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De beers in 2000

1998 De Beers and Anglo American had ended their attachment, separating in two distinct firms. Shareholders in both companies had grown dissatisfied with the arrangement during the 90ies because of the fatal legal situation, which is banned now.

Meanwhile De Beers moves into the world as a cosmopolitan, world-class firm with a new strategy.
In 1999, a series of spectacular advertises adorned the bus-sides and billboards of major American cities. Set against a lush black background, the Ads displayed a perfect Set of diamond earrings, or a single sparkling solitaire. The lettering, in white, was sparse and to the point: "What better time to celebrate the timelessness of love?" they asked. Another Ad states: "This wouldn't exactly be the Year to give her a toaster oven."

"What are you waiting for, the year 3000?"



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