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  • Literature of the gold rush

    Some of the tens of thousands men and women who rushed to the Klondike gold fields and returned with empty pockets tried to publish their tales in writings. A great number of stampeder autobiographies appeared over the next few decades, while hundreds of newspapers and magazines printed returning stampeders' stories. The two most noted writers to emerge from the Klondike Gold Rush were Robert Service and Jack London: Robert Service (1874 - 1 ...


  • White fang

    Short Summary Two men are out in the wild of the north. Their dogs disappear as they are lured by a she-wolf and eaten by the pack. They only have three bullets left and Bill, one of the men, uses them to try to save one of their dogs; he misses and is eaten with the dog. Only Henry and two dogs are left and he makes a fire, trying to drive away the wolves. They came very close, and he gets almost killed but is saved by a company of men who we ...


  • Roger lancelyn green -the adventures of robin hood

    AUTHOR: The story The Adventures of Robin Hood was written by Roger Lancelyn Green. He became interested in myths and legends at an early age. His education at school, was interrupted by many kinds of illnesses. After he had studied at Oxford he became a presenter of traditional stories himself. From 1946 onwards he wrote many books, i.e.: biographies of his favourite authors, but his most famous books are the retellings of some tradition ...


  • Virgil: the author and his times

    Virgil (Publius Virgilius Maro) was born in Mantua, a rural town north of Rome near the Alps. Even though Virgil\'s birth in 70 B.C. came in the middle of a century of political turmoil and civil war in Rome, life in Mantua was relatively peaceful, and Virgil\'s father, who was a prosperous Roman citizen, could afford to give his son a good education in the basics, especially Greek and Roman literature. When Virgil was about 17, his father de ...


  • The aeneid: the plot

    For seven years, a great warrior named Aeneas leads a small band of fellow Trojans around the Mediterranean, looking for a place to build a new city. They were exiled from the city of Troy when the Greeks conquered it and burned it to the ground. Fate has decreed that they will be the founders of Rome, but they are having a hard time getting there. A goddess named Juno, hates them and will do anything to prevent them from reaching Italy. The ...


  • The aeneid: aeneas

    Aeneas is a great survivor. He\'s one of those people who can lose everything and still start over again. He goes from being a victim of the Greeks at Troy to becoming a conqueror in Italy. He starts out as an unhappy and unwilling exile and becomes the founder of a great city. Aeneas is the first hero in Western literature who changes and develops. His struggles help him discover who he is and what he thinks is important. Is Aeneas great be ...


  • The aeneid: dido

    Of all the characters in the Aeneid, Dido is probably the one you might relate to most. She\'s the most human. She\'s beautiful, generous, kind, and successful. She has strong emotions. She\'s the queen of a bustling city, Carthage. When you first see her, she offers a welcome relief from Aeneas\' endless problems. But she ends up killing herself. What goes wrong? On the simplest level, Dido\'s story is the classic story of unrequited love. ...


  • The aeneid: turnus

    Turnus is a daredevil. If he were alive today, he might be the person who drag-races on Main Street at 3:00 A.M. to show off. He\'s incredibly competitive. He may not care that much about what he\'s fighting for, but he\'s proud of being a great warrior and he isn\'t going to let anyone get ahead of him. Turnus isn\'t a nasty person. He doesn\'t really mean to cause as much harm as he does. Because he never really stops to think about the co ...


  • The aeneid: juno

    If you\'re really unlucky you may have met someone like Juno. She could be a distant relative who comes to the annual family reunion hopelessly overdressed and wants you to tell her how great she looks. You have to flatter her or she\'ll pester you all evening. She remembers all insults--real or imagined--and she talks about them for hours. She can\'t imagine what she ever did to deserve such disrespect. When the party\'s over, she still insist ...


  • The aeneid: venus

    The goddess Venus is Aeneas\' mother. Like all mothers, she would like to see her son succeed. In fact, she wants him to succeed so much that she doesn\'t really care how hard it may be on him. For example, Venus agrees with Juno\'s scheme to have Dido and Aeneas marry in a mock ceremony. Venus doesn\'t care because she knows that Aeneas will have to leave anyway. But she doesn\'t stop to think about Aeneas\' feelings when he has to leave. Venu ...


