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The street lawyer - john grisham

SUJECT: The story is about a lawyer, who gets confronted with the problems of homeless people. At the beginning he was just a normal, rich lawyer who worked for a big law office(D&S), but an incident with a homless changed his life completly and made him to a fighter for the rights of homeless people.

The story starts with the scene as Michael Brock, the main character, enters an elevator. He gets pursued by an homeless person, who calls himself "Mister". As they arrive at the office the "Mister" threat the secretary and 8 lawyers with a gun and with dynamite.
He asks them how much money the rich lawyers give to homeless people, and they say nothing. "Mister" was very angry and wanted to have something to eat so he orders soups from a special homeless shelter, at the same time the police has arrived and they took position in the building. As the homeless man wants to take the soups he gets killed by a police-sniper.
After this incident Michael goes home and told his wife about the things, which happened in his office.
On the next day he goes to his office like every other day, but as he arrives he sees a newspaper which has written about the taking of hostages. That makes Michael thinking about the theme and so he decides to go to the lawyer, which was responsible for the homeless man. The name of the lawyer was Mordecai Green, he tells Michael that "Mister" got kick out of his home. So he decides to go to the man, who was responsible for this evacuation of obligation. He talks with Braden Chance, and wants the document about the homless man. But Mr. Chance doesn't give it to him.
So he goes back to his office and thought about his life and his future. He drives to his parents and somedays later at home, Mordecai Greens calls him. He needs his help, because one of the casual-wards is completly full. So Michael drives to a church and there he helps the personal to give the homeless people something to eat. There he meets the "owner" of this homeless shelter, her name was Miss Dolly.
On the next day he found an anonymous document on his desk, with information about the dead homeless man in it. After the work he goes back to the casual-ward, he buys something to eat for a family there, but as he arrives they aren't there. He helps the personal there one's again, and as he talks with Mordecai, he hears that the family, he wants to help is dead. They suffocated in their car. Michael pays 2000$ for a funeral to the priest, so they get a decently funeral. Mordecai Greens asked Michael, if he wants to work for his firm and Michael says yes. So he goes to his boss and says him that he will quit the office then he goes home.
After he gets the information, that Mr. Chance has the files in his Filing cupboard, by Hector Palma, a lawyer of the D&S office, he goes to his office and steals them. On the way back he has an accident and so he is taken to the hospital. On the next day he could leave the hospital so he goes to Peeler, a friend of Mordecai and policeman, and with his help he gets the files out of his destroyed car. Then he drives to his new small apartement, because his wife has kicked him out of their house and wants the divorce.
After sorting his things he drives to Mordecai and talks with him about his new job, and about the new cases. He wants to talk with Palma about the stolen file, but he only gets the information that Palma doesn't work any longer for D&S.
Michael thought about the case of the homeless one's again and found out, that the homeless people paid a rent for living in their house. So the evacuation would be illegal.
On the next day back in his new office the police arrives and search for the stolen file but they couldn't find it because Michael has hidden it well.
After this incident Michael and Mordecai are going to interview a man, who says that he also get kicked out of this house although he paid a rent of 100$ to a man called Johnny.
Sarah tells Michael that Hector Palma is in Chicago and so he flys to Chicago and meets him. Palma gives him a note, that confirms Michaels assumption. The homeless people paid rents and so the have the right of tenants and can't be kicked out of there home without a word.
On the next day he gets a citation of the court, because his ex-firm, D&S, sues him of stealing a file. But he wasn't afraid of the citation because he has enough informations about the illegal evacuation to blame his old office.
So the process started, the lawyers of D&S see that they won't win and so they make the suggestion that they will give money to the victims (5000$). But that was not enough for Michael and Mordecai and so they unite an amount of 25.000$. Michael gives back the file but, nevertheless he gets a punishment: he hasn't the right to be a lawyer for 9 months. He assumes the judgement and so the process ends, with a victory of the truth!

Michael Brock: main character and lawyer
Mordecai Green: owner of a lawyer office and member of a casual-ward

Braden Chance: lawyer of D&S
Hector Palma: former member of the D&S



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