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The rock - flimvorstellung

Hello everybody In my presentation I'm going to tell you the most important facts about my favourite movie "the Rock". It's a thrilling and fascinating movie that will cast a spell over you till the end of it.

The cast in this movie consists of some really well known actors like Nicolas Cage as Stanley Goodspeed; Sean Connery as John Patrick Mason and Ed Harris as Brigadier General Francis X. Hummel. They all had the starring role in this movie and as you will see the movie is of excellent quality. More over director of this movie is Michael Bay and the producers are Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. The music was composed bye Nick Glennie-Smith and Hans Zimmer.

Now you can hear a short extract of it.

Now I will give you a short summary of this fascinating movie.

Stanley Goodspeed, a chemical weapons specialist working for the FBI, has been ordered to San Francisco to infiltrate into Alcatraz together with a team of Navy Seals with the aim of disarming 15 VX-Gas missiles that General Hummel and his Marines wanted the government to pay out 100 million Dollars to the families of Marines who had been killed on duty in covert operations, because these marines didn't get neither any awards nor a military burial for their operations.

General Hummel and his team wanted to launch the 15 VX-gas missiles filled with deadly nervgas onto San Francisco, if the government didn't pay the demanded amount of money.

In addition they were holding 81 tourists as hostages.

Does somebody know the disastrous effects of this VX-gas?

A teaspoon of this gas can kill everything completely 100 feet high

and a teaspoon of this gas puffed into the atmosphere can kill everything in circuit of 8 apartment blocks.

One missile thrown on San Francisco could easily kill about 70 000 people.

Only Termitplasma could eat up VX-gas.

The FBI fetched John Mason from prison because he was the only man who escaped successfully out of Alcatraz alive. His task was getting in the Navy Seals on Alcatraz.

On their arrival in the washroom a terrible massacre started. Only Stanley Goodspeed und John Mason survived. Later in the morgue they succeeded in disarming 12 of the 15 missiles. But things didn't go well and they were captured by Frank Hummel. Stanley and John were able to escape from their cells and finally they managed to prevent the worst. But unfortunately the FBI is unaware of the situation because of loss of radio contact and so they order an air strike with out knowing if Goodspeed and Mason were successful.

Now I'm going to show you a short trailer of this movie.
Thanks for listening.


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