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John winston lennon - first steps (1961 - 1963)

1. Konzert
2. Jazz

The triumph of The Beatles, which finally solidified its lineup of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr was emblematic of the cultural change that was the \'60s. They started off as clean-cut pop stars Though the truth was something a bit more complicated, they grew into increasingly complex artists with far ranging interests in music, art, fashion and helped shape the tastes of a generation.

Brian Epstein:
Brian Epstein is the man who discovered the Beatles. He guided them to mega-stardom and made them the most successful popular artists of this century. Without Brian, the Beatles as we\'ve come to know them today, simply wouldn\'t have happened. But the man who did so much for the Beatles, dying tragically in 1967, has become in recent years a comparatively forgotten man.
Brian changed the Beatles\' appearance to more professional suits and urged them not to smoke or swear on stage.

Ringo Starr joins the Band
Ringo Starr, originally Rings Starkey, was a drummer that sometimes sat in for Pete when he didn\'t show up for a gig. His love of wearing rings evolved into his new stagename. Ringo was not the first choice, but when it came down to it, he was just a better drummer than the others.

1st marriage
John married his pregnant girlfriend Cynthia.

The Beatles first number one single, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London was Please Please Me.
Recorded in between a cup of tea and a cigarette, this album is raw yet dazzling. Here were four lads, highly experienced on stage, but with little or no idea of what a recording studio was like. They were subtley marshalled by the much respected George Martin to deliver an entire album that was exactly what the fans wanted, but was still a surprise. Things were never as simple as this again, yet the genius is there - for example, John Lennon\'s unmatchable rasping on \'Twist And Shout\' or Paul McCartney\'s graceful ease in singing \'I Saw Her Standing There\'.

Everything went uphill from then on. They continued to make music that almost always hit the top of the charts.



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