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englisch artikel (Interpretation und charakterisierung)

Characterize marianne, elinor, edward, colonel brandon and john willoughby!

Marianne: She is very extrovert(which Elinor critisises), she always shows her feelings. In the beginning she is in love with John Willoughby and doesn't care about Colonel Brandon.After she has heard about Whilloughby's engagement she is very sad and disappointed. Her fellings change after her illness, she does no longer cry for Whilloughby and is very grateful to Colonel Brandon.

Finally, she learns to love Brandon and marries him.

Elinor: She is not as extrovert as her sister and always tries to hide her feelings. She is in love with Edward and very sad when she gets to know about his engagement, but she doesn't show her sadness to anyone. When Edward proposes for her she is very happy.

Edward: He loves Elinore, but he is ver conscious of hos duties so he wants to keep his promise to Lucy. In the end he seems to be very happy that his brother marries Lucy, so he can marry Elinor.

Colonel Brandon: He loves Marianne and is very patient with her. He seems very sensible and conscientious. He knows what he wants (Marianne) and doesn't care about the fact that she has no dowry. He really loves her because when she is ill he must do something so that he doesn't run mad.

John Willoughby: Maybe he loves Marianne, but in my opinion his love cannt be real because he finally marries for money. Money is very important for him but I think ke will not be happy with this Mrs. Grey, although she has a lot of money, because he will always regret that he has not married Marianne.


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