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What is beer? Beer is an alcoholic beverage (drink, Getränk), which consists of barley malt, hop, yeast and water. Beer is drunk over the whole world, and from all social classes.

History of the beer
Beer already exists for a very long time. Even the Egypt's drunk beer. The first people in Europe who drunk beer, were the Teutons (Germanen).

Beer in Austria
Austria produces 1 billion litre beer per year. The largest brewery in Austria is the "Brau Union", followed by the "Ottakringer Brauerei". Altogether there are about 70 breweries in Austria.

Beer in Ireland
We will fly to Ireland in April and maybe we have the chance to taste an Irish beer. Therefore I want to tell you something about the Irish beer. The most well-known beer from Ireland is "Guinness". It is a stout beer; this means that it is a dark beer. In Dublin there are more than 1000 Pubs. Other well-known beer sorts of Ireland are "Kilkenny" and "Murphy's".

Does beer make thick?
Beer does not make thick, but beer makes appetite. Hop, alcohol and carbonic acid (Kohlensäure) energize the appetite. But beer itself has fewer calories than milk, grape juice or sparkling wine (Sekt).

Which alcohol content does beer possess?
Normally a beer has an alcohol content of 5 percent. Alcohol-free beer has an alcohol content up to 0.5 percent and Bockbier has an alcohol content of 7 percent and more.

At which temperature should beer be served?
The ideal temperature for serving beer is between 7 and 9 degrees of Celcius. This is as cold as a normal fridge. Additionally beer should not be warmed up or cooled down too rapidly.


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