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Summary of "sence and sensibility"

The film (after a novel by Jane Austen) starts with the death of Henry Dashwood, who leaves his wife, three dauthers and a son ( Marianne, Elinor, Margaret and John).John, who is married ti Fanny, doesn't really support his stepmother and stepsisters. Fanny's brother Edward, visits the Dashwoods and falls in love with Elinor.

Mrs. Dashwood and her dauthers leave to live in a cottage , which John Middelton has offered them.

At the cottage they get to know Mrs. Jennings, the mother of Mrs Middelton and the prosperous Colonel Brandon, who is interested in Marianne.

One day Marianne sprains her ankle while she is walking in the countryside and handsome John Willoughby takes her home. Marianne falls in love with him, but he has to leave for London.

Lucy Steele visits the Dashwoods and tells Elinor about the secret engagement to Edward. Shortly afterwards, Mariannne, Lucy and Elinor go to London with Mrs. Jennings.

Marianne hopes to meet Whiloughby and sends a lot of letters to him. Finally, they go to a ball, where they meet Robert Edward's brother, and Willoughby.

But Willoughby doesn't talk to Mariane ( he is with another woman) and Robert seems to be very interested in Lucy. The next day Marianne receives a letter from Willoughby, informing her about his engagement to a Miss Grey.

Fanny Dashwood invites Lucy to her house in London, but when she gets to know about Lucy's engagenement to her brother, she throws her out.

Mrs. Ferrars ( Edward's mother) disinherits Edward, but Colonel Brandon odders him a position at Delaford.

Mr. And Mrs. Praker invite the Dashwodd sisters. After the arrival Marianne goes for a walk in the rain and afterwards she gets very ill.

Colonel Brandon offers to bring Mrs. Dashwood. The doctor tells Elinor that she sould prepare herself for Marianne's death.

But fortunately Marianne recovers and Mrs Daswood takes her daughters back to the cottage.

Colonel Brandon visits them ( Marianne) very often and Marianne gets fellings for him.

One day their servant informs the Dashwoods about the wedding of Lucy to Mr. Ferras.

Afterwards, Edward arrives at the Dashwood's and tells them that it is his brother Robert who has married Lucy and he proposes to Elinore.

Colonel Brandon proposes to Marianne and they marry on the same day.


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