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Ich bin schwarz und ich bin stolz

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  • Frank mccourt

    First of all I\'d like to tell you something about Frank McCourt\'s childhood. He is born in 1930 in New York, that\'s why he has the American passport. But he grew up in Limerick, that\'s in Ireland (show it on the film). His family consists of: Frank McCourt himself, his mother Angela McCourt, his father Malachy McCourt, and his three younger brothers Malachy, Michael and Alphie. Due to the facts that the parents haven\'t got enough mo ...


  • The tea

    The History The tea we drink every day is approx 5.000 years old. The legend says that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong discovered it in 2737 before Christi. One day the Emperor was boiling water in the garden and suddenly a leaf from the camellia plant fell into the pot. When he drink this water it taste good for him, so good, that he never drunk other drinks. Another legend is about Daruna a japans priest. One day the priest was angry about ...


  • What causes teen violence?

    Nature Versus Nurture: Some scientists say that some people are born with a tendency to be violent because of their genetic makeup or other biological factors, such as brain chemicals or neurological damage. Other scientists think that because of the high levels of the hormon testosterone, which is a male hormon, men are more aggressive than women. A psychology professor found out that criminals are born rather than made. But some experts thin ...


  • Teen vilence is a serious problem

    The assumption that teen violence is upswinging is supported by statistics. The violent crimes by youths have risen dramatically. Juvenile homicide has increased 144 percent, juvenile rape has increased 25 percent and the cases of aggravated assaults by juvenile has increased 134 percent. Teen violence commit a large part of America's violent crime. (19 percent) Also Girls are increasingly involved in violent crimes, including gang violence. The ...


  • The problem of teen violence has been exaggerated

    American adults believe that the adolescent are responsible for 43 percent of violent crimes in the United States. But in fact, young people are responsible for (only) 13 percent of such crimes. Teen violence has been rising, but because of the hysterical news reporting you think that it is much higher than it is in reality. In the papers you can read that teens are becoming more violent and that they are a subhuman species of cold-blooded cri ...


  • How can teen violence be reduced?

    Punishment is the solution to Teen Violence: Many people believe that when teenagers commit violent crimes, they only want to have some attention. Their behavior is a cry for help. They youths should be punished, but the punishment should help the criminals and not just discipline them. Because of that most of the teens escape real punishment. The youths undergo a group therapy or vocational training and do other things, but they don't get real p ...


  • Prevention is the solution to teen violence

    Many politicians argue that the best solution to the problem of teen violence is to crack down on violent teenage criminals. They also want to build more prisons to arrest the teens for a longer time period. With that they want to protect society from the violent youths. But the answer to the juvenile violence problem is not to wait for such violence to occur and then lock up the kids and throw the key away. The solution is to prevent such viol ...


  • Teenage crime: how hard should the punishment be?

    Youth crime in the U. S. continues to rise. And so many Americans are calling for tougher punishments for those who break the law. . What do you think, is the right way to keep the young offenders away from crime?  Their parents could care better for them. They should not be left alone at home.  The should not watch criminal films very often.  It is not good for them, if they live in a ghetto.  If they are ...


  • Teenagers kill 15 in high school massacre

    Littleton was a peaceful suburb south of Denver, Colorado. But the peace was disturbed on a fine spring day this year. From that time a terrible happening has cast a shadow over this little town. On this day everything seemed normal at Columbine high school. Some of the 1,800 students were in the canteen having their lunch. At around 11:30 am, people heard a loud noise outdoors. First they thought it was a firecracker. However, it wasn´t the c ...


  • Television-

    1. Introduction: First I would like to give you general information. By way of introduction, let me speak about the history of television in Great Britain. First of all, let us consider how many British homes had televisions over the past years. In 1950, only eleven percent had televisions at home. By comparison, in 1963 over 85 percent of British homes had a television-set. The age of television began before the Second World War. In actua ...


