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Seven - andrew kevin walker

Author: A novel by Andrew Kevin Walker

Other Information: The book is about a film which was shown in 1996.

Subject: It 's about a mentally disturbed man, who likes to kill all
people who have committed one of the seven deadly sins.

Setting: It plays in the present USA.

Characters: Detective Somerset: He is a very important, but old police
Officer who has to leave his office.
Detective Miller: He is the new partner of Somerset, but
he does all the work.
Tracy Miller: She married Detective Miller.

The murderer: He is a psychopathic killer.

Events / Plots:

Miller has just come to his new office, when his partner Somerset and he
are called to an unusual case. A lawyer who was well known for his
excessive lifestyle, was killed in an unusual way. He was forced to eat
so much that a little kick of the killer let explode his stomach. It was
very cruel to look at , but the killer couldn't be normal because he
wrote with blood the word "Excessiveness" on the wall behind the corpse.
One the two next days, two other mysterious cases of a murder happened,
and the words "Acquisitive" and "Lethargy" were written on a wall.
Miller tries to find out a connection between the three murder cases. He
has the suspicion that the murder killed the people because they

committed one of the seven deadly sins.

He has a very cruel theory: four sins are left and so the murder could
kill people because of "Rage", " Arrogance ", " Sensuality " and "

After having realised this fact he tries to find the murderer, but he
couldn't find him and so two other people has to die . After the fifth
murder the killer comes to Miller and confessed that he is the murder.
The murderer also mentioned that there are two more deadly sins and so
Miller and his partner has to do what he says. Miller and Somerset were
sent to a place outside the town when a post-officer comes and gives
Miller a package. Somerset takes the package and opens it slowly. He
finds the head of Tracy Miller. Miller himself get jealous and kills the
murder. After this the last deadly sin was committed.... ( Jealousy ).

Ideas: The author wants to show us that there are a lot of dangerous
psychopaths who sometimes kill because of unreasonable hate.

Opinions: I borrowed the film from a friend who has recommended it. I
liked the film, not because of the cruel scenes, but because of the
background story.



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