduced Diet Coke in 1980. After the "Pepsi Challenge" the company decided to change the formula, because more people preferred Pepsi to Coca-Cola. But the New Coke became flopped and the ...


  • The profile of coca-cola

    The Coca-Cola Company is the global soft-drink industry leader, with world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The Company and its subsidiaries employ 30 000 people around the world. The Coca-Cola Company is represented in nearly 200 countries around the world. Approximately 70 percent of the Company volume and 80 percent of the Company profit com from outside the United States. The Coca-Cola Company stock, with ticker symbol KO, is listed and ...


  • The mission of the coca-cola company

    As the world's largest beverage company, they refresh that world. The Company does that by developing superior soft-drinks, both carbonated and noncarbonated, and profitable non-alcoholic beverage systems that create value for their Company, their bottling partners, their customers, their share owners and the communities in which they do business. * Coca-Cola, the world's most recognised trademark, and other highly valuable trademarks. * Th ...


  • The secret ingredient of coca cola

    People love to speculate about the secret ingredient in Coca-Cola. Some say it could be ferreted out by analytical chemistry. Others are sure that they taste a distinctive flavour base. But most are simply delighted that it makes Coca-Cola, the world's premier soft-drink, taste so consistently delicious. What is the secret ingredient? One secret is locked safely away in a secured vault. But an other is just an arm's length away. It's the con ...


  • Trademark origins of coca cola

    Soon after John S. Pemberton prepared the first bottle of Coca-Cola syrup in 1886, his friend and bookkeeper, F. M. Robinson, chose an alliterative name. He wrote the words in the now familiar flowing script, and in 1893, "Coca-Cola" was registered officially in the U.S-Patent and Trademark Office. But people started to ask for "Coke" and, in 1941, the trademark "Coke" received equal prominence in advertising with "Coca-Cola", and in 1945, " ...


  • Brand history in north america of coca cola

    1866 Coca-Cola 1960 Fanta 1961 Sprite 1963 TaB 1966 Fresca 1972 Mr Pibb 1974 Sugar-free-Sprite 1979 Mello Yello Remblin' Root Beer 1982 Diet Coke 1983 Caffeine-free Coca-Cola Caffeine-free Diet-Coke Sugar-free Sprite, renamed diet Sprite 1984 Diet Fanta 1985 Cherry Coke Coca-Cola with a new taste Coca-Cola Classic 1986 Diet Cherry Coke 1987 Diet Mello Yello 1990 Caffeine-free Coca-Cola Classic Powerade 1992 "New" ...


  • Letter

    Cagri Merdan Mrs. Workman Sophomore English January 11, 2001 Dear Editor, I have heard and read a lot about the Electoral College system and its problems, especially in the last few weeks. In my opinion this system might have some advantages, but the present disadvantages are too much and important to continue the Electoral College system. The last presidential election also influences my opinion, which became a disaster. The reason why ...


  • Colour themes

    Having a closer look on the film, one can see, that all the colours used in it are chosen with a special intention. The main colours appearing, are green, blue, red and yellow. The colours green and blue are chosen to distinguish the inside from the outside of the Matrix, the Nebuchadnezzar. Green: Inner side of Matrix makes you feel sick. Technical things are green control by machines Blue: "reality" is fil ...


  • "coma" by robin cook

    BOOK REPORT: by Mathew Kallumadil Title and author: "Coma" by Robin Cook: Fiction, Medical Novel Place and Time: The story happens in 1976, in Boston, in the United States. Plot: When Nancy Greenley\'s routine D&C medical operation is nearing completion, the anesthetist reports strange fibrillations of the heart. Her brain stops responding and she does not emerge from her sleep ever again. Such a minor surgical operation could never ...


  • Comparison of "blowing in the wind" and "ballad of the green beret"

    3.1.1 "Ballad of the Green Beret"/ Glorification of Soldiers/ Death as a Sacrifice As illustrated above , Barry Sadler's song is a very patriotic one .It approves of any means the American nation would have to take in the fight for American ideals , especially warfare. Its aim is the glorification of soldiers fighting for democracy , first and foremost in Vietnam. The Vietnam War was a very unpopular war , so this song was written for ...


  • Comparison of "with god on our side" and" ballad of the green beret"

    3.1.2. " With God on our Side "- A critical review of American military history Bob Dylan's song critically reviews the military history of the American nation. After having thought about the wars fought and the wars still to come , the narrator finally comes to the conclusion that God cannot possibly be on his nation's side, although always stated by its officials. Dylan takes the role of an American innocent who at first beli ...



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