  • Tennesse williams: "the cat on a hot tin roof"

    PLOT: This play deals with the inheritence of old cotton planter Pollit, called Big Daddy, who is the rich owner of a plantation in the Mississipppi - Delta. The whole Pollitt family celebrates his 65th birthday. They all, except Big Mama and Big Daddy himself, know that Big Daddy is hopelessly ill and that this birthday will be his last one. Instead of telling him the thruth, they don`t want him to face reality and pretend that everythin ...


  • Tennessee williams: the glass menagerie

    The author: Thomas Lanier Williams was born in 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi and experienced a difficult childhood. His father was a travelling salesman and heavy drinker and his mother had hysterical attacks. His younger sister Rose was emotionally and mentally unstable, which had a great influence on his life and work. In 1918 the family moved to St. Louis but Williams could not easily adapt himself to the life in these new surroundings an ...


  • Tenses - -

    Ziel: Beherrschung der Strukturen und Anwendungen zum worksheet: The Tenses - Active Voice Progessive Form nicht gebildet von Verben mit statischer Bedeutung und Verben des Denkens und Erkenntnis to be, to believe, to belong, to doubt, to forget, to hate, to hear, to like, to love, to mean, to notice, to prefer, to remain, to realize, to remember, to see, to seem, to smell, to think, to understand, to want, to wish, to know see Grundgra ...


  • The tenses

    PRESENT SIMPLE: für Tatsachen der Gegenwart, besonders gewohnheitsmäßige Dinge (Signalwörter: often, usually, always, every year) GEWOHNHEIT - PRESENT PROGRESSIVE: für Vorgänge, die gerade vor sich gehen bzw. sich von gewohnheitsmäßigen Dingen unterscheiden (Signalwörter: now, just, at the moment, Ausrufe wie Look! oder Listen!, ...) BILDUNG: is, am, are + -ing Form (= present participle) - PAST TENSE: für abgeschlossene Vorgänge in der Ver ...


  • Terry nichols

    Terry Nichols is the second man charged in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19, 1995. The third of four children, Terry Nichols was born on the family farm in town of Lapeer, Michigan. Nichols\' father farmed and worked on construction jobs. When Nichols was a senior at Lapeer High School, his parents divorced. After graduation, he went to Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasan ...


  • Mother teresa-

    After taking part at a medicial training course she went to the Slums of Calcutta to found a school for children. Called "Mother Teresa" I will now mention the most important deeds in th life of this famous nune. In 1950 her community, which she had started a few years before, was officially recognized by the Vatican as an pontificial congregration. This institution has grown from 12 members to more than 4000 nuns, who are running orphanages, ...


  • That was then, this is now (s. e. hinton)

    AUTHOR: Hinton, S. E. Susan Eloise Hinton, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 22, 1948. Hinton is an author of juvenile fiction. She is a 1970 graduate of the University of Tulsa. Her first and most acclaimed novel, The Outsiders (1967; film, 1983), details conflict between rival youth gangs. Hinton\'s other works are That Was Then, This Is Now (1971), Rumble Fish (1975; film, 1983), and Tex (1979; film 1982). STORY: Mark and B ...


  • The journey the 1896 yukon river

    The public was flooded with advice and maps - many providing questionable or wrong data as the publishers tried to cash in on the rush. For most of the so-called "Stampeders", deciding to leave for the Klondike was easier than choosing a route. Besides Vancouver (CA - British Columbia) and Tacoma (US - Washington), Seattle (US - Washington) was the most successful town at promoting itself as the best departure point for the Klondike. Within day ...


  • Digging for gold

    By June of 1898, gold production was at an all-time high and at that time the big influx hadn't been arrived! Few of the newcomers knew much about mining, building a cabin or surviving sub-zero temperatures but they had the dream of striking it rich on the gold fields. Contrary to this dream few miners left the Klondike region wich pockets full of gold. According to the figures of a historian about 100.000 headed for the gold fields between 189 ...


  • How history influences the yukon territory today

    Compared to Europe, a big problem relating tourism is that both North American States, especially the regions in the north of the continent, do not have a great amount of historicity - simply because they are too young. Actually regions like Alaska or the Yukon Territory wouldn't have any significant historical meaning at all if there hasn't been the gold rush of 1898 - and people working in the tourist industry are aware of this fact. Paired w ...



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