  • The aeneid: jupiter

    Jupiter is the only god in the Aeneid who acts the way you would think a god should. He\'s calm, rational, impartial. But in one way he\'s very different from what you would think a god should be. He\'s not particularly interested in goodness. His major interest is to see that everything goes according to fate. As a result he, unlike Juno and Venus, tends not to intervene unless things get seriously out of control. Jupiter is the only god wh ...


  • The aeneid: anchises

    Anchises is Aeneas\' father. When you first meet him, he is an old man, stubbornly refusing to budge from burning Troy. That\'s where he\'s lived his life; that\'s where he\'s going to die. Only after he sees two impressive omens, which say that his grandson is destined for great things, is he willing to go. Aeneas carries him out of the city on his shoulders. Anchises is literally and symbolically a burden to Aeneas. Aeneas loves and respec ...


  • The aeneid: latinus

    Latinus, king of the Latins, is the first native king Aeneas meets in Italy. Latinus has heard many omens that his daughter Lavinia is destined to marry a stranger, and that together they will start a new race that will rule the world. So Latinus is well disposed toward Aeneas when Aeneas first arrives. But Latinus has not reckoned with the fact that his people are opposed to sharing their kingdom with strangers. He completely overlooks the ...


  • The aeneid: evander

    Evander is a very symbolic character. His city, Pallanteum, is on the exact spot where Rome will be built. Evander illustrates some of the qualities that the Romans were particularly proud of. Pallanteum and its king are simple and rustic, without finery or luxury of any kind. You know that Americans admire the pioneers for being able to survive in the wilderness. The Romans liked to think that they had these same types of people in their backg ...


  • The aeneid: setting

    The Aeneid is set in the middle of the 12th century B.C. after the fall of Troy. Troy was in Asia Minor, in what is now Turkey. In Book II you see how Troy, which was a wealthy, fortified city filled with temples and palaces, is destroyed by the Greeks. The first six books of the Aeneid describe how Aeneas and a small band of Trojans are forced to flee Troy, They spend more than seven years sailing around the Mediterranean Sea in primitive wood ...


  • The aeneid: themes

    The Aeneid has many themes, which you\'ll see as you go through The Story section of this guide. There are many different ways to consider the poem\'s meaning because Virgil\'s story works on several different levels. For example, the Aeneid tells the history of Rome, but it also tells the personal story of its hero, Aeneas. To help you understand these levels, here is a list of the major themes you should focus on: 1. THE AENEID IS A NATION ...


  • The aeneid: form and structure

    The Aeneid is an epic poem written in 12 books. An epic poem is a long, narrative poem about the adventures of a great hero. Virgil\'s Aeneid is modeled in part on the great Greek epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey, by Homer. The Iliad describes the exploits of Achilles and other Greek heroes in the Trojan War (the same war that forced Aeneas to leave Troy and that is described in Book II of the Aeneid). The Odyssey describes how Ulysses (or ...


  • The aeneid: style

    Just as the Aeneid\'s structure is modeled in part on the Iliad and the Odyssey, so is its style. Like Homer, Virgil wrote his poem in dactylic hexameter. This term describes the meter or rhythm of each line of poetry. It means that there are six major beats in each line and that each beat is made up of a dactyl (a word in which the first syllable is strong and the following two are weak) (-^^) and a spondee (a word in which both syllables are ...


  • The aeneid: point of view

    Except for Books II and III where Aeneas tells his own story, the Aeneid is told from the point of view of an all-knowing narrator. This narrator is of course Virgil, but he pretends to get all his information from a goddess called the Muse. (If you look at the very beginning of the Aeneid, you\'ll see where Virgil asks the Muse for help in telling the story.) By following this convention of epic poetry, Virgil implies that his poem is accurate ...


  • The aeneid: book i

    Imagine this scene: It\'s around 1150 B.C. Seven years earlier, a band of fierce Greek warriors invaded the city of Troy and set it on fire. Aeneas and a few fellow Trojans manage to escape to the coast where they launch their wooden boats and set sail to the west. There, some fortune-tellers have said, they will find a new home. They\'ve been wandering all over the sea ever since, looking for this place. When we first see him, Aeneas is fil ...



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