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Dvd players advantages

DVD players can change the way you watch movies and listen to music at home. They improve the quality of the picture and the sound, and they are more versatile than video cassette recorders. Here are some of the things that you can do with a DVD player:
. Watch high-quality movies with good sound
You probably know that a DVD player will let you watch DVD movies. These movies have some advantages over video cassette movies. The picture quality is better, and many of them have Dolby Digital or DTS sound, which is much closer to the sound you experience in a movie theatre.
. Skip to your favourite parts of movies
Many DVD movies have an on-screen index, where the creator of the DVD has labelled many of the significant parts of the movie, sometimes with a picture. With your remote, if you select the part of the movie you want to view, the DVD player will take you right to that part, with no need to rewind or fast-forward.

. Play audio CDs
DVD players are compatible with audio CDs, so if you want to get rid of your CD player to make room for a DVD player, go ahead.
. Watch movies in different picture formats
Some DVD movies have both the letterbox format which fits wide- screen TVs, and the standard TV size format, so you can choose which way you want to watch the movie.
. Watch movies with subtitles or in a different language
DVD movies may have several soundtracks on them, and they may provide subtitles in different languages. Foreign movies may give you the choice between the version dubbed into your language, or the original soundtrack with subtitles in your language.



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