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How to find needed resources - internet

If you are new on the Internet it will be hard for you to get along in this jungle. The easiest way to find needed resources would be to contact a search engine like Yahoo [] or AltaVista []. They are the biggest and best filled engines on the web. Meanwhile, different engines can be found, some German web crawlers, too.
At the main page of one of this engines, you can use the search feature by filling in a keyword about your wanted material and within seconds all related links (called matches), which include your keyword, appear on the screen and can be visited.
A good example would be to use the Internet in order to find material about the \'96 American presidential election. Using the Yahoo search engine is the simplest way. Contact Yahoo and fill in the keyword \"Election 96\" in the given search-field. After a few seconds the Yahoo server tells you that it found 10338 matches including the word \"Election 96\". Now it is possible to crawl through all this 10338 matches, which would take nearly a year. But after finishing the first twenty links, you probably already got all information you wanted to know about the American presidential elections and this might be sulficient. In the first twenty matches of our example you find an explanation about the electoral system [] or the website address of the Project Vote Smart Campaign [ index.html]. On this page you get everything about the candidates, parties, the election process or the campaign strategy. On nearly every web page you find additional or related links which can be visited.
To get information about a nation, important persons or happenings, fill in the keyword and receive the needed results. If students need any background-knowledge about things they have talked about in class they should contact a search engine.



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