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The butterfly effect

Change One Thing
- Change Everything

"It has been said that something small as

the flutter of a butterflies wing can

ultimately cause a typhoon halfway

around the world."

Chaos Theory



*Description Of The Characters

*Chaos Theory & Butterfly Effect

*Facts About The Movie

*Short -Actor Biographies

*And More Actors


*Own Opinion



Already in Evan's childhood disappears important moments of his life. Because of mysterious happenings he goes to a psychiatrist, who advises to write a diary to remind his day.

In his youth happens horrible things he can't remind. Only his friends, Kayleigh, Tommy and Lenny, know what was, but they don't tell him. These loosed memories are called "Blackouts". He falls in love with Kayleigh, but her violent brother Tommy

doesn't want it.

Evan and his mother move away in another city. With age of 20 he begins to study psychology. Evan is a very intelligent young man, who often writes the best exams.

After a accidental look in his old diaries he gets back in the past to the situation he read about.

He recognizes that he can move in the past to change it.

He goes to Kayleigh to talk to her about something bad what happened. But after his visit she killed herself.

Evan fells guilty of it and decides to go in the past to save her, but something terrible happens in the present. And every time he tries it he gets a new problem.

Description Of The Characters

Evan has brown hair and an athletic stature. He is very intelligent, a genius. At the beginning of the movie he is 7 years old, but in the main part he is 20.

He studies psychology at an university. His project is about "The psychology of the memory" He has good intentions and wants to save all people he loves with his supernatural talent.

Kayleigh has long blonde hair. Her statue is very slender, she is a beautiful woman. I don't know much about her real character because in every reality she is different. But every time is one thing the same: her father is a bad man who hits his children, and she has a bad life with him. But she finds her love in Evan.

Lenny is also blonde and very big. He is Evans best friend.

And he is a very funny person whose soul often gets hit that he has to join psychiatry.

Tommy has brown short hair and is a bit small. He is very violent because of his unlovely and also violent father. But he would never hit Kayleigh because she is his sister and the only person who likes him.

Mrs. Treborn has long brown hair and is slender like Kayleigh. Because of being Evans mum she is worried about him. But she is also proud of her intelligent son.

She is a nurse.

Mr. Treborn has the same supernatural talent like his son. But he didn't stop it, that's why he is in psychiatry.

He want to stop it that Evan use his talent because he could hurt someone, to reach it he would even kill him.

Mr. Miller isn't a good father, because he hits his kids. He is divorced of his wife.

He is the father of Kayleigh and Tommy. Georg Miller is an alcoholic.

Thumper is Evans room-mate on the university. He is really fat and he only wears black clothes. He likes gothic.

In the prison Carlos is in the same cell like Evan. He has black short hair and a snout. He is very religious and he believes to god.

Dr. Redfield already was the doctor of Jason Treborn but he also inquires Evan, because of the strange Blackouts.

But he doesn't know the backgrounds of it.

Chaos Theory & Butterfly Effect

Chaos Theory: -a partial area of maths and physics (dynamic)

-the reaction is dependent on the start conditions

->The reaction is not unforeseen for a prolonged period.

-if one start condition is changed the end result can be complete different

-occurs at complicated and complex systems, which are very chaotic

e.g.: -the weather

-magnetic pendulums


-market prices

Butterfly Effect: -is a metaphor for a small reason with a big

unforeseen effect

-it is a illustration of this effect

by Edward N. Lorenz

e.g.: -weather-forecast: possible for 1 day, bad for 1 month

-history: If the driver of the Austrian crown prince Ferdinand 1914 hadn't drive this way, they wouldn't have been killed and the 1st world war wouldn't have begun.

Facts About The Movie

Genre Sci-Fi, thriller

Producer: Eric Bress J. Mackye Gruber

Co-Producer: Lisa Richardson

Executive Producers: Toby Emmerich, Richard Brenner, Cale Boyter, William Shively, David Krintzman, Jason Goldberg, Ashton Kutcher

Script Writer: Eric Bress J. Mackye Gruber

Casting By: Carmen Cube

Production Designer: Douglas Higgins

Director of Photography: Matthew F. Leonetti

Costume Designer: Carla Hetland

Music By: Michael Suby

Playing Time: 113 min.

Distribution: Warner Bros.

Production By: Benderspink



Cast: Evan Treborn -Ashton Kutcher

Kayleigh Miller -Amy Smart

Tommy Miller -William L. Scott

Lenny Kagan - Elden Henson

Andrea Treborn -Melora Walters

Jason Treborn -Callum K. Rennie

George Miller - Eric Stoltz

Short Actor Biographies

Name: Ashton Kutcher

Birth date: February 7, 1978

Birth place: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Parents: LarryKutcher& Diane Portwood

Education: Attended University of Iowa

Career: 2000 Dude, where is my car?

2003 Just Married

2005 Guess who

Name: Amy Smart

Birth date: March 25, 1976

Birth place: Topanga Canyon, California, USA

Parents: John & Judy Smart

Career: 1989-1994 Model

1998 Circles

2000 Road Trip

Name: William Lee Scott

Birth date: July 6, 1973

Birth place: Hudson, New York, USA

Education: University of Columbia

Career: 2001 Pearl Harbour

2002 Identify

2003 Dumb And Dumber

Name: Elden Henson

Birth date: August 30, 1977

Birth place: Rockville, Maryland, USA

Education: Emerson College in Boston

Career: 1992 The Mighty Ducks

2000 Cast Away

2003 Dumb And Dumber


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bob Longino
\"...nobody associated with making this movie can possibly emerge unscathed.\"

Boston Globe, Ty Burr
\"A film of singularly boneheaded conceits...\"

Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert
\"I enjoyed The Butterfly Effect, up to a point. That point was reached too long before the end of the movie.\"

Chicago Tribune, Mark Caro
\"Kutcher delivers a credibly serious performance...

"I went into this movie not knowing what the heck it was about. The commercials for it don't give a clear indication of what kind of movie you're going to see, and after the movie started I still wasn't quite sure what was going on. As things came into view, however, a very smart and interesting movie began to unfold. I even noticed that Kutcher, the hyper-kinetic star of the classic \"Dude, Where's My Car?\" can actually act, a little bit. I'm not saying to nominate him for an Oscar or he's the next Anthony Hopkins or anything, but he is to be commended for going outside the box and playing a role that required him to cover the entire gamut of emotions from joy to fear, from sorrow to madness. For the sci-fi fans out there, and those who like a movie to entertain their brain and not just their eyes and ears, this is an enjoyable movie."


Own Opinion

I chose this film because it's my favourite one. I think the story is interesting and full of action. You can dream about how life would be, if you can change the past like you want.

I already see the movie 10 times, and I could not stop.

In my opinion in the movie is everything: dramatic, action, horror, sometimes fun and much love.

The characters are really good, no one

is too much and every one has his own

dramatic story, but all are connected.

The actors make a good job, they play

their characters and their emotions very good.

Ashton Kutcher is more famous for his funny and unserious productions ("Punk'd"), but now he plays Evan serious and quite good.

The other actors I don't see before, but it would be interesting to watch a movie with them.


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