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Metallica- -

1. Konzert
2. Jazz

- In 1980 Lars Ulrich, moved from Copenhagen to L.A.

- he placed an ad in a South California paper called The Recycler looking for musicians to play with. James Hetfield got together with Lars for a jam session. In the summer 1981 James and Lars then, formed a band and called it Metallica. (the name: Lars Ulrich asked his friend for help.. after hearing the name \"Metallica\", Lars quickly suggested a different name and kept \"Metallica\" for himself!)

- 1981 Dave Mustaine joined the band, lead guitar

- 1982 the guitar bass player Cliff Burton joined the band

- April 1, 1983 Kirk Hammett replaced Dave Mustaine lead guitar who had to leave cause of alcohol

- Record label deal with Elektra fall 84

- Kill \'Em All, is released late 1984 tour


(Fade to Black theft of the band\'s equipment that year in Boston)

- MASTER OF PUPPETS 1986 #29 on the US charts

tour with Ozzy Osbourne did rise their popularity

-September 27th, 1986 after concert Sweden Clifford Burton killed tourbus accident

- Jason Newsted was chosen new guitar bas player

- August 1988 ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL

#6 on the US charts; Grammy for the One single; first music video \"one\" (soundtrack film \"Johnny Got His Gun\", which was made from the book by Dalton Trumbo); worldtour

- 1991 legendary METALLICA/BLACK album

new producer Bob Rock, this album previous with shorter songs, a fuller sound and simpler arrangements

number one all over the world, for several weeks, selling about 15 million copies, earning a Grammy and MTV/ American Music Awards, touring for three years

one tour with Guns N\' Roses

after all the long touring the members of the band were argueing a lot

- 1996 after a 4 years brake LOAD

powerful and eclectic, The Load tour was spectacular, huge stages, a more then 2 hours performance

- 1997 RELOAD

- 1998 GARAGE INC.

- 1999 with Michael Kamen composer San Francisco Symphony Orchester play old metal metallica songs with orchester

2 concerts April at the Berkeley Community Theater

S&M(Symphony&Metal) and DVD in late \'99

- 2001 Jason Newsted left the band privat reasons

Bob Rock all bass parts

- Spring of 2002 recording St. Anger with Bob Rock

- Fall 2002 Ozzy Osbourne bass player Robert Trujillo new member of Metallica

- 2003 St. Anger

- 2002 rock in park/ rock am ring

-13.06.2004 München Olympiastadion



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